(x)clusive!: Catching TVXQ in KL after six years: It was worth the wait


It has been a long six years since TVXQ last met their fans in Malaysia, but their Catch Me Live Tour in Kuala Lumpur had proven to be the comeback worth waiting for. On 18th May, the two members of the current TVXQ, U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, put on a great show for the Malaysian fans, as well as fans who specially flew in from Indonesia, Japan, etc, at Stadium Malawati.


Kicking off the concert with a classic hit, Rising Sun, the fans were kept on their feet from the beginning to the end with high adrenaline performances by the duo. The extended stage brought them amazingly close to the audience, just as Yunho promised earlier during the press conference. Of course, the highlight was when the rotating platforms rose from the stage, so audience on higher levels would not miss the chance to see the superstars up close. Both members also spent a large part of the concert on the extended stage and runway, having upclose interactions with fans – an experience that was not to be missed by TVXQ fans.


As befitting to their status of being one of the top groups in Korea, TVXQ had no lack of outfit changes. Throughout the three-hour concert, they had a total of seven changes, each bringing out different sides of the duo; stylish suits that exuded charm and charisma, flashy jackets in vibrant colours that showcased their youthful and cute side, and even eye-catching LED lights jackets that were especially cool when the stadium was encased in darkness. There was also the standard tour t-shirt and jeans combination for the encore performances.



The setlist for this live tour is mainly derived from their Catch Me album, as well as the classic songs from their older albums. After all, fan favourites such as Mirotic and Purple Line are not to be missed! High-energy songs such as Keep Your Head Down and the titular Catch Me took up a large part of the concert, showcasing Yunho and Changmin’s fantastic live vocal prowess on top of the sleek dance moves, while the ballads which dotted the setlist, like How Are You and Unforgettable, were really a treat to the ears. There were also light-hearted songs that suit the summer weather, such as Summer Dream (there’s really no other time in the concert where you get to see both suave and charming members act cute and be dorky than this!), and Hiyaya.


As with every concert by idol groups, individual performances were lined up to bring out each member’s unique charms. Changmin, the younger of the two and well-known for his vocal range, was the first up with his ballad track Confession, which impressed the audience. Yunho’s solo performance was more flashy in comparison, with his solo dance track, Honey Funny Bunny. He showed a different appeal from Changmin’s stage with his sexy dance moves that drew screams from the crowd.

What was special about the Catch Me concert were the short video clips that played during the intervals between songs. Each video clip told its own special story that was a lead up befitting to the next song performed. The video they shot for Humanoids was particularly engaging as it showed both TVXQ members going about their daily life in a futuristic world. A lot of time must have gone to the planning and preparation, as all clips were shot as a mini music video on its own, telling complete stories in a duration of a few minutes.


The Catch Me Live Tour in Kuala Lumpur lasted a little more than three hours, and was definitely a concert worthwhile to catch. While fans of TVXQ enjoyed the interaction and performances of TVXQ’s song classics live, audience who were not already fans of the group would still have been impressed by the high quality of their performances. TVXQ sure live up to their name! Is it too early to look forward to their next world tour now?

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