[Mnet] Vote for your favourite Kpop artist for Mnet 20’s Choice 2012!


Being the only summer awards show in Korea, Mnet 20’s Choice focuses on the trend of individuals in their 20s through the presentation of awards alongside specially prepared performances. 2012 Mnet 20’s choice thus would like to involve fans from all over the world who love the K-Pop culture to be part of this yearly affair.

The voting for Mnet 20’s Choice has started and individuals from all over the world are allowed to vote once a day per one ID. However, do note that you have to vote in all the categories to complete the voting process.

So what are you waiting for? Start clicking that mouse of yours to let your favourite artistes win in this award show. Head here to start voting!

Details of 2012 Mnet 20’s Choice:

Date: 2012.06.28 (Thursday)
Time: 1700-2200h (KST)
Blue Carpet –> 1700-1900h (KST)
Award Show –> 1900-2200h (KST)
Venue: Banyan Tree, Seoul (OASIS Outdoor Pool)

Live Broadcast: Mnet / KM / tvN / Onstyle / Mnet Japan / Mnet USA
Online Streaming: Mnet.com / global.mnet.com / Yahoo.com / YouTube
Live Updates (Twitter):

Voting Period: 2012.06.07 (Thursday) 1800h ~ 2012.06.27 (Wednesday) 2400h (KST)
Who gets to vote? Every individual that has a Global.Mnet.com account will be allowed in the voting of Mnet 20’s Choice.

The Candidates of Mnet 20’s Choice

Trend Leader Group (50 people):
20’s Trend Leader Group + Search results of the 20’s from web portal sites

(Candidate Selection Period : 2011.10.01 ~ 2012.05.31)

How will the winners be determined?

Online Voting –> 50%
20’s Research Result –> 30%
Special Judge –> 20%

To see who is leading in the Mnet 20’s Choice online voting, you can head here.

Want to see your favourite artiste win in this award show? Then start your daily voting now as online voting takes up 50% of the awarding criteria.

20’s Choice Screen Capture Event

Want to win a I Am. package? All you need to do is to stream Mnet 20’s Choice, capture yourself with the Mnet/YouTube logo and post it to Mnet Facebook page.

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