(x)clusive!: Fashionistas 2NE1 brought New Evolution to Singapore

2NE1 New Evolution Concert in SIngapore 2012 Powerhouse South Korean girl group 2NE1, made up of four members – Minzy, Park Bom, Dara and CL, were dressed in chic white-black outfits as they greeted the media at the press conference a day before their New Evolution Global Tour in Singapore. themuttons It was a pity that the media wasn’t allowed to pose questions for the quartet as announced by 987FM DJs Vernon A and Justin Ang, widely known as The Muttons.


2NE1’s Fashion

While leader CL answered most of the questions due to her fluency in English, other members had their chance to answer some of the questions too. The girls, who are known to be fashionistas, said that their fashion are mainly inspired by their music. We saw how fabulous the girls looked during their concert, with sporty Jeremy Scott designed jerseys to high-top sneakers and sexy purple-pink outfits!


About Homesickness and Hobbies

In terms of homesickness during their global tour, CL revealed that Dara is the most affected one among the four as she misses her family, her cat and Korean food most of the time. It’s all about her cat for Dara, as when asked about other interests besides doing music Dara addressed the question with a cute “I want to spend quality cat time.” CL, on the other hand, gave an unexpected answer: “When I was younger, I wanted to be a nun.”


Lead vocalist Park Bom made members of the media burst into laughter with a simple yet satisfying answer of “I eat!” Youngest member, Minzy, who was all smiles at the conference, said that she would knit during her free time.


“Don’t Give Up!” and new album from 2NE1 in 2013

If you’re an aspiring pop star, 2NE1 would like to tell you to follow your dream and never give up, as your time will come, if you stick to it and have a passion for it. I must say, wise words from the leader! CL also shared that after the last stop for the global tour, they will be back to continue working on their new album, so let’s wish 2NE1 the best and hope for yet another exciting album next year!


Post concert…

Lots of great performances were put up by the quartet during the two and a half hour concert, as the girls put in their all for the last leg of their concert tour for 2012. At the end of the concert as 2NE1 completed their encore stage, one could tell the girls did not want it to end, as they asked the crowd for their requests for one last song. 2NE1 wrapped up the concert with “I Love You”, to thank all the fans for their continuous support, and promised to return with better performances next year.

Special thanks and shout out to SingTel and Ogilvy PR team for the support and coverage.

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