(x)clusive!: Coverage of NU’EST in Singapore Press Conference

NU'EST L.O.V.E Tour in Singapore

Decked in their Yeoboseyo stage costumes, NU’EST appeared in smiles as they greeted the media hours before their NU`EST L.O.Λ.E Tour in Singapore.

NU’EST and their love for Singapore

Despite this trip being NU’EST’s second visit to our sunny island, the boys expressed their disappointment of not being able to head out to sightsee due to the haze. On what they actually planned to see during this trip, Baekho made a brief mention that they would like to see the Merlion, but till now, did not have the opportunity to. However, he felt that Singapore is a seemingly clean and nice place to live in.

Aron chipped in that chilli crabs were what he remembered most from his first trip and that they actually had that for dinner the night before.

As it was the haze period during NU’EST’s visit a few weeks back, Aron mentioned that he was thankful that fans prepared masks for them so there was nothing to really worry about.


On NU’EST’s Showcase…

On what fans can expect during their full-fledged showcase, Aron replied with “As most of our fans know, we came out with our 3rd mini album Yeoboseyo, so fans can expected to see different stages this time around. We practised a lot for this showcase, so we hope that our fans will enjoy it.

We also prepared something special. We will be singing Sandy in English. Sandy was originally in Korean, and it is a song made for our fans, so we actually made an English version of this song for our fans in Singapore so we hope that fans would like it.” (A/N: The English lyrics were penned by a fan, just like the Japanese and Mandarin version of Sandy.)

When asked if fans would be able to expect more English songs and covers from NU’EST in the future, Aron immediately responded with a “No, no, no! Just the Sandy song, just the Sandy song!”, eliciting bouts of laughter from the media present that morning.

NU’EST’s Music Influences

On their individual music influences, both Minhyun and Baekho expressed that they really admire Big Bang for their powerful stage performances. As for Aron, he mentioned that he is a really big fan of Anthony Hamilton and Chris Brown. For JR, his music influence is Eminem.

The most unique reply out of all had to be Ren, who confessed that he is very inspired by Lady Gaga. When asked if they had the opportunity to work with Lady Gaga, what kind of collaboration it would be, Ren promptly replied with “I would like to try collaborating with Lady Gaga by playing the piano and I heard that she can play the piano really well.” JR also mentioned that he would like to collaborate with the seniors in Pledis, such Son Dam Bi and After School, should there be an opportunity.


Yeoboseyo is Minhyun’s song?

It was not hard to notice the evident change in their latest single Yeoboseyo from their previous tracks Face and Action. On who suits the Yeoboseyo image best, there was a consensus that it had to be Minhyun as his voice colour suits the song. Moreover, the style of music for Yeoboseyo is Minhyun’s favourite. As such, he really worked hard on it and did really well in expressing the song. The boys then went on to explain the reason for the change was due to the fact that they would like their fans to see a more dynamic side of NU’EST, where they could adapt to different styles.

As boys who have not grown into men…

Since the choreography of their title track Yeoboseyo involved a tie, it was no doubt a surprise when Aron confessed that except for him, the other members in actual fact had no idea how to tie a tie and the tie that the members were wearing was a slip-on tie.


NU’EST as actors?

When asked if the genre of film or drama should they debut as actors, Minhyun expressed that he would like to have a role in an idol drama, along the lines of Boys Over Flowers. As for Aron, he would like to try starring in a romantic comedy as he feels that it would be really fun. Both JR and Baekho‘s interests lie in action movies while Ren would like to express his acting through his charming gaze, just like Song Joong Ki.

Who says ‘yeoboseyo’ the most?

Ever wondered which member receives the most phone calls? Aron replied that he felt that each member receives the same amount of phone calls since they do not really head out so the phone calls they usually get are from their parents or family members.


The rising boy group out to dominate the world

NU’EST has been touring around the world for various overseas activities such as fanmeets and judges for cover dance contests. Should NU’EST plan a special activity for their fans, the boys expressed that they would like to do more activities that involve their fans, not just a showcase where they are on stage while the fans in the crowd, but more interactive elements such as playing games together.

Having debut for more than a year, Baekho felt that Aron changed the most because in the past, Aron’s cheeks were a little chubby. However, he lost it all and has become really handsome now.

As for how NU’EST sees themselves in the next five years, they hope that they will become a respected and well-known international group that is also very famous in Korea.


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