(x)clusive!: EXCLUSIVE Interview with vocal power idol group, N-Train!

Having debut alongside power rookies such as B1A4, Block B, X-5 and Boyfriend, N-Train‘s presence in the music industry may not have been as impactful and memorable as their peers but one thing for sure, their soothing voices and warm personalities have won over the hearts of many over the past one year.

N-TRAIN: Seunghyun, Jongmin (Soul J), Jungkyun, Yujin, Sangwoo

Always living with a heart full of gratitude, the members of N-Train – Jung Jung Kyun, Jung Seung Hyun, Lee Jong Min (also known as Soul J), Song Yu Jin and Kim Sang Woo – are always appreciative of what they have received thus far and thankful for the love and support from their fans despite the long hiatus with an unknown comeback date. The 100 day video that was specially recorded for their fans and the occasional Twitter and Facebook chats show it all. With their impending comeback on hand (after being delayed time after time), the group promised that they will come back stronger and better so as not to disappoint those who have been patiently waiting for them.

To be honest, N-Train has been on my radar way before their debut because of their vocals. Instead of taking the stance with a sure-work formula of pretty boys, synchronised dance movements and addictive tunes, N-Train chose to release their teaser in a no-frills fashion – acapella – to display their flawless vocals.

Having met the group in person, I’ve to say that their strong brotherhood, cheerful personalities and entertainment abilities undoubtedly made this interview an interesting and special one.


In light of N-Train’s 1st Anniversary (26th May), (x)clusive would like to share the love we have for this wonderful group through an exclusive interview we had with them when we were in Korea a month back. Much thanks to Leader Jung Kyun for being our translator of the day.

So without further ado, watch our exclusive interview with N-Train below!

We would like to thank MediaLine Entertainment for this opportunity, MediaLine staff for their reception and not forgetting N-Train themselves for being so sporting.

If you’ve watched to the end of the interview – yes, we will be having a PART 2 to N-Train‘s interview, that will show a more endearing and cute side of the boys you may not have seen so far. So do stay tuned to (x)clusive for more goodies – and we may be doing a special giveaway soon! All these can only be found exclusively on (x)clusive!

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