(x)clusive!: AlphaBAT wants your ATTENTION – Showcase and Audition in Malaysia

Text By: Jasmine, Elizabeth | Photos By: Jasmine | Edited By: Germx

Rookie group AlphaBAT – which consists of members B:eta, C:ode, D:elta, E:psilon, F:ie, G:amma, H:eta, I:ota and J:eta – held their first overseas showcase in Malaysia two weeks back at Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur. In addition to their showcase, they also held an audition to cast for a new member to add to their line-up.


The first of their two showcases and audition sessions took place at Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru. The event started off with live auditions from a group of selected contestants chaired by three Korean judges from AlphaBAT’s management company, Simtong Entertainment. A total of five contestants from different cities in Malaysia went on stage to impress the judges by performing to Mandarin songs and dancing to AlphaBAT’s tracks.


Mohd, the only Malay contestant that afternoon, won cheers from fans by showcasing his amazing dance abilities.


One contestant’s audition was particularly memorable when he ended it with a fire-spitting performance and from the judges’ reactions, they undeniably seemed impressed.


Once the auditions were concluded, the AlphaBAT members came on stage to greet the crowd in Malay and English. They kept the atmosphere up with covers of BEAST’s Beautiful Night and Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are, before launching into performing their own songs, AB City and Ttantara.


During the interview, they were asked to say something to their fans. Leader B:eta said, in both Malay and English, that their fans are beautiful. They were also asked about their ideal types, which was obviously a mandatory question in every idol interview – E:psilon likes girls with long hair, H:eta likes girls with short hair, D:elta likes girls that have a beautiful mind, F:ie likes girls that have a beautiful smile, I:ota likes a girl who is similar to him and J:eta likes cute girls. As for B:eta, he of course, loves everyone.


Thereafter, AlphaBAT invited a few fans on stage for a game – using drinking straws to pass a rubber band to the next person. The chosen fans were divided into three groups and B:eta’s group won. Signed CDs and hand-made soap (that were made by the members) were awarded as prizes.


That was not all for the fans that day as those who were holding on to photo passes were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to take photos with the members. The best part had to be the surprise fan signing event that was added on that day itself for everyone who purchased their latest album, Ttantara. Before leaving the venue for their next schedule, the members came down from their bus to take a group photo with all the fans that stayed till the end with them. Suffice to say, the boys of AlphaBAT did very well in winning over their fans’ hearts that day.

(x)clusive would like to extend our thanks to New Pro-Star for inviting us to attend AlphaBAT’s First Showcase and Audition in Malaysia.



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