(x)clusive!: Interview with VIXX – Of SNS, Relationships and Music


It’s a week to the long awaited VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015! ST☆RLIGHTs, are you ready to bring down Max Pavilion?

Before that, (x)clusive managed to snag a short E-Mail interview with VIXX prior to them visiting Singapore much thanks to the nice people at Three Angles Production. And by short, we really mean short, but we’re definitely not complaining because come on, it’s VIXX we are talking about.

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Anyway, here goes!

Question: Should you introduce VIXX to someone who had never heard your songs before, which song/album do you think best represents VIXX’s colour?  

VIXX: We actually feel for all our songs and would want to introduce every single one of them, but if we must choose one, then it’d be 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (On and On). We believe that this song made us who we are now as a lot of people got to know about us for the first time through it.

Question: VIXX recently made a comeback with Love Equation, what would you say is most important in sustaining a relationship?

VIXX: Well… It’s difficult and simple at the same time. We would say the most important thing in sustaining a relationship is to ‘trust’ each other.

월_빅스 Error 흑백화보 공개 - CopyQuestion: Do VIXX search themselves on SNS for feedback on themselves? Who searches their names most often? What do they do when they see bad comments?

VIXX: Of course. We absolutely do consistently search/monitor ourselves (on the internet and SNS) to keep ourselves informed of what fans think and say about us and our activities. Rather than just one member that does the most amount of searching/monitoring, whenever VIXX is mentioned somewhere in the internet, we would share the comments with each other.  It feels awful to see bad comments about us, but we think it’s a different way of showing attention to the group.

Question: Is there any member who wants to try a field that they haven’t been able to do so yet? (Like musicals, radio, etc.)

VIXX: Firstly, we want to show the different sides of ourselves through our music, but if the opportunity arises, all six members are willing to take up the challenge in trying out in other fields. In N’s case, he is currently a radio DJ and Ken just got casted in a musical recently, which will start in June. He is currently preparing / practicing a lot for it.

* Photos provided by: Jellyfish, CJ E&M, IME Productions, Sougyo Productions, MNC Innoform and Three Angles Group.

So now we know that VIXX do search themselves on SNS, so ST☆RLIGHTs, do remember to show your love and support for the group by leaving love messages and positive comments! And for those who are heading to Seoul in June, do go watch Ken’s musical, Chess. In addition, do remember to join our VIXX giveaway and win tickets to catch these amazing boys at VIXX Live Fantasia Utopia in Singapore 2015.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, VIXX!

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