(x)clusive!: Music Matters Live with HP 2014 – K-POP Night Out

Text By: Madel | Photos By: Elizabeth | Edited By: Germx
Text By: Madel | Photos By: Elizabeth | Edited By: Germx

The fountain square in Clarke Quay was the perfect holding stage for yet another year of Music Matters Live (MML) – an area surrounded by bustling pubs where the audience can get real close with the performers for the night. This year’s K-POP Night Out featured a series of amazing artistes that had the crowd cheering throughout the two-hour-plus show, each with distinctive personalities and awesome live. Check out the following recaps and highlight clips if you didn’t manage to catch the performance, nor tuned in to the live streaming on YouTube.

IMG_0164 copy guitarist

Psychedelic rockers Asian Chairshot started the K-POP Night Out with lots of head-banging action, chaining their songs into one non-stop medley. Transiting from one track to another smoothly in pace with the drums, combined with loud guitar riffs and deep husky vocals, the band captured the audience with ease, and soon the crowd was jumping and throwing their hands in the air to their non-stop jams.

IMG_0188 copy vocalist

The next band easily captured the attention of the audience with their uniformed checkered outfits, but Sultan Of The Disco‘s strong, addictive and quirky performance certainly proved that they are a band with pure, raw talent on top of providing entertainment. Performing to hits like Tang Tang Ball and Saturday Night Fever, they had the crowd dancing with their simple steps as everyone took a step back in time, immersed in the strong 60s and 70s disco-infused tracks one after another.

IMG_0467 copy

Gorgeous soloist Lim Kim took the stage after – acting as a bridge between yet another band – singing and dancing to popular tracks All Right and Goodbye 20. Having studied in the states for a period of time, she conversed with the crowd in fluent English, and earned cheers for her rock rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit song, Poker Face. With a trademark sultry sound, Lim Kim kept the hype going with great vocals and stage personality.

IMG_0583 copy vocalist

Daybreak brought a happy stage that is no doubt infectious. Stepping on stage with beaming smiles, Daybreak worked their infectious charms, and had the crowd clapping and even singing along to their hit tracks like 들었다놨다and Silly. Language certainly wasn’t a barrier as the crowd chorused to ‘좋다‘ under the lead of front man Lee Won Suk, and the atmosphere was cheery and no doubt, 좋다 (great)!

IMG_0676 copy

The finale of the night, Jaurim, is definitely one of the biggest name in the indie rock scene (if not the biggest). With nearly two decades of experience jamming to music together, front woman Kim Yoon Ah’s live vocals was formidable, and the chemistry of the band was just an amazing thing to watch. Belting their hit tracks such as Hey Hey Hey and하하하쏭 Hahaha Song, Jaurim no doubt ended K-POP Night Out on a high note!

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