(x)clusive!: 10 highlights that made Super Show 6 a concert worth going

Review By: Madel

Earlier in May, we caught Super Junior’s Super Show 6 in Singapore, where the members hyped up the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The three-hour concert boasts a number of familiar hits from ‘Sorry Sorry’ to ‘Mamachita‘, impressive solo stages and hilarious talk sessions. Here are the ten highlights of the concert that we absolutely love (and hopefully make you relive the memorable parts of this amazing show)!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s always nice to hear some old, classic songs from their earlier times, especially for a group like Super Junior, who released seven full-lengths album since debut, songs like ‘Twins (Knockout)‘ and ‘U‘ certainly brought back a lot of memories, and we’re definitely liking how they put on a sexier, more casual rendition of them after years of practice.

Heechul on Drums

We’ve seen the Elsa-loving side of Heechul (see below once more), the quirky and honest side of Heechul from behind-the-scenes footages, and the hilarious and sassy side of him on variety shows. Now, the charismatic side of him is added onto this list, and we have to say the rocker-soul seems to be inborn in this wild child as he handled the drums with practice ease. Honestly, what can Heechul not do?

Mandarin Songs by Ryeowook and Kyuhyun/English Song by Siwon

It’s always nice to hear songs sung in a language that a good portion of the nation could understand – Ryeowook sang Jay Chou’s ‘七里‘, while Kyuhyun surprised us by singing half of ‘At Gwanghwamun’ in mandarin. On the other hand, Siwon challenged the song ‘Lost Stars’ by Adam Levine, melting the fans’ hearts with his sincere voice.


Shindong’s VCR to Fans – “Don’t Forget”

Shindong’s sincere VCR to the fans was once that sparked tears to our eyes. We all know Shindong as the dancer of the group, the variety star that brought us joy on TV, but this serious, sincere side of him singing to Baek Jiyoung’s hit track ‘Don’t Forget’ gave us goosebumps. The member, currently serving his mandatory military service, was unable to perform the track live, but I supposed this was the main reason for picking this heart-wrenching song as a message to ELF. Combined with fans waving their light sticks and singing to the lines “we’ve loved each other, though we’re parting now. Still, different places share a single heaven. Please don’t forget me“, it is no doubt a memorable scene when coupled with a spotlight on a mic-stand, in the middle of an empty stage.

Mentions of Yesung’s return

While we were absolutely touched by Shindong’s video, we were also extremely excited about the members’ hinting at Yesung’s comeback, as well as the announcement of their encore stage. Having enlisted prior to the concert tour, Yesung’s comeback is highly anticipated, and we definitely look forward to his return stage and solo act during the Seoul encore stop! (A/N: Super Junior will be making their long awaited comeback in July. ELFs, are you ready?)

Henry’s solo

While all their solos are great, I have to say Henry’s solo was mesmerizing and a personal favourite. Right off the bat, Henry showed an energetic performance, groovy dance steps coupled with expert-level violin skills, the Canadian-born member mesmerized us with his talents and exhilarating stage. To put it in one word, Henry’s solo was a full package, from the dance, to the song, to the pre-song interludes with instruments. Props to you, Henry!

SJ-M’s Swing

This song left a strong impression because of how fun and hyped up they made the atmosphere to be. The boys of SJ-M recreated the office scenario on stage with desks and chairs, and brought about much excitement with the live rendition that spelled fun in bold.

This Is Love: Dancing With Mic Stands

While microphone stands have been used as a common choreography props, and we cannot deny that these men definitely gave us a sexy stage to remember for the night. Simple, laidback gestures as they crooned to this soft R&B tune, what’s not to love about this stage?

Elsa Contest and Special Stage

Anyone who saw this would never be able to shake it off from their memories ever again – from the hilarious names like Big Elsa (Kyuhyun) and Elsamurai (Siwon), to actually seeing them in their respective outfits, this stage is no doubt as epic as it could get. Our personal favourites include Kyuhyun’s Big Elsa, where the imagery of the giant wig haunts me to this day, and of course the perfect Elsa, Heechul. Which is your favourite Elsa?

Ment Sections

Or rather, short bouts of ‘English Time’. We don’t know about you, but we never knew how ‘English Time’ could put us into prolonged stitches. Super Junior are variety-dols, and they show that they still retain that title by creating endless chaos, hyping up the atmosphere with by poking fun at each other before making the crowd coo with their lovey-dovey, while cheesy, still heartfelt messages to ELFs. Can you imagine the kind of lovely chaos if they could speak fluently in Korean?


That’s the Top 10 for us – it was a tough choice narrowing it down to just ten when there were so many moments, but to put more would have us listing everything that happened.  Singapore ELFs who went to the concert, what do you think? Which is your favourite segment, and why? Let us know in the comments below.



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