(x)clusive!: Keep Smiling with Topp Dogg

Text/Edited By: Germx | Photos By: Elizabeth | Video By: Madel
Text/Edited By: Germx | Photos By: Elizabeth | Video By: Madel

Put 13 boys in a room and chaos ensues. That was exactly what happened when we met Topp Dogg in Korea, six weeks back. To be very honest, this interview was possibly the team’s noisiest favourite to date as it was nothing short of laughter, coupled with some bickering and light teasing. What not to love when all 13 of them were so spontaneous with their responses and so candid with their replies, displaying a charm that is really different from groups that give politically correct and model answers. So yes, we are glad to have captured these moments just for you Topp Klass out there, giving you a glimpse of what Topp Dogg is like off-stage.


Topp Dogg undeniable looked tired that afternoon when we first stepped into the recording studio. At the start, everything was just plain awkward and all 13 of them were beyond shy. However, things changed once they start to loosen up and get comfortable because they were just too hyper, energized and simply uncontrollable during the course of the whole interview. It even came to a point where they were exposing secrets that are deemed not fit for broadcast and with regret, have to cut them out.


It was not hard to notice their playfulness on many occasions too as they openly tried to sabotage other members. Despite that, the member being sabotaged will be given cheers, applause and probably occasional hugs as encouragement for their hard work. This also goes to show how close the members are if they can joke around that freely, without worries. The random teasing between the members happened ever so often that it was almost impossible to miss their heartfelt laughter. It was indeed nice to note that despite their fierce stage persona, behind the camera lens when the cameras were off, they had this boyish charm attached to them – something really endearing and no doubt befitting of their age.


If you would like to see B-Joo and Yano imitating Jenissi’s rap, Sangdo serenading his future wife and Topp Dogg’s very own version of Boys Over Flowers, then this is the interview you definitely would not want to miss!

Without further ado, please enjoy our exclusive interview with Topp Dogg!

Even though there were last minute changes and things were really rush due to the lack of time, this interview was undeniably a memorable experience. Once again, a heartfelt thanks to Stardom Entertainment (and the amazingly friendly Product Manager) for making this interview possible.


Do continue to show your love and support to Topp Dogg and we are sure you will not be disappointed.





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    ToppDogg’s members are so funny xD


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