(x)clusive!: Mr Gae Hyped Up Kallang Theatre feat. Power Vocals, Jung-In

Text By: Madel | Photos By: Fast Track Events
Text By: Madel | Photos By: Fast Track Events

Korean Hip-hop artiste Gary of Leessang visited our shores in October for a night of performances featuring soloist Jung-In. Well-known by K-variety fans as Peaceful Gary and one-half of the popular Monday Couple in Running Man, Gary proved that his roots as a singer wasn’t at all rusty throughout the hour-long showcase, all the while tickling the audience with his easy-going and fun-loving attitude. Check out our full review below!

During the showcase, the rapper performed not only songs from his first solo mini-album ‘Mr Gae’, he also brought Leessang’s classics to the stage, much to the happy cheers from the audience. Starting the showcase with ZOTTO MOLA, before moving onto controversially sexy number Shower Later, the concert got to its first high with Leessang’s You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me. The moment the first line was played, we caught fans screaming in delight at the song choice, before singing along.


Gary then sat down with the MCs for a quick Q&A session with the fans, before moving on to games. The suave star proved his variety skills and quick-wits, as he charmed the hearts of Singaporean fans by calling them ‘chio’ – a new term taught by the showcase’s MC. Laughter was heard when they ventured on the topic of Monday Couple (cue the MC’s playful attempt to show his interest in Jihyo, which was quickly disapproved by the singer) and the famous Pepero Game from Leessang’s last showcase in Singapore, where Gary stated jokingly that he was “a little sad that the girl ran away right after the kiss.”


Jokes aside, Gary mentioned that he’s working on new productions, and thinks that the best gift he could get from fans were for them to enjoy his music. As a musician, Gary shared tips on rapping, commenting that rap is about creating sincere lyrics from the heart. The sincere rapper goes on to elaborate how he feels that fans are like friends and family, even inviting them to say ‘Hi’ should they meet on the streets of Seoul, before he invoked screams by saying, his favourite thing in Singapore is “chili crab…and everyone!”

At the showcase, Gary brought fanservice to new heights as he sang a birthday song to a lucky fan, even going down the stage to give her a hug. The rapper also showed off his sexy dance moves (which was way too short), before engaging the audience in two games – Heart to Heart (where fans have to pick the same choices as Gary) and Charades. Lucky winners won Gary’s autographed items, and a chance to take a one-and-only photograph with their idol.


The following performances were brought forth together soloist Jung-In – Gary shared that their relationship go all the way back (ten years plus; Jung-In made her debut in Leessang’s Rush single back in 2002) and that they are just “really great friends!”

The duo certainly rocked the stage with their collaborative singles ‘Bicycle‘ and ‘Your Scent’, both which prompted fans to sing along and waved their hands to the beat. After a solid performance of ‘Girl Who Can’t Break Up, Guy Who Can’t Leave‘, Gary invited fans to the front to create a make-shift mosh pit for the last two songs, ‘Shut Up!’ and ‘Humility is Hard’, and it certainly was a sight to behold in the seated Kallang Theatre.


The showcase wrapped up nicely with encore song ‘Rush‘, another familiar song to any Leessang fans and definitely one of the crowds’ favourite. With more promises to return to our sunny isle, Gary exited the stage with all smiles and waves, thanking the fans for their support throughout the event. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of the singers next time, perhaps after Gary’s new release, and also many with his long-time partner, Gil of Leessang?

Many thanks to Fast Track Events for extending the event invite.



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