(x)clusive!: Infinite Effect Hits Singapore


After two years, “knife choreography” Korean boy group Infinite finally returned to Singapore for their second world tour Infinite Effect. Their Singaporean fans sure did miss them a lot, as the seven members of the group appeared on stage to loud screams for their press conference at City Square Mall.

L, who has been appearing in numerous dramas and just finished filming for a movie, started the ball rolling by saying that he was really happy to be seeing Singaporean fans again, and he hoped to make new memories with everyone at the concert.

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Leader Sunggyu, presently also busy with a musical production, continued by commenting that the last time Infinite was here for their first world tour, One Great Step, he had a lot of fun with his members at the pool (those of you who have watched their Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life documentary movie might have noticed that a part of it was filmed at the iconic Infinity Pool in Singapore!) and that he loved the chilli crab!


The Infinite members seemed to love the infinity pool a lot, as Sungyeol, who has been capturing hearts as an intern doctor in a current hit drama, also commented on his love for the pool. After all, Infinite and infinity pool—it isn’t that hard to see the connection!

As for Hoya, whose recent covers on YouTube have been gaining attention from the fans, he mentioned at the press conference that he had completed the lyrics to his next cover (which has been released – head over to his REAL HOYA channel to check it out!) He also did not forget to show his appreciation for the fans by saying that not being able to see the Singapore Inspirits for two years was a huge challenge for him.

Sungjong, the youngest member, commented that to keep healthy during their busy work schedule, they usually take a lot of vitamins and for himself, he also takes the vitamins and ginseng gifted to him by fans.


Dongwoo, who has been showcasing his explosive vocals as the lead role in the same musical as Sunggyu and whose birthday falls during their world tour, said that they celebrate their birthdays together as a group, and that they would do the same this year as well, especially since they usually have to spend their birthdays overseas.

Resident fan service king Woohyun who came up with various ways to show love and throw hearts at the fans also shared that he felt great to spread love, and on this note Infinite was cued to do heart gestures with Woohyun for the excited crowd!

To round up the press conference, Infinite did charming poses for the cameras and promised the fans an amazing experience through their cool stages at the Infinite Effect in Singapore concert.

Many thanks to AC Music Entertainment for extending the media invite!



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