(x)clusive!: Behind-The-Scenes of Arirang’s After School Club (MFBTY Edition)


Have you ever wondered how it is like behind the scenes of any show you watch?

(x)clusive was given an opportunity to attend the rehearsal of an episode of Arirang TV’s live, all-English, interactive music request show last week. So here we bring you a sneak peek of what it is like to view Arirang’s After School Club from a different perspective.

While waiting for the rehearsal to begin, the hosts Eric Nam and LED Apple’s Hanbyul were given final briefings on the episode rundown.

IMG_4424 copy
Text/Photo By: Elizabeth | Edited By: Germx

Hanbyul also found time to strike a pose for the camera as preparations for rehearsal went underway. Yay!

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For that day’s episode, Hanbyul was to begin the show from inside the studio while Eric Nam was to be stationed outside to welcome the episode’s guests.

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Last week’s episode featured legendary hip-hop artistes Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae and Bizzy, aka MFBTY.

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As the rehearsal went underway, the hosts and guests made no time in getting comfortable around the set.

IMG_4446 copy

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae asked about M.I.B (who appeared in an earlier episode of ASC) and joked, “Don’t go easy on them, actually we’re not that close to them at all.” which no doubt roused a round of laughter.

IMG_4442 copy IMG_4450 copy IMG_4447 copy

Tiger JK seemed to really like the set of After School Club and casually remarked, “I can just blend into the set, especially with what I’m wearing right now. Don’t you think?”

IMG_4481 copy

Hosts Hanbyul and Eric Nam then started to show off their free-style raps to MFBTY, which made the guests (and the show’s crew) crack up, but they eventually apologized for their sudden outburst.

IMG_4459 copy IMG_4440 copy IMG_4497 copy

During the live show, K-pop fans from all over the world can tune in and interact directly with the show’s guests via Google Hangouts, Twitter and Facebook.

IMG_4465 copy  IMG_4437 copy

As the rehearsal neared the end, MFBTY displayed their aegyo for the cameras and finished the rehearsal in their trademark hip-hop style.

IMG_4471 copy  IMG_4474 copy

Yoon Mirae is really good at switching from one style to the other, don’t you think? Seemed like Bizzy was trying to emulate what Yoon Mirae was doing too.

IMG_4501 copy

Though the hip-hop veterans admitted to being slightly awkward during certain segments during the rehearsal, saying, “We don’t go on shows very often”, we thought it definitely didn’t show at all! They bantered easily with the guests and the fans very well and were open to saying almost whatever they wanted.

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After School Club airs live every Wednesday on Arirang TV at 5pm. The next episode of After School Club will feature VIXX! So ST☆RLIGHTS, do remember to tune in!

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