(x)clusive!: “That Winter, the Wind Blows” actor Zo In Sung flatters the ladies during Singapore visit last month

Zo In Sung

Zo In Sung mesmerises fans and media in his first visit to Singapore

Zo In Sung was in Singapore last month as part of his promotional tour for his latest drama series, That Winter, the Wind Blows (TWTWB). This was his first time in Singapore and the first impression of the country he got was that it is clean and the ladies here have beautiful smiles. Prior to his Singapore stop, Zo In Sung was in Malaysia where 5,000 fans turned up at the fan meeting in Kuala Lumpur, surprising the actor who was not expecting such a huge turnout.

Zo In Sung seemed like such a natural sweet-talker, charming the media with his words. For example, he greeted this group of media representatives by saying that this group thus far (the last group of the day) had the prettiest girls. He was very friendly and humorous throughout the press conference, giving witty answers and taking extra care to engage in eye contact while replying the reporters, even standing up at one point to do so. When asked to express himself in three words, he simply said “Zo. In. Sung.”, amusing everyone in the room with his answer.  He also offered to cook for us ‘next time’ when asked if he could cook as he claims to be good at it, especially pasta.

Zo In Sung

Coming back to the small screen with That Winter, The Wind Blows after 8 years

TWTWB marks his comeback to the small screen in eight years. Zo In Sung expressed that there was no particular reason for picking TWTWB to make a comeback with, other than it had a good script and he felt that it was an honour to have worked with such a pretty actress like Song Hye Kyo as well as other other great senior actors and actresses.

Although he was praised for his acting abilities in TWTWB, Zo In Sung felt that he could have done better and rated his performance a humble 7.5 out of 10. When asked to compare himself with his character Oh Soo, Zo In Sung thinks that they are both actually very similar, except for the bit about Oh Soo being a cheat. For him, the most memorable scene in the drama was the scene where he saved Young from a group of gangsters because he felt like a hero there. Zo In Sung was actually embarrassed doing the cotton candy kiss scene with Song Hye Kyo in TWTWB, although the scene was a hit with viewers.

As TWTWB is a melodrama, Zo In Sung was asked how he managed to act out his crying scenes. In Zo In Sung’s opinion, crying is difficult and physically taxing but what helped him was to focus on Song Hye Kyo because she is good at crying scenes.  Zo In Sung personally thinks she is one of the best in Korea when it comes to crying scenes.

Zo In Sung

Throughout the 15 years as an actor…

Zo In Sung debuted in 1998 which means that this year marks his 15th year in showbiz. He was inspired to act by his senior – Jung Woo Sung, whom he felt truly represented what an actor is supposed to be like.

To date, the most challenging role which he has taken up was in the movie Frozen Flower, where he portrayed a gay character. Also, Zo In Sung felt that out of all his co-stars, it was the least burdensome working with Park Kyung Lim in the sitcom NonStop 4. He would really love to do another sitcom as he enjoys them, but he feels that there is currently no opportunity to do so due to the lack of sitcoms lately.

As Zo In Sung is now a senior, he hopes to be able to help younger actresses in their projects. When asked what he would like to change about the industry, he simply hopes that co-stars would take better care of each other during production. Since he’s been in the industry for 15 years, someone asked if he has intentions in branching out to other related fields such as having a singing career. However, Zo In Sung has no such intention, because he thinks his fans would leave him.

Zo In Sung 4

Zo In Sung is just another average person

What makes him happy? Just like an average person, Zo In Sung is happiest when he is playing video games at home and drinking soju with friends. He would like to prolong his youth, but he can’t think of any crazy things he has done.

Zo In Sung also mentioned that he likes being a celebrity because being loved is a wonderful feeling, which is probably why when asked to choose an animal he would like to be, given a choice, he picked a puppy because it is an animal loved by everyone. For the female readers, you might also like to know that Zo In Sung likes girls who look good in jeans!

Zo In Sung was only in Singapore for two days but he had a memorable time thanks to his fans. We hope to see him again soon, be it in person or the silver screen, as his new film “Kwon Bob” is in the midst of production!

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