(x)clusive!:The 20th Busan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony Red Carpet Experience

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Entering its 20th year, Asia’s largest movie fiesta, Busan International Film Festival, kicked off on 1st October 2015, with a star-studded red carpet line-up at the Opening Ceremony held at Busan Cinema Centre.

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With the region’s influence on the global movie industry being on the rise, it’s interesting how the films made by Asian countries fuelled growth in the global film industry last year, while the box office sales in countries of the usual giant movie-makers such as United States and Canada had declined. There is no doubt of a growing affluence of Asian countries in the fast-growing and volatile movie market worldwide.

Having had an interest in film-making and the movie industry in general, Busan International Film Festival had been on my bucket list since forever and it’s no doubt one of the highlights of Korea Joa 2015 for me. Being part of the 20th Busan International Film Festival opening ceremony red carpet was like a dream come true. The excitement and adrenaline rush of attending such a major film festival was indescribable – more so when you start recognizing faces that you usually see on your television monitors or the big screens in the movie theatre.

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The impressive list of movie stars and celebrities that walked the red carpet this evening included Korea’s famous actresses Jeon Do-yeon and Son Ye-jin, as well as heartthrobs Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae. Chinese actress Tang Wei also wowed the crowd this evening when she graced the red carpet with her elegance.

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What attracted the younger crowd’s attention was no doubt Running Man’s Lee Kwang-soo, who was an absolute gentleman when we saw him this evening; Lee Soo-hyuk with his stage presence as he strut the red carpet like his personal runway; Kim Jae-wook who effortlessly mesmerized those present; Son Ho-jun with his killer smile and Ha Ji-won who looked absolutely stunning.

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We could not leave out EXO’s very own leader, Suho (also known as Kim Jun-myeon) who will make his movie debut through the independent film titled ‘Glory Day’.

Every moment of the opening ceremony red carpet is exhilarating and it’s a pity I couldn’t really recognize the veteran Asian filmmakers and a large percentage of the actor and actresses who graced this event. Nonetheless, this is definitely an experience that would not be forgotten in the near future.

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On a random side note, seeing how the Korean media shot for this event was indeed an eye-opener. How the shutter of the cameras went off at an amazing speed and how even I, who was standing opposite them, was nearly blinded by the endless flashes. One thing I really liked was how the media wasn’t pushy and rowdy and stayed in their spot throughout without rushing and squeezing to the front, a sight that is uncommon in Singapore events. We can’t help but note the efficiency of the Korean media, with reporters furiously typing throughout the event, churning out articles and red carpet photos within minutes. Simply amazing!

Busan International Film Festival 2015 will screen 303 movies from 75 countries, including 94 world premieres, from now till 10th October. If you are in Busan or intending to travel to Busan during this period, this is one festival you definitely wouldn’t want to miss, movie-buffs or not.

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This article is brought to you by Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE).


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