(x)clusive!: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Cube’s newest sensation, BTOB!

It has been just a mere two months into their debut and BTOB (Born To Beat) proved that they are not just another rookie group in this over saturated music industry. Known for their strong vocals, the group once again won over the hearts of many through their emotionally filled digital single ‘Father’.

(x)clusive had the opportunity of an exclusive email interview with BTOB so that Melodies out there know what’s there in stall for you guys during Music Matters this coming Thursday.

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1) Is this BTOB’s first time in Singapore? What is the group’s impression of this country?

Eunkwang: As BTOB’s first overseas performance will be in Singapore, all of us are very excited to be able to perform and share the same stage with so many outstanding artistes. We are also constantly receiving lots of support messages from fans in Singapore through various Social Networking Service (such as Twitter and Facebook) expressing their anticipation of our performance. Because of this, we feel that we have to practice harder and prepare more to repay our fans for their endless support. BTOB’s first overseas performance is nearing and we are going to present our full stage real soon. Are you guys ready to fall into the charms of BTOB?

2) Since this is BTOB’s first overseas gig, what can fans expect from the performance here in Singapore?

Ilhoon: For our long-awaited performance at Music Matters, we will reveal performances BTOB has never performed before. We will be performing our song “Born TO Beat”, which Minhyuk and I took part in writing the lyrics, for the first time ever. We will be practicing hard to put up a great show so please anticipate our performance.

Hyunsik: We will let those whom we’re meeting for the first time witness the explosive energy of BTOB and also be touched by our soothing vocals. I hope it will be an unforgettable performance for everyone even though they are only watching it for the first time.

Eunkwang: And we also rearranged a great song by another musician in BTOB’s style so that fans can cheer and sing along with us. So be prepared to be surprised!

3) Recently, BTOB is in midst of choosing their fanclub name. Of all the suggestions received from fans with regards to the fanclub name, which are the memorable ones? (A/N: When the questions were sent, the fanclub name was not chosen yet.)

Minhyuk: A lot of cute, impressive and meaningful names were sent in. And among them, the name “Melody” was selected because it is just like what a good song needs – a good mix of Born To Beat’s Beat and Melody since both complements one another to make the song complete. Like a match made in heaven, us who are born from beat and melody who are born with us, our Melody, let’s be together for a long, long time!

4) What is BTOB’s music style?

BTOB: BTOB’s music is made up of emotionally-filled lyrics and melody. On top of that, our emotion-stimulating, sorrowful vocals and dance also adds on to our distinct colour. This time around, our title track ‘Insane’, is made up of an emotional and luxurious melody with a 28-part orchestra, further reinforcing the unique lyrical feel of BTOB’s music.

5) For each member, who are your music inspirations?

Eunkwang: Since a long time ago, I’ve wanted to become a great vocalist like Kim Bum Soo sunbaenim. He can express every song well with his vocal talent. I hope to be able to sing like him and move people with my songs like how he does.

Changseob: I can never forget the feeling I had when I first watched Michael Jackson perform on stage. I was deeply moved by his performance. This artiste who is perfect in every performance aspect thus became my role model. He made me realise that continuously learning on how to improve a stage performance is an indispensable part of being an artiste.

Hyunsik: Since I was young, I’ve been exposed to different types of music and many artistes have inspired me. But Stevie Wonder’s music is the most special to me. I want to live my life like how he describes it in his songs.

Sungjae: I first thought about becoming a singer when I listened to Kim Dong Ryul sunbaenim’s songs. Songs from other sunbaenims like Na Yoon Kwon and Kim Hyun Sik also had a huge impact on me.

Ilhoon: Dynamic Duo sunbaenim. When I was young, I listened to this song called “Confession”. Until now, it is still one of my favourite songs.

Minhyuk: There have been many K-pop artistes and sunbaenims around. But to me, it will be songs from my childhood heroes, H.O.T sunbaenims, who is the first group and the leader of this idol generation. It’s an indescribable feeling whenever I hear their songs.

Peniel: Because I’ve played in a band before, I am fascinated by band music. I have been listening to songs with pop or rock genres a lot. But recently, I have not made any distinctive preferences in my song choices. I just listen to everything.

6) With Beast, 4minute and G.Na as your seniors, what advice did they give to you guys?

Eunkwang: We felt more reassured on stage because we were promoting at the same time as 4minute sunbaenims. They are always taking care of us and helping us to monitor our stage performances and appearances. We are really very touched by their help.

Sungjae: Honestly, as Beast sunbaenims have been busy with their world tour and various schedules, we haven’t been able to meet very often. The place we often meet though, is in the practice studio. Whenever we meet, they always give us a lot of support and advice. We are very thankful for their constant support and well-wishes they’ve given us.

Hyunsik: For G.NA nuna, as we have used the same practice studio before, she always offers us lots of advice and points out a lot of important details to us. She really takes good care of us. Sometimes like a friend but sometimes like a senior, she advises us on our performance (the kind of gestures we can use), singing, style and so on.

7) Some of the members acted in a sitcom “I live in Cheongdam” before debut. In the sitcom, the members were living different lives before their ‘debut’ in the show. If you weren’t a singer, what will you be doing now?

Eunkwang: We have been asked this quite a lot. But if we aren’t a singer now, we will probably still be trainees who are working hard to become one. This is how much we love being a singer since we all enjoy ourselves the most when performing onstage.

8) Recently Minhyuk is involved in a sitcom. How do the other members feel about it? (Envy or supportive?)

Minhyuk: I think everyone is especially envious of the fact that I had the chance to work together with amazing sunbaenims, and that I had a lot of great experiences during the process of filming. For me, I believe that if I do well, the others will also get better chances and opportunities in the future; if one member advances, the rest of the members will advance as well. (A/N: Korean groups have this thinking that if one member succeeds, the whole group will succeed.)

9) What are BTOB’s upcoming plans in 2012 after the release of their debut mini album?

Sungjae: Firstly, just like our seniors who did so well before us (A/N: In this case, he is referring to Beast, 4minute and G.NA), we hope that more people will know us too. Not only among Koreans, but also from people who are overseas. I want to travel everywhere to meet everyone who wants to know BTOB and wants to see us perform. It’s going to be a really busy year for us. Since we are this busy and put our hearts and souls in performing onstage, there will come a time whereby we will be recognized as the recipient of the “Newcomer Award” right? Haha.

So are all you Melodies out there looking forward to BTOB’s first overseas gig right here in Singapore? Do stay tuned to (x)clusive for more updates on Music Matters and BTOB’s maiden trip to our little red dot.

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