(x)clusive!: Be NU’EST’s Fine Girl at Vizit Korea 2013!

Text By: Madel | Photos By: Pearlx, Linda | Edited By: Germx

NU’EST (consisting of members Aron, JR, Baekho, Minhyun and Ren) brought about a fun-filled showcase on the second day of Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea held at Singapore EXPO, belting out to their hit songs such as ‘Sleep Talking’ and ‘Hello’ and giving away personal gifts to lucky fans. Fans with a mosh pit ticket also had the chance to get up close and personal during the hi-five session after the hour-long showcase. For L.O.Λ.Es who had missed the showcase, read on to find out what happened that day as (x)clusive recaps the highlights of the event!

The boys of NU’EST stepped on stage decked in their military-inspired uniform as they kicked off the night’s showcase with ‘Beautiful Ghost’. Despite the relatively smaller stage and the lack of background dancers, the boys managed to pull off a great performance invoking loud cheers from the fans with their enthusiasm. NU’EST then continued with another of their hit track, ‘Action’. Though the group faced a little hiccup due to the audio system, they maintained their professionalism as the audience gave them applause of encouragement.

Charismatic Leader JR

Moving on to the first talk segment of the day, the boys took turns to introduce themselves and mentioned that they were glad to be back to Singapore. Leader JR said that they were honoured to be invited as representatives of the event. Ren added that “Singapore is a beautiful place with beautiful fans!” which no doubt made noonafans swoon on site. Aron also greeted the fans in perfect English, thanking them for their love and support.

Once they had caught their breath, NU’EST moved on to perform another of their title track ‘Hello’, slightly modifying the choreography once again due to the lack of background dancers. As a special treat for L.O.Λ.Es, the boys performed ‘Beautiful’, a track from their latest album, ‘Sleep Talking’. The boys also mentioned that it was the first time they performed the song live, hoping that the fans would enjoy it – judging from the explosive reactions, they most certainly did!

Group photo with the lucky winners!

Gathering back at the front of the stage, the boys took turns to pick 15 lucky fans in three different sessions, giving out autographed posters, autographed albums and even watches. Lucky fans that got their names called out were handed the gifts personally by the members, completed with a hug and a group photo. Aron even had a shot at reading out the names, which he did relatively well! In the end, the boys also selected another 15 names for additional mystery prizes, much to the delight of the fans.

Minhyun attracting the crowd with his singing!

The music video for ‘Fine Girl’ was then played as the boys disappear backstage for a short break. Re-emerging in a more colourful and comfortable outfit, that fans were more accustomed to seeing from their Sleep Talking promotions, the boys continued the showcase with the much anticipated ‘Sleep Talking’. Members even wrote words like ‘Singapore’ and ‘L.O.Λ.E’ along the sides of their abdomen, peeking out as they drew up the hem of their shirts during the choreography. The song hyped up the audience once more, before moving on to a cutesy song that is bound to melt all fans (noona or not) – Introduce me to Your Noona. The boys then continued with ‘Not Over You’, another upbeat and cheerful song.

Bright smile Baekho!

Another talk segment was up as the boys took the chance to grab a sip of water or two. Fans were then informed that the boys had another special treat for them – five winners, hand-selected from the boys, will walk away with the boys’ personal belongings. Baekho even jokingly said that the fan that caught his eye was Aron, and fans responded with laughter.  Baekho gave away a cap; Aron, a t-shirt; JR’s special gift was his compass; Minhyun opted for his striped Tee; last but not the least, Ren gave away a backpack and his signature could be spotted at the corner of it.

English-speaking member Aron looking good!

Both JR and Minhyun also took the chance to express their wishes to return to Singapore again (I would love to see them on their own Asia Tour – don’t you, L.O.Λ.Es?) before Aron teased the fans about the last song amidst the reluctant sighs from the fans.

Turns out that their last song was debut track ‘Face’ and fans sang along as the familiar tune filled the hall. The energy was brought to a new high as everyone knew the showcase was nearing the end and most of the crowd were singing their hearts out with the boys. Ending with a bow and many waves of hands, the boys made their way off stage, but L.O.Λ.Es weren’t ready to let them go just yet without a round of encore.

Cutie pie Maknae, Ren!

Soon enough, this time dressed down in the white NU’EST tee, the group appeared for an encore performance. Starting off with the English version of ‘Sandy’, NU’EST was seen jumping and running about on the stage, moving from point to point to wave and send little heart-gestures as they got as near as possible to their fans. The final song of the day turns out to be ‘Beautiful Solo’. By then, several fans were already jumping to the beats as the boys threw T-shirts to the crowd. Aron was even caught sneaking a water-attack on fellow members Baekho and Minhyun, while JR and Ren were taking turns running from one end to another of the stage to wave to their fans.

As a final touch (quite literally) to the showcase, mosh pit-ticket holders were invited on stage for a hi-five session, as well as a chance to hand over their personalized gifts to the members. With that, NU’EST’s showcase had come to a close, leaving the L.O.Λ.Es with a memorable experience – and we can’t wait to see the boys back here in Singapore again!

A big thank you to MediaCorp VizPro International for the opportunity to attend Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea! For more photos, do keep tabs and ‘like’ (x)clusive’s Facebook!



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