(x)clusive!: Behind-The-Scenes of Arirang’s After School Club (Block B Edition)


Block B’s episode of Arirang’s After School Club was filmed on Hangeul Day, a national holiday to honour the founding of the Korean alphabet system. This explains why B-Bomb was holding a scroll with the Korean romanization of the word ‘hangout’.

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Text/ Photos By: Elizabeth | Edited By: Germx

Every episode of Arirang’s After School Club starts with a uniquely different introduction and what better way to start the episode than with a freestyle rap and beat boxing session, an image befitting of the Block B members.

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After which, we see MC Hanbyul come out dressing like Block B (in their ‘Very Good’ MV).

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As for MC Eric, he looked as though he was going for Zico’s look.

IMG_1507 copy

Clearly excited to be having their comeback (since their last one was probably more than a year ago), the members greeted their fans on Hangout enthusiastically.

IMG_1523 copyIMG_1537 copy

P.O even taught the MCs his secret to beat boxing. He claimed that he actually does not have any talent for beat boxing, just an overwhelming amount of confidence coupled with some beat boxing sounds.

IMG_1562 copy

MC Eric also tried his hand at beat boxing in that manner, which earned the praise of the Block B members.

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Then it was time for the dance machines to show off their dance skills and we get to see B-Bomb dancing to the chorus of ‘Very Good’. Park Kyung also demonstrated his trademark ‘shoulder dance’ for a fan on Hangout, with Taeil singing along to a trot song.

IMG_1594 copyIMG_1575 copy

Block B seemed very awkward when they had to spend 100 seconds praising each other.

IMG_1554 copyIMG_1619 copy

Did you think this was a ‘Very Good’ episode too?

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Check out the video link below if you missed this episode!

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