(x)clusive!: Meeting the Emergency Couple (feat. Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk)

Text By: Madel | Photos By: Linda | Edited By: Germx
Text By: Madel | Photos By: Linda | Edited By: Germx

Loud cheers filled the cozy lobby of Square 2 as thousands of fans turned up to catch a glimpse of the Emergency Couple, Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk. 10 lucky fans walked away with goodie bags sponsored by Laneige, while selected fans got up-close and personal with the stars during the high-five session, some even managed to snag a hug or handshake.

The gorgeous Song Ji Hyo and dashing Choi Jin Hyuk were all smiles when they arrived, waving and thanking the fans for their long wait and love, and managed to have a short Q&A session. Read on to find out more!


This being her second trip to Singapore after Running Man’s fan meeting last October, Ji Hyo proclaimed her love for chili crab. She also said that she was really happy to be back to promote the drama, and thanked the energetic fans for their warm welcome. On the other hand, it was Choi Jin Hyuk’s first time to the sunny isle, and he commented on the cleanliness of the country, and that Singapore is a cozy and beautiful country. He also mentioned that he likes the spiciness of chili crab.

On the three-month filming process and cast chemistry, Ji Hyo stated that it was fun and different to try out a comical role, and she thought that they had a great chemistry. “Jin Hyuk is very mischievous, and he’s a lot of fun, down-to-Earth kind of person,” said Ji Hyo, in regards to working with the actor in the drama, and that their chemistry evolved naturally while working on the drama. She also stated that it was a fun and happy memory working with him. Jin Hyuk commented that while it was difficult acting in Emergency Couple, the filming process was made easier with Ji Hyo around, and he really appreciated her support. The actor also said that the intense fighting scenes at the start of the drama helped them to get closer with each other.


The MC then went on to ask how they are like beyond the cameras, to which Jin Hyuk shared that he’s “very playful in real life, so you’d be very surprised to see that I play a lot of pranks on people”, rather different from the serious Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk’s role in Emergency Couple). However, he feels that like Oh Chang Min, he’s bright and lots of fun, but he has never had such a serious fight with his girlfriend and isn’t such a “scary person, [he] would never say such harsh words.”

Ji Hyo, on the other hand, says that she is exactly like her image in Running Man. In regards to similarities with her role as Oh Jin Hee, the actress says that their personalities are quite similar, but like Jin Hyuk, she has never had such a bad fight with her boyfriend and she is not one to bad-mouth anyone.

Both expressed that the most difficult part of filming is learning the medical terms, for they aim to show a professional and accurate portrayal of medical scenes. In fact, as part of the preparations to portray their roles, they visited one hospital in Seoul to have a hands-on experience for some procedures, and even visited an emergency room to see how it works in real life.

Having finished its run in Korea, Jin Hyuk shared that he felt emotional about ending the drama, and even tear up a little – the rest of the cast were crying, with the director shedding the most tears. On that, the MC commented on how close-knitted the drama team was, and Jin Hyuk immediately replied, in English, “Thank You!”


As most fans (of Monday Couple) would know, Gary made a cameo appearance in the drama. Ji Hyo, the other half of Monday Couple, said that she was really grateful for his sporting participation, giving him a ten out of ten for his acting.

Emergency Couple is very well-received in Singapore, and both leads think that the charm of the drama is attributed to the realistic love story that many can easily connect with, and it features a lot of fun, comedic elements.


Keeping his filming schedules busy, Choi Jin Hyuk is now filming a Korean-remake of the Taiwanese drama ‘Fated To Love You’, while Song Ji Hyo will be focusing on her Running Man filming, though she did mention that she is keeping an eye out for interesting projects.

Lastly, both actors thanked the fans for waiting, showing their passionate support and they mentioned that they would love to return once again. Stay tuned for our highlights clip of the Meet and Greet and our coverage of the fan meet held in Kallang Theatre!

Do remember to catch Emergency Couple, every Mondays and Tuesdays at 10pm on channel M (StarHub TV Ch824 | SingTel mio TV Ch518).

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