(x)clusive!: Kim Hyun Joong reveals teasers to Fanmeeting tomorrow and his upcoming album!

With Kim Hyun Joong‘s Fanmeeting looming around the corner, (x)clusive had a sneak peek of what is to happen at the Fanmeeting this Friday, as revealed by the man himself at the press conference yesterday.


Greeting with a bright smile, Hyun Joong started off by saying how much he loved Singapore, from the fans’ warm welcome to the scenery, especially at Marina Bay Sands at night. If he had the chance during his busy schedule, he would have a walk on the streets – and Hyun Joong added, if you met him, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Regarding his Fanmeeting in Singapore happening this Friday, Hyun Joong revealed that he will be performing songs he has never performed before. He attempts to break the usual “barriers” in between the star and the fans, by preparing presents to give during the fanmeet, have more interaction with the fans and also personally handshaking every single one of the audience. “I want to meet all the fans and try to remember each of them,” said Hyun Joong. Those who attend the Fanmeeting will also receive U:ZOOSIN (character personally designed by Hyun Joong himself) merchandise as a momento.


Wonder what kind of music does megastar Kim Hyun Joong listen to? He shared that he gets inspiration for music according to the weather – it was really hot yesterday, so he would listen to slow or ballad songs, and hopes the weather on Friday will be great so everyone will get to enjoy a great performance, that he prepared so much for.

So we’ve heard that Hyun Joong plans to handshake everyone in the audience and attempt to try break records, but he himself admits it’s hard to break such a World record. He mentioned that other than enjoying his performances, he hopes everyone will be able to receive the many gifts he has prepared. If there’s a record he wants to break, it is to have the most number of fans come watch his performance.


Hyun Joong also revealed that he is already preparing for a new Korean album set to release next year. Currently he is working on his Japanese album, including a notable collaboration with Japanese band B’z, and it will be released in July. Following the Japanese album promotions, his upcoming drama and the completion of his Asia Tour, he will be working hard to show a better side of him to everyone.

With so much in-store this Friday, it seems like no one will leave Singapore Indoor Stadium empty-handed, be it momentos or the pure enjoyment of Hyun Joong‘s performances and the chance to meet him in person. Don’t miss out on Kim Hyun Joong Singapore Fanmeeting – find out more details and how to get tickets to the event here. (x)clusive will also be reporting live then so stay tuned!

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