(x)clusive!: EXCLUSIVE Interview with tvN Kpop Star Hunt S1 winner Sorn and Maressa & Jasmine from the Top 11

Do You Know Them?

They were the envy of many when they are selected as the two who would be representing Singapore to have the chance to train at Cube Entertainment last year. She shone with her talents in singing after going through training by industry professionals, to nab the number one spot on tvN K-pop Star Hunt Season 1. Who are they? They are none other than Maressa and Jasmine, our Singapore pride and Sorn from Thailand, who will officially become a Cube trainee and debut in perhaps the girl group you’ll be listening to in your MP3s.

Sorn, Jasmine and Maressa

We met up with Maressa, Jasmine and Sorn a while ago to find out their first hand experiences training in Cube Entertainment, the home of Kpop icons like Beast, 4minute and G.NA, their starstruck trip meeting Troublemaker (JS & Hyuna) and also some tips for you guys who are prepping up for the upcoming auditions and the next season of tvN K-pop Star Hunt.

Stay until the end, and we also have something special prepared by the girls themselves!

Want to be like them and be a step closer to the Kpop Stardom?

tvN K-Pop Star Hunt is back for Season 2, this time bigger and better! Reaching out to 2 more countries – Malaysia and Japan – in addition to the original countries Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong, there are now more chances for talents in Asia to step up to the road of stardom. The competition is expected to be fiercer this time round, but the prize at stake gets bigger, too – the winner of K-pop Star Hunt Season 2 will have the chance to stand on the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) stage and perform, together with some of the hottest artists and groups in the Kpop scene.

Always had the dream to become a Kpop star? This is your chance. 

All you have to do is upload a clip of you singing and/or dancing to www.tvnstarhunt2.com. The deadline for video submissions is on Sunday, 26 August 2012 at 23:59:59hrs. More information on tvN Kpop Star Hunt Season 2 can be found here. And if you want to hear it from one of the judges himself, check out our exclusive interview with Mr Park from Cube Entertainment, who will be judging again this Season 2.

Stay tuned to (x)clusive as we bring you more updates on tvN K-pop Star Hunt!

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    At the end when she started singing, I started crying.


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