(x)clusive!: A Wonderful night with the Wonder Girls (Wonder World Asia Tour in Singapore)

Reported by: Madel; Photos by: Germx

Wonder Girls kicked start their Wonder World Asia Tour held on 8 September at Resorts World Convention Center in Singapore. With more than 20 songs sung that night, Sun (Sunye), Yenny (Yeeun), Yubin, Sohee and Lim (Hyelim) wowed the audience performing their hit tracks and special stages throughout the two-hour concert.

Special guests: JJ Project!

Right from the start JJ Project heated the crowd up quickly as they appeared in bright outfits, singing and dancing to their debut track, Bounce. The crowd sure was cheering wildly as they danced along to the energetic song by JYP’s newest boy group! The boys then shyly introduced themselves in English, and expressed their delight of being the opening guests for their seniors, before continuing with another track from their debut album, Hooked.

The boys made a second appearance later in the concert as a guest on Lim‘s solo stage.

Of Props and Rock!

Brimming with excitement brought forth from JJ Project, the audience cheered even louder as the main characters of the night appeared on stage, donned in colorful, sequined outfits and high tops. Wonder Girls started off the night performing their latest hit, Like This.

wgcon8 wgcon9

The props used through the concert caught the eyes of many; the girls were spotted with shoes fitted with LED-lights when performing their English track Nu Shoes, and were well equipped with white electronic guitars while rocking out to their rock-inspired song Me, In.

Several of Wonder Girls’ popular tracks were remade into rock renditions, such as Two Different Tears as well as So Hot (which also includes a special solo segment by resident, sexy lady Yubin) showing the fans a different, fiercer image of them, proving that they can pull off different concepts without a problem.

New challenges: solo stages and a special treat!

The concert also boasted four different solo stages: Yenny was up first, belting out to the all-too-familiar tune of her self-composed track, Hello to Myself. With a fitting black dress, minimal stage effects, Yenny captured the hearts of the audience with her soulful voice.

Yubin, the lead rapper, swapped her usual role for vocals and opted for a rock concept as she stepped on stage for her solo performance with the rock version of So Hot. With seemingly boundless energy, Yubin had the audience bobbing their head along to the music.

Talented leader Sun took the stage playing Sound Of Rain on the piano, continuing into an R&B version of Miss A‘s song Touch. She added her own flavor to the song with vocals that compliment, and finished the performance with a perfect replication of the original choreography.

Compared to the more serious solo stages, Lim‘s stage was more towards the fun side as she assumed the rapper role performing their hip-hop song Act Cool, featuring JJ Project. The introduction VCR which aired at that part depicted artistes from JYP (San-E, 2PM’s Nichkhun, JJ Project and even Producer Park Jin Young himself) preparing Lim for her hip-hop ‘debut’.

wgcon3 wgcon5

Despite not having an actual solo stage, Sohee, known for her shy demeanor, showcased her powerful and sexy moves during a special solo dance segment for the song Bad Boy, using the microphone stand as a prop. The performance no doubt attracted much cheers (and catcalls) from the audience!

All five of them performed the original duet by members Sun and Yenny, titled Long Long Time. Wonderfuls waved their hands and light sticks, illuminating the stadium with a gentle pearl burgundy hue that merged with the soothing blue stage lights. Coupled with the sparkling background screen and dispersed rays of light, it created a beautiful scene with the girls belting out the ballad amidst the illusion of light sparkles in the air.

Transformation: beautiful outfits…and a surprise!

The girls wore a total of four different outfits throughout the concert: colored sequined mini dresses; black fitting outfits customized for each member which showed off a sexy, chic and matured look of the girls; the iconic Singapore Airlines (SIA) outfit, and last but not least, hot pink suits with silver heels.

No doubt, them wearing Singapore Airline’s iconic outfit – the SIA stewardess’ Kebaya-inspired costume – became one of the highlights of the concert. Despite the fitting outfits, all of them pulled off a stellar performance of Real and showed ease dancing to their previous hit song Be My Baby.

Interaction with fans – speaking English!

Throughout the concert, the girls were always inviting the fans to wave, clap and sing-along with them. Speaking in fluent English, Wonder Girls spoke about how they enjoyed their time in Singapore and at the concert itself, and expressed their love for Singapore’s famous delicacy: the Chilli Crab. They also mentioned that they would love to come back to Singapore again!

At the encore stage, Yubin excitedly ran down the stage to go closer to the fans, and even managed to get a male fan to sing their world-famous song, Nobody, through her microphone. The audience on the first floor, prompted by the girls, all stood up as they jumped to the beat of this popular track, and those at the elevated seats too participated eagerly by singing – and dancing – making a grand finale to the concert.

All in all, Wonder Girls‘ Wonder World concert is filled with great performances and fun-filled moments which left Wonderfuls craving for more. Just like Sun said, the concert is definitely “a memorable night“!

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