Movie “Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door” starring F.T Island’s Hong Ki to be released on July 25 in Singapore


Film: Rockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Director: Danny Nam
Cast: Lee Hong Ki, Don Lee, Lim Won Hee, Baek Jin Hee, Jun Min Seo, Shim Yi Young
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Language: Korean (With English an Chinese subtitles)
Duration: 99 mins
Rating: TBC
Release Date (in Singapore): 25th July 2013, Thursday

Weird, wacky, terminally ill patients’ fun, refreshing, and exciting way of living to the end?

A human drama to soak theatres with warm tears, “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, comes this July!

Set in the hospice ward where patients are getting ready to say goodbye and face death, “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is a human drama about wacky, terminally ill patients and a troublemaker idol singer’s challenge to make their final dreams in life come true.

Through the miraculous challenge of mysterious, terminally ill patients and a troublemaker teen idol singer, “Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door” presents warm laughing moments and emotional stories. Based on solid and talented acting from F.T Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Don Lee, Lim Won Hee, Baek Jin Hee, and child actress Jun Min Seo, the characters truly come to life and bring about much laughter and fun.

Movie Synopsis

Hong KiRockin' On Heaven's Door P2

Inside a hospice ward where patients are getting ready to bid the world goodbye, there are ‘wacky’ terminally ill patients who smoke and have part-time jobs? Something is not right!

After getting caught up in an assault case, ‘Chung-ui’, a troublemaker teen idol singer gets ordered to social service at a hospice ward. He pretends to be sorry and tries to sneak out of duty, but gets caught red-handed by some odd patients! There is an ex-gangster with terminal brain cancer who goes crazy over sausages. There is also a man with terminal liver cancer who goes out to work at a nightclub every night, a young girl with leukemia whose hobby is secretly filming things, and there is even a tough hospital volunteer lady who maintains military style order of the ward. How did ‘Chung-ui’ end up at a wacky place like this of all places?

Rockin' On Heaven's Door P3Rockin' On Heaven's Door P3

From day one, he has major run-ins with the weird, unpredictable, terminally ill patients.

Then one day, desperate to escape from the ward, ‘Chung-ui’ jumps at a chance to cut his volunteer hours in half and ends up helping a group of terminally patients to audition for a rock band competitions in order to save the hospital from getting shut down.

The miraculous challenge of terminally ill patients and a troublemaker idol singer begins!

Check out the trailer of the movie!:

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