Teenage Kpop Dance Battle 2012

Love to dance to KPOP? Don’t miss this!

The most-awaited Kpop Dance Battle of the year, the Teenage Kpop Dance Battle, is back again, bigger than ever! This time, there will be two different categories to compete in and it will also involve more extensive competition components and duration. Check out more information below!

Teenage Kpop Dance Battle 2012 – Important Dates

Registration: Extended to 28 May 2012

Auditions: 2 & 3 June 2012

Quarter-Finals: 16 & 17 June 2012 @ JCube (Coming up next!)

Semi-Finals: 30 June 2012 @ JCube

Finals: 8 September 2012 @ Bugis+ (Formally known as iluma)


Rookie Category >> 
If you’re between 13 and 16 years old, with little or no experience in dancing, fret not! Gather some friends and take a shot at the Rookie Category!

1) Contestants must be aged 13 to 16 years old (Born in years 1996 to 1999)
2) K-pop dance group consisting of 3 to 10 members of same or mixed gender

Open Category >>
Great at mimicking the sleek dance moves and showcasing original choreography of your favourite K-Pop idols? Take a step further and take part in the Open Category!

1) Contestants must be aged 13 to 21 years old (Born in years 1991 to 1999)
2) K-pop dance group consisting of 3 to 10 members of same or mixed gender


Advancing to the next round… The QUARTER FINALISTS!

It sure was a tough fight among the participants this year at the Auditions on 2nd and 3rd June, and dance crews that showed great skills were offered the Golden Ticket on the spot!

Here is the list of groups that will be advancing to the Quarter Finals! Do head down to support your friends and family and cheer for them! (You can also watch their audition videos, just click on their names. Not all videos are available however)

Date: 16 & 17 June 2012
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: JCube – JStage at the Rooftop Level 5


1. KR01 CGMinspirit
2. KR02 Street Dreams
3. KR03 One-Shot
5. KR08 M.I.A
6. KR09 Miztory
7. KR10 Aspiration
8. KR12 XeoN
9. KR13 Juliette
10. KR15 POW3R
11. KR17 Believ.e.a
12. KR19 Escape
13. KR20 JCS2
14. KR22 EuphoriX
15. KR23 Harxxus
16. KR24 P.S.F
17. KR25 Miss U
18. KR26 S.O.M
19. KR27 Strobez
20. KR28 Viscaria


1. KO01 A-ERO
2. KO03 Urban Spade
3. KO04 Univibe
4. KO05 STeam
5. KO06 Dezpite
6. KO08 Mnee
7. KO09 4ALS
8. KO10 Jinjja Funky
10. KO12 NeoN
11. KO13 GraffiTi
12. KO14 Beyond Infinity
13. KO15 Crew 51
14. KO16 After-7
15. KO17 No Joke
16. KO18 Soul Ignite
17. KO21 SWAGirls
18. KO22 Trigger MIX
19. KO23 X
20. KO26 H.A.P.P.Y B2G3
21. KO27 SSJ
22. KO29 VARI3TY
24. KO31 New Spectrum
25. KO32 The Diamondz

For more enquiries, do drop an email to kpopdance12@key-editions.com.

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