(x)clusive!: LC9 sends Love Beats at Press Conference in Singapore

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Text By: Madel | Photos By: Jasmine | Edited By: Germx

Rookie group LC9 was in town two weeks back for their first overseas showcase and fansign session. Consisting of leader Rasa, E.Den, J-Hyo, King, Jun and AO, the six-member boy group shared their thoughts on Singapore, artistes that inspired them, as well as future projects at the press conference that was held at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort. Read on to find out more!

With friendly ‘hellos’, the boys seemed a little nervous when they entered the press conference venue. Nonetheless, the added hand waves that was accompanied by wide smiles, warmed the arena up as they introduced themselves.

LC9’s Thoughts on Singapore

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Rapper E.Den expressed that they felt honored to be invited to Singapore and was glad to have a chance to perform for their Singapore fans (or more affectionately known as Love Beats). He also mentioned that the greenery in Singapore was a breath of fresh air, and that they were enjoying the various aspects of the country.

Meaning behind LC9

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Leader Rasa went on to explain that LC9 stands for ‘League of Competition’ which actually encompassed two meanings. Firstly, it represents their wish to survive in the highly competitive K-pop industry. Secondly, it is because they were all selected via prior competitions to be in the group and thus essentially, the six of them are the survivors in their league.

LC9’s Music Influences

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When it comes to which artistes inspire them, the members had varied choices. J-Hyo excitedly shared that the singer that inspires him was Bruno Mars, a singer-songwriter, who introduced him to pop-songs and foreign singers. Coming from Canada, E.Den stated that he has always been a fan of rap music since he was younger, and picked Drake as his inspiration. Lead vocal King on the other hand, listed Jason Derulo and Australian singer Guy Sebastian. Jun chose SHINee, as he felt that the members are not only good-looking but also great at singing live. Rasa mentioned that he was motivated by Brian McKnight when he first stepped into the industry, but also looks up to Chris Brown in terms of performances. Lastly, youngest member AO said that “It’s Monday Kiz and SG Wannabe from Korea”, because he thinks they are great ballad singers that let him learn more about the emotional aspects of the songs.

What to expect at the showcase…

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The MC then asked the boys what could the fans expect to see at the showcase? Jun took the microphone and commented that they had prepared performances that they had never showcased before and asked the fans to look forward to it.

On Future Projects

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On the topic of future projects, AO replied that they would be in Indonesia in January for a showcase, and would be heading to various other countries as well. He also asked fans to keep an eye out for their next album, which they are in midst of preparing in Korea. King then went on to elaborate that they are currently at the ‘choosing songs’ stage, and estimated that the album will drop in March next year. He added that LC9 would like to return to Singapore when their new songs are out.

J-Hyo also shared that they are in talks of collaboration with label-mates B.E.G and Lunafly for the Christmas season. While nothing is concrete as of yet, it would probably be some Christmas carol to fit the festive mood.

As A Rookie Group

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When asked how LC9 would stand out from other rookie groups, King commented that the biggest difference is in the style of music. As compared to the groups who debuted around the same period, LC9’s music was geared towards electronic-infused pop songs, while the other groups were headed in the hip-hop direction.

With a final photo-taking session, the press conference with LC9 came to an end. Love Beats interested in finding out what happened at the showcase, do keep a look out for (x)clusive’s next update!

(x)clusive would like to thank East Entertainment for extending the event invite.

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