[CONTEST] WIN a La Sardina Pattern Edition Lomography Camera!

It is really amazing how the world of photography has grown in just a short amount of time. It seems like yesterday when I first got into contact with my Dad’s SLR manual camera and started taking pictures like a pro. Of course I wasn’t, wasted a truckload of films and I am at present still just an amateur. But to be honest, in this highly digital age, you do not have to be a professional to create high quality pictures. You don’t even have to spend that much and really don’t even need a professional camera to capture decent images. If you want great looking images and you aren’t interested in professional quality, you can simply purchase a decent point-and-shoot digital camera and start taking pictures.

However, what’s the challenge in just producing great looking images? For the everyday person who just wants to take pictures for fun and save their memories, they are probably contented with the photographs produced from their point-and-shoot cameras. But for those that are actually looking for something more challenging, there is a new society of photographers that do not use digital cameras but instead, film cameras! Not only do they use film cameras, they use toy cameras!

Lomography is thus a type of photography that actually uses vintage and toy cameras. These cameras are used because they create a look that professionals consider and deem as a bad picture. But that is the whole point in the world of lomography. What lomographers are looking out for are the off colors, wrong focus and vignette effects. But the challenge is doing it in a way that looks good and is considered as a form of art. Since this type of photography is done on film, the photographer doesn’t know the quality of the photographs until the film is processed. To me, this is the beauty of lomography.

What’s a La Sardina Pattern Edition Lomo Camera?

Interested in owning your very own vintage and toy camera? (x)clusive is giving you this opportunity to own one of these cute cameras from the La Sardina Pattern Edition! Read on to find out!



The La Sardina is a fashionable little fellow who can wear really everything. But as a true fashionista, La Sardina never wears one style twice. After celebrating adventurous sailor fashion, she has been given a new visual look that will rock the catwalks all over this planet. Domino, Möbius, Quadrat and Cubic are the names of a new collection wearing classy patterns all over their body. While La Sardina’s outfit changed, her inner values are still the same: A mind-blowing ultra wide-angle plastic lens, 35 mm film and super easy handling are completing this fashionable package for analogue lovers.


Playful patterns never go out of season! Domino comes in a black and white op art pattern to please lovers of elegant extravaganza. Möbius will entrap you in his purple and yellow web like lines while Quadrat cherishes the prototype of classic patterns: dog’s-tooth check. Cubic is for the ones who love to switch between stripes and diamonds in white, black and red. To complete this fashionable package, new Photo Accordions are designed with matching patterns to keep your photos safe in style. Whatever pattern you chose, you can be sure to be the center of attention at every fashion show! 


When La Sardina is being introduced in summer, this little fishy pal swept Lomographers all over the world off their feet. Sweet design combined with super easy handling make La Sardina the perfect every day camera that captures wide angle pictures wherever and whenever you want. Its plastic wide angle lens enables pros and beginners to shoot beautiful Lomographs easily. No need for long explanations at your local lab, the processing is really easy due to the regular format of the shots. Accompanied by Fritz the Blitz, our most sophisticated flash, La Sardina will make your photos shine.


Film Type: Standard 135 roll film
Exposure area: 36 x 24mm
Lens focal length: 22 mm
Aperture: 1:8
Angle of view: 88 degrees
Focusing range: 0.6m – infinity
Shutter speed: N (1/100), B (bulb)
Multiple exposure: independent MX switch
Flash contact: Unique Sardina flash contact
Flash Sync: first curtain X-type synchronization
Tripod socket thread: Standard ¼” tripod socket
Cable release: Universal cable release socket

Take a closer look at the 4 funky designs from the La Sardina Pattern EditionQuadrat, Cubic, Domino and Möbius!

Check Out the different Designs!

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Quadrat

La Sardina Camera & Flash – Cubic

La Sardina Camera – Domino

La Sardina Camera – Möbius


(x)clusive is giving out ONELa Sardina Camera – Domino’, that is currently sold out in Asia! You will not be able to get it anywhere else anymore, so it’ll be a pretty exclusive item to own.

Also, fret not if you aren’t the winner of the camera, as there will be 5 runner ups who will receive 10 Piggies each (store credit in Lomography Online Shop, 1 Piggy = 2SGD), and with Piggies you’ll get to still purchase the Lomo Cameras of your choice at a discounted price!

How to Win?

All you need to do is to fill in the form below for a chance to win a La Sardina Pattern Edition Camera!

If the form above does not work for you, click here to join!

Deadline of contest: 30th March 2012, Friday
Winner will be announced on 14th April 2012, Saturday



5 Runner Ups:

Winners will be notified by email on how to redeem the prizes.

This giveaway is a joint collaboration between (x)clusive and Lomography Singapore. Head here now to register at Lomography to find out more analogue photography.

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