(x)clusive!: B2ST Steals Beauties’ Breaths (Beast Concert in Singapore)

Guest writer: Lixin

Beauties have been holding their breaths for a world tour since last year’s “Welcome Back to Beast Airlines” encore concert at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium last year, when B2ST released posters and videos for their ‘Beautiful Show’ concert this year. After their fan meet on our sunny island last July, the boys returned for a full-length show!

Held on 3 March at the Max Pavilion at Singapore Expo, the concert did not disappoint as Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon belted out about 20 songs for the entire two and a half hours. The trendy idols displayed their various vocal and dance talents to an almost full-house of fans.


The concert was slightly delayed, but the Beauties’ spirits were not dampened as they sang along to the tracks played, waving their light-sticks. The singing turned to cheers once the pavilion lights dimmed, the stage lit up, and the concert began! The white cloth onstage fell to reveal B2ST, who kicked the concert off with Special.

The excitement built up as the boys treated their Beauties with Breath, impressing them with the first of many main vocalist Yoseob’s impressive high notes, as well as fantastic pyrotechnics and laser beams. This was followed by another of their more popular songs, Shock. The fans matched the boys’ enthusiasm, shouting the fan chants as one.


The boys then introduced themselves to loud applause, beginning with youngest member Dongwoon and ending with Junhyung. B2ST’s leader Doojoon declared “Singaporeans are beautiful and you welcome us with so much passion” as Yoseob chipped in, asking fans to let loose and enjoy the concert till the end.

For Bad Girl, the boys got fans to sing along, hyping up the already high atmosphere. As they went backstage to change, the screen flashed clips of their concert teasers to the title track Mystery.

The boys returned onstage almost immediately to perform immediately to perform Easy and the fans went wild at the sexy dance treat the boys prepared. Removing the mikes from their stands, B2ST sang Still, walking across the extended stage while a beautiful backdrop showed in the background. Clenching a Tight Fist, the next track, made fans swoon as they watched both the boys on high stools and a montage of love story photos. The highlight that made the ballad all-the-more unforgettable was when Yoseob and Hyunseung harmonized on the high notes at the end.

The boys were sweet as they talked about their experience performing in Singapore. Yoseob shared, “We sing ballads at concerts all the time, but this time it’s especially good because we feel really comfortable in Singapore” to which Kikwang added “Come to think about it, we are friends already right?” When the fans cried out a collective agreement, Dongwoon mentioned that no matter what they said, the fans would scream. This proved to be true when it drew even more screams from the audience.

Lead vocalist Hyunseung was also appreciative of the fans’ warm welcome. “We were so happy that so many of you welcomed us at the airport; it was more than what we expected.” Doojoon compared Singaporean and Korean fans, saying they were really similar because of the way they all sang along. He praised the placards too, even picking out one reading “B2ST, I love you”. Both girl and boy fans cheered loudly as the boys performed the latest track which was prepared exclusively for this concert tour – I Knew It.


The boys returned backstage to get ready for solo stages as a collage of Hyunseung’s photos played. Before long, B2ST’s lead dancer himself appeared in a stylish snake print jacket for his song Don’t you mind. On top of a high note he pulled off brilliantly, he smoothly executed subtle, sexy hip thrusts as he kicked the standing mike down and took off his jacket. The fans screamed his name as he left the stage while a clip of Junhyung working on composing raps was played. B2ST’s main rapper popped up from the bottom of the stage clad in a sleek red outfit decked in red all over to perform Without you, life is good.

Next, fans waved their light-sticks in sync as Doojoon and Dongwoon did a ballad together in When the Door Closes, followed by Kikwang and Hyunseung singing Let it Snow while seated on throne-like chairs. The last duet was Yoseob and Junhyung with Thanks To as they danced together playfully. Yoseob dedicated the song to everyone at the Beautiful Show.

As the duo engaged in lighthearted banter, Junhyung got serious and said “Sometimes I feel really blessed to have taken the path in music. As you guys know, I’m not very good at expressing myself so I use songs to express my feelings.” Yoseob sighed knowingly and urged Junhyung to express himself more often. After that, he grabbed Junhyung’s hand and coaxed him to say “I love you”. Junhyung laughed and shyly said it while making a heart with his hands. The fans could not contain their surprise at the usually cool rapper’s cute actions and everyone screamed his name together as a sign of agreement to Yoseob’s words of encouragement.


The other members then joined in in casual wear, dancing quirkily to I like you the best and saying “let’s go on a date!” to the fans. When they said “We need to find our date – if you are our date, put up your hand”, a few thousand hands shot up at once, even from audience members far behind.

The boys had a tough decision to make, but they could only choose one fan out of so many. Eventually, one lucky girl was chosen to go up onstage. Although the others weren’t picked, they were still supportive as she went onstage. It must have been her dream fulfilled to be hugged by Dongwoon, touched on the cheek by Kikwang, and serenaded to by Yoseob as he held her hand. Doojoon rode a bike to deliver a teddy bear to her, Junhyung impressed her with his rapping skills, and Hyunseung cycled around the stage, sang to her and gave her balloons. By the end of the song, the whole concert hall was full of squeals of envy and the girl left the stage blushing. You could say that was indeed the power of B2ST’s charisma!


Kikwang mentioned that he wanted to go to Clarke Quay for a dinner and that her would bring his date to eat chili crab. After the chili crab dinner date, he would bring the girl on a boat to see the night scene while they went on a river cruise. Junhyung and Doojoon had other ideas as they wanted to ride the Singapore Flyer. Kikwang said that since all their fans were their girlfriends, they may have to ride the Flyer quite a few times. Doojoon declared that he would go on the Flyer for his girlfriends despite his fear of heights. Kikwang acted this out by saying to Junhyung “Come here!” and hugged him in a protective way like he would to his girlfriend. The skinship brought out much screams and the three of them then gave out roses to those sitting and standing near the extended stage.

The concert moved into its next segment. B2ST went backstage for a quick breather as a clip of their past fan-signs, performances, awards, and practice videos was played to Bad Girl. The boys returned in chic jackets ranging from denim to leather and delighted the crowd with Lightless and On Rainy Days, followed by The Fact. The concert neared its end as the boys performed their title track Fiction.

With a smile, Yoseob said he loved it when everyone was enjoying together, and Dongwoon agreed, saying “It’s been a year since we’ve been here and it seems we have more fans! We really missed Singapore fans and the next time we come back to Singapore we will bring more songs.” The boys acknowledged that and Yoseob sadly pointed out that there were only two songs left. Doojoon said that time passed too fast and that he was happy to hold a concert in Singpapore. Hyunseung raised the mood and said, “Are you ready to have some fun? Let’s go!” as the boys launched into their last two songs, Freeze and Oasis, keeping the energy level high.

Yoseob snapped a selca with a fan’s camera, then opened a gift from a fan. The other boys followed suit, gladly taking the presents from the fans, and even put on cutely designed headbands given. To show their support, fans held up their boards and “Be Your Strength” banners. It was a beautiful sight.

As the last song faded, fans screamed for encore, demanding for more after the boys ran off the stage and the concert hall became dark. As everyone asked for B2ST together, a clip of the rehearsal footage and a collection of photos of Beauties flashed onscreen.


After more cheering, the boys appeared once again for encore, and performed Beautiful to a pretty ocean of white rosebuds. They gave plenty of fan service, even picking up banners which fans made. Kikwang threw water on Junhyung, Yoseob sang directly into the camera as the fans screamed and Dongwoon wore a Pikachu hat given by a fan. Confetti and streamers showered on the mosh pits and seated areas near the stage as B2ST performed their very last song VIU. The boys expressed their utmost gratitude to their fans as they made sure to bow to every side of the audience and thus concluded their Beautiful Show 2012 in Singapore.


Without a doubt, the six boys definitely stole the Beauties’ breaths away that night. We hope that B2ST will come back to Singapore again… and soon!

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