(x)clusive!: By fans for fans, M.I.B charms Busterz at Singapore Fan Meet

M.I.B Singapore Fan Meet

Yesterday, more than a hundred Busterz attended the M.I.B Singapore Fan Meet held at Boss BarBQ, the Korean bar along the party street in Clarke Quay. It was the first of its kind – a fan meet hosted and prepared for the artists, for the fans, by fans themselves! The idea was initiated by M.I.B‘s entertainment company Jungle Entertainment, who wished to give back to the Singaporean fans for their love and support during their visit last year, as well as the fans of MFBTY. Fan clubs MIB_Crib and MIB_SG came together to make the event happen – and a successful one at that.

This is the third time the 4 members of M.I.B, 5zic, SIMS, Cream and Kangnam visited Singapore, but they were as enthusiastic to see their fans as they met each of them at the autograph table. Posing for cameras whenever fans called out for them and chatting with fans, the boys charmed every fan present with their friendliness. Although the event lasted for a little over one hour, it sure will stay as a good memory for the fans for a long time!

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Much thanks to Michelle and the team for the great event, if you went and enjoyed it as well, do give the fanclubs a shoutout!

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