(x)clusive!: Oh My Ghost Cast Shares Character Impressions, Ghost Stories and Does Aegyo Challenge

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The lead actor and actress of the Oh My Ghost cast, Cho Jung Seok and Park Bo Young, were in town last month to promote their hit drama. The duo shared a series of stories that had the media laughing in one, shivering in the next and finally, giving applause to their exquisite chemistry. Read on to find out their impressions of their characters, Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo, Cho Jung Seok’s ghastly encounter and how the two faired in our aegyo challenge!

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Having arrived on our sunny shores for the first time, the two actors were all smiles as they greeted the media, and shared that while they haven’t had much chance to explore Singapore, they found the place clean and serene, and could not wait to meet their fans. On the topic of food, they seemed to have taken a liking to our tourist-favourite, Chilli Crab, and would love to try our Kaya Toast if the chance arises. Cho Jung Seok even added that the recipe was unique, and because of his role as Kang Sun Woo, a chef who specialises in pasta, he was curious about the recipe which seemed to have tomato sauce incorporated.

In terms of chemistry, Cho Jung Seok shared that they focused on making the scenes interesting and their chemistry came naturally. He also states that it was more fun interacting with the possessed Na Bong Sun, as he didn’t have to scream that much, and there was more actions relayed back and forth, “like a ping-pong game”. On the other hand, Park Bo Young mentioned that she was very happy to hear comments on their characters’ coupling chemistry. She also added that she’s similar to the possessed Na Bong Sun personality, just less hyper.

On what made the drama stand out from the other works they’ve participated in, both voiced out that Oh My Ghost deals with being possessed, which is commonly played out as a ‘dark’ genre. However, the drama gave it a fun twist, which is very uncommon. Furthermore, many dramas showed the leading male seeking for love, but Oh My Ghost, the female character is the one that actively approaches the male, adding onto the series’ unique charms.

On the topic of aggressive girls, Park Bo Young said that she got more comfortable in playing the role thanks to the helpful staff. Cho Jung Seok replied that he “actually don’t like aggressive girls”, but if they are someone like Park Bo Young then it would be fine, raising laughter with his statement.

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Fans of Park Bo Young would know that it was the actress’ first on-screen kiss, and the actor talked about how he felt pressured knowing that fact, since he wanted it to look great and pretty for Park Bo Young. In light of this, Park Bo Young thinks that the people around her was actually more nervous than her, but everyone made the scene as comfortable as possible so it was shot naturally.

There are bound to be some difficulties and new challenges faced for a new series, and Cho Jung Seok shared that learning how to cook was one of them. As the director didn’t want to use a double for all the cooking scenes, the actors have to learn how to use the tools like a professional chef – and even commented that he felt his skills improving as they progressed in the filming. There was a chef on set to help them as they practice too, and Park Bo Young mentioned that she felt more familiar using the kitchen tools and can make pasta now.

Both actors have also taken a strong liking to their characters in the drama, for they would not want to switch their role with anyone else – we can’t imagine someone else picking up their well-loved characters either, for they have truly made Na Bong Sun and Kang Sun Woo their own.

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Ghost story with Cho Jung Seok had transported us back to 2005, when he was working on his musical. In between his day and night performance, the actor had decided to take a nap backstage. A cleaning auntie came and told him that it was too cold and should rest in the waiting room instead. He proceeded to tell her that he was fine, before drifting back to sleep. It was when he awoke that he realised he was in a very narrow space just by the stairs, where someone else wouldn’t be able to enter.

Finding it strange, he asked his colleagues if they spot a cleaning lady, but they replied there the cleaning team were all men. Later he found out that there was a fire in the theatre a few years back, and two cleaning ladies lost their lives. While he wasn’t sure if she was a ghost, he took it as a good memory where she was simply trying to take care of him.

Speaking of co-workers, Park Bo Young said that she still felt the chills recalling the scenes with Im Joo Hwan acting as the murderer, even though she knew it was just part of his role. On the other hand, Cho Jung Seok had fun acting with his on-screen mother, Shin Eun Kyung as he recalled the hilarious twist she did to the underwear scene that made it such a memorable segment for the drama. Turns out that the actress had added a little impromptu act which spurred a series of naturally funny chain reaction.

Last but not least, the duo shared they changed things up a little for the final kiss in the drama, to make it an even more special scene, and they both showed satisfaction at how it all turned out.

To wrap up the media conference, we posed the ‘I had a dream, I dreamt of a ghost’ challenge to the top stars. Check out the following clip if you haven’t, and let us know how they fared on the aegyo meter!

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