(x)clusive!: Good music, good company with the serious musicians: Broccoli, Carrot and Strawberry, as known as LUNAFLY

Lunafly in Singapore

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with good music, good company. Or to be exact, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than the good music and good company from Lunafly.

Despite having to queue under the scorching sun, that did not one bit dampen the spirits of Lukies attending Lunafly Live in Singapore Showcase as they were treated to the soothing voices of the performing trio – Sam, Teo and Yun.


The cosy setting of Hard Rock Café set the mood of the showcase right from the start. Though the venue was not as big as any other performing theatres, the choice of venue was no doubt apt in all possible areas. Rather than a showcase, it was liken a mini concert instead, with more than 19 songs performed.

Other than songs from their first album Fly to LoveClear Day, Cloudy Day, Super Hero, Van Gogh, What’s Your Name, Seeing You or Missing You, Innocent and Young and Fly to Love – the trio covered a number of English covers too from One DirectionMaroon 5, Bruno Mars and even Justin Bieber, which no doubt turned the showcase into an impromptu karaoke session. The most anticipated song was no doubt Lunafly’s rendition of JJ Lin’s Endless Road as it was specially prepared just for those who attended the Singapore leg of their showcase.

Lunafly with SG fans
Photo from LUNAFLY’s Sam’s Twitter

Lunafly also mesmerized the crowd present with their friendliness and turned the place upside down when Sam decided to take a photo with their fans and post it on Twitter that instant. How can we forget Teo and his ‘Tinglish’ (or Teo‘s English, as termed by Sam) as he tried his best to communicate in as much English as possible. Some of Teo‘s most memorable quotes of the night:

“Pikachu is my favourite animal! Pokemon is my friend. My dream is Pokemon master,” and “Sam is broccoli, I (Teo) is carrot, Yun is strawberry”.

And when all else failed, the phrases: “I miss my mother!” and “Wait! Slowly…” came in handy for the English-learning Korean.

Yun also had his moments due to his weak grasp of English, when things turned awkward as Sam asked him to introduce the next song and Yun did not react – and Sam apologized for forgetting that his bandmate did not understand English, causing much of the audience to be tickled by the incident.

Also, how could we forget how Teo forced the emcee, Sam and Yun to do the Gwiyomi Player? The horror on Sam’s face as he tried to change the conversation and ‘run away’, how Yun reluctantly yet calmly did it upon request and how Teo finally did it, effortlessly. And just in case you change your idea about them being a group of professional band musicians, Teo wants you to remember that “We (Lunafly) are serious artistes.”

Teo does Gwiyomi Player

To be very honest, it is almost impossible to deny the heartfelt emotions these musicians evoked when they played live at Hard Rock Café last Sunday. It did not really matter that there was no fanciful stage set-up. It did not really matter that it was free-standing, for more than two hours. It did not matter that there were no games played and there were not many opportunities for interactions. What mattered most was Lunafly’s spontaneity and bright personality that hyped the crowd, the great live performances put up that got the crowd singing along. What mattered most was that Lukies enjoyed the showcase. It was simply 2.5 hours of pure enjoyment and no doubt the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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(x)clusive would like to thank JNation Entertainment for extending the event invite. For more photos on the showcase, stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates!

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