Miss Korea Season 2: Don’t Miss Korea, Be Miss Korea

Ever heard of Miss Korea? No, we aren’t talking about that beauty pageant or the Lee Hyori song, but the 2013 reality show produced by INSITE TV, a YouTube channel of CJ Entertainment & Media.

Following the online viral success of the first season (featuring Singaporean blogger, Mae Tan), <Miss Korea Season 2> is currently underway for an October 2014 premiere. An open casting call is currently being conducted for not one main character (like in Season 1), but two main female characters for Season 2. One from Singapore, one from any other country.

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In <Miss Korea Season 1>, the main character, Mae, visited Korea to travel and explore various cultural experiences. In Season 2, the two characters will experience similar activities as Mae, but there is an additional special goal for them: A challenge to be a Korean idol star. To accomplish this goal, they will be receiving training in vocals, dancing and acting. They will also be having auditions with famous entertainment companies. Through these experiences, some drama will definitely be expected.

If you love Korea, K-pop and relish this opportunity to experience what is it like to be an idol star in Korea, check out the details for the casting call for <Miss Korea Season 2>.

Miss Korea Season 2 Casting Call

For more information, please visit their Facebook page.

For those who are curious about you can watch it here

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