(x)clusive!: K-POP Cover Dance Festival 2012 (NU`EST in Australia)

It is really amazing how the Hallyu Wave has caught on over the past few years, inspiring many talented individuals to step out and do a cover in an attempt to head to Korea as part of the “Visit Korea Year” campaign, meanwhile showcasing their hidden flair.

What’s K-POP Cover Dance Festival about?

K-POP Cover Dance Festival is an event to celebrate and embrace the current craze for the Korean pop culture. Anyone who posts their User Created Content (UCC) of a cover dance on the official website (www.coverdance.org) is eligible for the competition. The winners of the first-round online competition will be selected through Netizens’ responses such as hits and recommendation, alongside expert evaluations. Winners of the online competition will then advance to the overseas regional competitions which will be held in 10 countries including Japan, Thailand, Russia, and Spain. The winners of overseas local competitions will then perform on the stage of the final round competition in Gyeongju.

Just like last year, the Visit Korea Committee is hosting the ‘2012 K-POP Cover Dance Festival’ globally to commemorate the Visit Korea Year Campaign. The contestants in this year’s K-POP Cover Dance Festival are evaluated in the areas of not only songs and choreography but also costumes, makeup and styles.

NU`EST in Sydney

Photo: NU’EST Official Twitter

Being regarded as one of the more prominent rookie groups of 2012, NU`EST appeared as guest judges for the ‘2012 K-POP Cover Dance Festival’ in Sydney, Australia on 24th August. Being held at University of New South Wales, NU`EST witnessed the performances of 20 groups – 10 from the singing category and 10 from the dance category – and the birth of the winners Grace Lim (Singing) and 5J (Dance).

Winner – 5J

1st Runner Up – 3GIRLSUNIT

2nd Runner Up – Revolution Crew

As a treat to local fans, NU’EST performed three songs: Face, Not Over You and Action. (More to be uploaded)

Rainbow and A-JAX as judges for the final round

13 final teams from 11 different countries have been chosen to compete in  the final round of the ‘2012 K-POP Cover Dance Festival‘ that is going to be being held on the 22nd September in Gyeongju, and idol groups Rainbow and A-JAX had been chosen to guest judge.

More Information about 2012 K-POP Cover Dance Festival can be found on their website: http://www.coverdance.org/

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