(x)clusive!: Thinking of G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri

Photos By: Launch Entertainment
Photos By: Launch Entertainment

Three members of Big Bang – G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri – were in Singapore for their Thinking of You Fanmeeting on March 15, and the fans surely had a blast as the performances featured not only the more recent releases, it also had songs from their older eras.

Before the fanmeet began, the emcee of the night, Dee Kosh of 987fm announced the lucky winners for an up-close interaction with the members of Big Bang via a computerized random draw. And then it was time for G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri to greet the fans.

Kicking off the Thinking of You Fanmeeting, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon entered via the extended stage to a roaring audience, followed by Taeyang and Seungri who walked by the mosh pit areas, to the delight of the fans, before they went up on stage. The lucky VIPs (an affectionate term for Big Bang fans) who were picked earlier did not have to anticipate long for their chance to get up close to Big Bang because the interaction segment was up first! Only three of them were chosen eventually by the members of Big Bang themselves through a random pick.

Here’s the fun part for the fans! They were to be dressed up by G-Dragon, Taeyang and Seungri in cute, sexy or hip-hop outfits, which were also decided by a random selection. Fashion-forward leader G-Dragon was to dress his fan in a cute outfit, while Taeyang and youngest member Seungri were to showcase their creativity with hip-hop and sexy outfits respectively.

Seungri, also known as V.I, is known for his fanservice and it definitely showed clearly on the fanmeet. While G-Dragon and Taeyang were focused on dressing up their fans, Seungri was talking to his fan animatedly. In true Seungri style, he asked the fan who her favourite member was because “it’s very important to him” and she replied shyly that it was him. Seungri also played around with the props and costumes, as he put on a cat ears headband himself too, instead of just picking an outfit for the fan.


As the interaction segment drew to a close, Taeyang made all his fans envious by dancing with his lucky fan before giving her a hug for their Polaroid moment. G-Dragon’s sweet action of wrapping the scarf of his fan in his Harry Potter-inspired cute outfit around the both of them also made his fans swoon. As for Seungri’s sexy style outfit, his fan sported a mysterious mask and even a whip that Seungri wrapped around himself for their photo with a sexy pose!

Before the performance segment started, the members of Big Bang had a short chat with the Emcee, and the topic is, “Can they twerk?”. Taeyang quipped that he doesn’t know how to twerk, so G-Dragon directed the attention to Seungri and asked the youngest member to try it. Seungri did, to the tune of Fantastic Baby, and the crowd went wild. Another memorable English moment from Seungri was when he quickly added that ‘GD has a hot ass’ and can twerk too—so G-Dragon joined in with the twerking as well. Taeyang eventually gave it a try too, and it turned out to be a very cute way of twerking.

After a short break, Taeyang was up first for his solo performance stage. ‘Superstar’, a track from his first solo album in 2010, was indeed a fitting track to begin his stage with. Next up was ‘I Need A Girl’, another of Taeyang’s classics. He then greeted the fans in fluent English before leading into his next song, ‘Only Look At Me’. Big Bang’s debut era, and Taeyang’s first ever mini album may be years ago, but this song will always be fondly remembered by his fans. After a nostalgic line-up of songs, Taeyang ended his stage on a high note with the more recent single, ‘Ringa Linga’. As he left the stage, Taeyang blew kisses to the adoring crowd.


Seungri’s solo stage began with ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, the titular track from his second mini album of the same name. It was followed by a performance of ‘Gotta Talk To You’, before Seungri raised the atmosphere with ‘Strong Baby’, one of his most popular solo tracks. Seungri’s talk time was probably one of the most anticipated parts by fans as there was nothing quite like Seungri’s fanservice and adorable command of English. Seungri talked about how his stylist said no to him wanting to take his jacket off because it was too hot, and that he loves chilli crab and pepper crab. He added that he would come onto stage to clap, clap, clap (crab, crab, crab)—a reference to the lyrics of ‘Strong Baby’. Seungri’s English has definitely improved a lot since the first time Big Bang came to Singapore, and he also said that while he is better now, he still cannot understand very well and relies a lot on reactions. Well, Seungri did do a pretty good job communicating with the fans this time! A memorable quote from Seungri as he playfully teased that G-Dragon didn’t like when he spoke too much, but the fans were all here so Seungri had to speak more for them! For his next track ‘GG Be’, Seungri changed the lyrics to “I love you Singapore, I love you so much”. The last track from the youngest member of Big Bang was none other than his title track ‘What Can I Do’ from his first mini album ‘VVIP’.


G-Dragon took the stage next, belting out his latest hits, ‘One of A Kind’, and ‘Michigo’, before greeting his fans. He asked if the fans have missed him, and said that they have no idea how much he missed them! “When I say ‘get your’, you say ‘cray on’!” And with that, it was time for ‘Crayon’. There was definitely no need to ask “why so serious?” because the VIP’s were definitely getting their cray on with the enthusiastic screams. G-Dragon then closed his stage with ‘Crooked’.

But the night was not over yet as Seungri was the first back on stage with an encore performance of ‘Let’s Talk About Love’, joined by G-Dragon and Taeyang shortly. They did a short acapella version of ‘Bad Boy’, with the VIP’s singing along, before performing the popular ‘Fantastic Baby’. G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Seungri threw candies into the crowd before thanking the fans again.

The Thinking of You Fanmeeting in Singapore was an entertaining two hours, filled with nostalgic tracks and high energy crowd favourites. We look forward to the next time Big Bang (hopefully as five) returns to our shores to bring us more fun!

A big thank you to Launch Entertainment for extending the media invite to (x)clusive.

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