(x)clusive!: GOT7 Charming Girls Girls Girls at their First Fan Meeting in Singapore

Text By: Madel | Photos By: LEAP IMS

Three days prior to GOT7 1st Fan Meeting in Singapore, (x)clusive attended the Korean Drama OST Night, where we talked about polite applause and dreamy sighs. What the team experienced on the day of GOT7’s fanmeet was the passion of a completely different audience crowd. Even before the start of the event, I GOT7s (an affectionate term for fans of GOT7) were engaged in their excited chatter, and minutes before the fan meeting started, they were singing along to the background music being played in Kallang Theatre.

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The start of the fan meeting marked the begin of a screaming marathon, because we were pretty sure there were rarely moments of silence whenever the boys stepped on stage, and it was one of the craziest audience we’ve ever seen (and we meant it in the best way possible).

The boys of GOT7 (consisting of JB, Jr., Jackson, Bambam, Mark, Youngjae and Yugyeom) kick-started with ‘Stop Stop It’, before moving straight into ‘Gimme‘. The heat of the arena went through the roof, and the group must have felt it too as we saw generous moments of fan-service – such as Mark removing one side of his jacket to show his perfectly-sculpted muscles.


Two music videos later, the group returned on stage for a formal greeting. (Did we mention the thunderous cheers already? They were so loud that we could barely hear them!) Excitement was an understatement, and each time the members waved, we see a ripple effect as crowd rose from their seats.

Starting off with the usual Q&A session, fans got to learn more about the members as they took turns to expose each other’s habits. For example – did you know that Bambam is actually the most talkative member? At the results of the voting, Bambam couldn’t help but shyly mention in English, “I don’t know how to close my mouth.” Also, the most image-conscious member is currently Jackson, who joked about how he had starting to take better care of his face as his “nostrils look like [his] eyes”, easily cracking up the audience.

Member Jr. seemed to live in a world where time passes slowly (Jr.: “you know, just relax~”), and while Bambam is expectedly voted as the cutest member, we think that JB and Yugyeom came a close second after being asked to do some ‘aegyo‘. For someone who’s ‘least cute’, we think they broke the cuteness meter.

When it came to who’s the best dancer, we could not judge without some kind of dance battle, and GOT7 delivered just that! With Jackson the human beat-box, Yugyeom did an impressive popping while JB earned applause and (more) screams for his break dancing. Last but not least, Youngjae did a relatively awkward yet endearing bounce, before bowing over and kneeling on the ground in embarrassment. The members, upon seeing that, stopped the teasing and started to shower him with compliments and encouragement.

With the crowd on fire, the competition to get up-close and personal with GOT7 was equally as heated. Rounds of eliminations passed and the last few standing earned a chance to strut the stage as a modeling couple with a fellow member, and the team with the best poses wins a photo-chance.


Another battle of fan-service ensued – from forehead-leaning (Yugyeom), to hand-holding and couple heart (Youngjae and Mark), to putting his jacket on the lucky fan (Jackson), to aegyo and proposal stance (JB), Jr.’s frontal and back hugs broke the meter. In the end, it was Bambam who won, having compiled a couple of previously used poses into one! Rouse of laughter came when JB went up to protest, prompted by Jackson. The members who lost showed their mischievous sides, popping their head into the frame and jumping past in attempts to photo-bomb the pair.

Another lucky batch of seven fans were called on stage later on to play a second game, and this one involved them being blindfolded as they tried to guess which member was standing behind them. The members did not make it easy, changing their voices and breaking out in weird sounds, but eventually one fan got it right and walked away with a group photo-op. That’s not all – seven other fans won an autographed CD from a lucky draw, hand-picked by the members themselves.


GOT7 might be known as a dance-group, but they showed that they too, have a more sensitive side in the pop ballad, ‘Moonlight‘, before pumping the atmosphere up with ‘Forever Young’. A special fan-project was done as well, where a compilation of I GOT7 activities and GOT7 photos were showed on screens as the fans sang to ‘She’s A Monster’ waving their colored lights in the crowd.

The fans also prepared a special cake to celebrate Bambam’s birthday in advance, which was happening next week. Touched by their efforts, the member couldn’t help but express his happiness and appreciation, stating that this is one birthday he would never forget.

As the fan meeting came to an end, the boys did not forget to thank I GOT7s who turned up to show their support. Jackson even said that the fans should be giving themselves the applause, because they earned it. Last but not least, they expressed their wishes to return with a full-fledge concert, and asked fans to meet them when the time comes!


The last few songs were all familiar title tracks; ‘A‘ and ‘Girls Girls Girls‘ easily caught the hearts of their fans, who were chanting loudly to show their support. Of course, we can’t miss Jackson and Mark doing their amazing acrobatic tricks live during the performance. With the encore stage ‘Bounce‘, GOT7 got the audience to their feet as everyone jumped to the familiar beats, singing along and getting high once more for a climatic end.

While this fan meeting was largely build on giving ample fan-interactions, GOT7 proved that their popularity lies with the closeness between the members and I GOT7s, joking around with each other like close friends. The bouts of energy throughout were epic high, and we sure hope to see the boy group back on our island again sometime in the future.



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