(x)clusive!: 120714 Xander Fan Party – No-frills, just be happy

“Promise me one thing – Just be Happy.”

Taking on a solo route after being in U-Kiss was not an easy one at all for Alexander Lee Eusebio (or more commonly known as Xander) – the pressure, the uncertainty and the unknown. Known for his cheerful personality, it was difficult to imagine the ups and downs he had to face while venturing out to the unknown alone with thoughts of giving up, meanwhile still putting on a smile. It takes a lot of courage to be very honest; it’s no wonder why Xanderettes are proud of what he has accomplished thus far and were this supportive when he was here is Singapore last weekend for his solo fan meeting.

Xander’s Fan Party, which was held at Movida, was undeniably a no-frills, cozy affair. There were no exaggerated stage costumes, no fanciful stage décor and the best part – no language barrier. Everything was kept to the bare minimum yet throughout the fan party, laughter filled the air and the atmosphere was nothing but heartwarming.

Taking the stage alone, Xander showed what he’s actually capable of, performing to his solo tracks – Bad Girl, I Just, Oh Baby and Kimchi Song (which was publicly performed for the first time). To make the whole experience more memorable, Xander even attempted teaching a few simple moves from the Kimchi Song so that the crowd can join in.

The fan-made video by Xanderettes.net to Xander and Xander’s reaction (via ruehakira on Youtube)

The mini birthday celebration was definitely the highlight of the Fan Party as a fan-made video, with unwavering love and support from Xanderettes, was shown. At the end, hand banners with “Just Be Happy” were raised and a durian birthday cake was brought out, resulting in an immensely touched Xander.

Promise me one thing – Just Be Happy! Life is short and you do not know what will happen. Honestly, I was really worried. I do not know if you’ve seen my Twitter and thought that I was joking with “Did you guys forget me?” and everything. I was actually kind of worried honestly cause it’s been 2 years.

Since you guys are here, I will be honest. After leaving U-Kiss, it was a fearful road for me, it was a new challenge for me and it was really difficult cause usually, people were around me like my band members. I keep going, until recently, there were a lot of difficulties and decisions to make. I kind of feel bad cause you guys reminded me that I said “I won’t give up!” But honestly, I’m trying to give up cause I just wanna go back to doing that I wanna do and everything, but that’s so stupid and not me.

So thank you very much and promise me that you guys don’t give up. Not only me alright? I really hope you all can learn the good things from me and not the bad things. Just be happy and always smile, especially since you guys are young. I remember that’s the happiest times – in middle school and in high school. You guys have to put in your best of course but don’t get stressful and upset over unnecessary things. Enjoy with your friends, family and cherish everyone. And one day people around you may be gone, so just stay happy and I really wanna thank you guys for giving me the best moment.

I love you guys, thank you so much.” – Xander

Xander will be continuing his Asia Tour in Indonesia and Philippines – and thereafter maybe film a drama in China. So Xanderettes, do give him your utmost support!

(x)clusive would like to thank Mode Entertainment for giving us this wonderful opportunity to cover the event. Do stay tuned to (x)clusive as we have a special treat for all you Xanderettes coming soon!

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