(x)clusive!: More than a Hi-5 Session with APINK and B1A4 in Malaysia

Held a day after oneFM’s The One concert, organizer Jazzy Group gave fans a further opportunity to catch APink and B1A4 up-close and personal with a High Five session at The Butter Factory in Kuala Lumpur.

Arriving an hour later than the scheduled time slot, fans entertained themselves by doing fan chants to APink’s Bubibu which was put on repeat during their wait. Upon arrival, APink greeted the crowd cheerfully and without much ado, the session began as the 400 fans gradually headed up the stage. Receiving more than a simple High Five, fans managed to briefly talk to each member and some lucky Pink Pandas even received hugs from the girls. The fans went wild as the girls threw “hearts” towards the crowd throughout the session, and it ended after 20 minutes of APink’s presence.


The second session began an hour later with B1A4 taking the spotlight. 400 tickets to their session sold out within the first few days of ticket sales and conceding to fans’ request, tickets to enter the venue were also available for sale, causing the venue to overflow with fans. The high five session began shortly after the members’ introduction, and from the first to the last fan, the members greeted each fan with smiles. Fans even managed to take videos and photos with some of the members on stage, making it a fruitful session for many of the BANAs present. With the fans in mind, B1A4 prepared a special event for the fans as they began to walk towards the front of the stage for a photo time before they left the venue.


There will be a refund for all fans that have purchased tickets to the High Five session, 90RM for APink and 80RM for B1A4. More details will be revealed by Jazzy Group in 2 months’ time. For more information, visit Jazzy Group’s official website at http://www.jazzygroup.com/

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