(x)clusive!: Bedazzled by more-than-wannabe Block B!

“Go and tell, call all your friends, that we are here!” The lyrics of Block B‘s Tell Them were never more fitting as Block B set foot in Singapore on 27th December for their first ever showcase in Singapore. Since their debut earlier this year, the seven-membered boy group made a name for themselves not only in Korea, but also internationally, as the rising new hip-hop stars of the Korean music universe.

Like stars, their “warmth” to the fans were shown as they threw smiles and hugs at the Meet & Greet on 28th, and they sure shone onstage at the showcase at St James Powerhouse on the 29th. Read on as we follow the trail of Block B‘s events in Singapore.

Press Conference

It may not be the first time (x)clusive has met with Block B, but they sure made an impression to the other media for the first time. Putting aside “good looks” as Park Kyung would say, although they made a late appearance, Leader Zico started off the press conference by apologizing in English: “Sorry to late, I’m sorry, so sorry!”

Being their first time in Singapore, the boys said they were really surprised to see so many fans come to welcome them at the airport. U-Kwon mentioned that it seems like B-Bomb has the most fans – what do you think?

Block B’s Food Personality

Each of the Block B members were asked to choose a Korean food that represents themselves; to start it off P.O chose Bibimbap the Korean mixed rice, as he is a mix of a cute look yet a deep voice, and like Bibimbap, with Korean flavour.

U-Kwon picked Shikhye (식혜), a sweet Korean rice dessert, as people told him his smile is sweet. As for Kyung he picked Korean food icon Kimchi; as Kimchi is fermented vegetables, it doesn’t rot and the older it is the more delicious it gets, and similar to it he said he has the endless charms.

Zico chose Makkoli, Korean rice wine, with similar reasons to Kyung’s Kimchi, but unlike Kimchi that is spicy or “so spice” as Zico put it, Makkeoli is not limited to those who do not like spicy food, but enjoyable to everyone around the world. (Editor’s note: However, Makkoli is an alcoholic beverage – not that suitable for the younger ones…)

Seems like Kimchi is a popular choice among the members as Taeil also chose it, saying that Kimchi can be really sweet and sour at the same time, just like him, who is not very handsome or very ugly. Instead of the different tastes, it comes together as a unique taste, that is just like Taeil. B-Bomb chose ramyun at first, but changed to Donggeurangddeng (동그랑땡), Korean meat side dish, that is “round and cute”.

Lastly Jaehyo chose Samgyupsal (삼겹살) or the famous Pork Belly Meat, as you’ll need to eat it with the side dishes like Kimchi for it to be more delicious, and one will need to wait for the meat to be cooked well before eating, just like him being in Block B – perhaps yet to show his full potential?

Block B’s Bad Habits

The next question went to the whole group, as they are staying together, is there any bad habits and things the members didn’t like about one another? Jaehyo started the ball rolling by saying Taeil‘s feet smell bad, while Zico spilled that Kyung snores and talks in his sleep, and also “lets gas out, it’s not smelly but it’s the smell of knowledge.” Who is in charge of the chores in the dorm, then? Taeil said he does the laundry and is in charge of the cleaning, while the youngest P.O folds clothes. Kyung mentioned that he does not do the chores but makes the atmosphere lively, which P.O said “I don’t agree!”


On which artists they would like to collaborate with, Jaehyo mentioned he would like to do a ballad collaboration with soloist Younha, while B-Bomb would like to form a dance unit with U-Kwon.

“If there is one thing (the members) want to say to each other, what will it be?”

Although the question was posed this way, all the members directed their attention to Jaehyo, saying:

P.O: When Jaehyo-hyung cooked samgyupsal, it was over cooked.
U-Kwon: Jaehyo’s tone at today’s interview has lowered a bit too much.
Kyung: He’s smiling a bit too much as well.
Zico: Jaehyo’s white tie really doesn’t suit him, it’s a bit over the top.
Taeil: For me the bracelet on Jaehyo’s left wrist is a bit too much too.
B-Bomb: I’m sharing the room as Jaehyo in the hotel, and I’m not too happy about it.

To all the complaints, Jaehyo agreed: “Everything is my fault.”


So where does the producer of the group Zico get his inspiration from? Zico said he listens to a lot of music and watches a lot of music videos, also from the new artistes, and from everything he gets the influences to put together new music.

New Album and Upcoming in 2012

For the new album, when asked who improved the most, Kyung proudly named himself. He briefly mentioned that there are four songs in the album, and all of them have the potential to be the title song. With plans to comeback early this year in February, P.O ended the press conference saying, “Thank you for all the support and love for Block B, for 2012, we’ll be back again with better music and performances.”


Meet & Greet Session

Following up the same night itself, Block B appeared at the Meet & Greet Session held at Tampines Mall’s Open Plaza, to autograph and Hi-5 and meet their fans upclose. All of them looked excited and were surprised by the many gifts the fans have prepared for them, so much so at the end of the session, they even performed a short rap performance for the crowd!

The boys were also caught doodling on the table during the autograph session. Check out their doodles!

More photos of the Block B Meet & Greet Session can be found here.


Do U Wanna B? Block B 1st Showcase in Singapore

At the showcase, Block B performed various hits from their first album “New Kids On The Block”, starting from Halo, Wanna B, Freeze and Tell Them, with lots of fan games in between. Fans were randomly selected to go onstage to participate in games in groups of 7. So many fans had the chance to mingle with the members upclose, receiving hugs from the members after each game!

BBCs in the house!

For the first game segment, seven fans paired up with each member in Block B and had a freestyle dance battle. The dancers of Block B, B-Bomb and U-Kwon, definitely shone together with their partners who seemed to be well-trained in dance themselves – they did popping, and even the “scorpion dance” and a split! The boys even put two thumbs-up all the time, being amazed by these fans. Ultimately Taeil‘s pair won via their cute rabbit dance in this round.

Other fan interaction segments include a Q&A and a game of Charades (pretty hilarious!).

Guess who is he acting as?

bbfanmeet13 bbfanmeet15 bbfanmeet14 bbfanmeet16

As members B-Bomb and Jaehyo had their birthdays in December, fans from BBC Singapore prepared a cake and there was a mini birthday celebration for them. There was a fun moment when the boys wanted to smash the cake – Zico chased after Jaehyo with the cake offstage, but Jaehyo emerged with the cake knife and Zico turned his target on B-Bomb instead. A hilarious sight!

Fans also prepared a music video for the boys, and although it wasn’t exactly tear-inducing, the members made an effort to act like they are crying and were touched by the video.

Get the party started with Block B!

The showcase ended with an encore stage of Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get Retarded” – the “uncensored” version of “Let’s Get It Started” – pretty much hip-hop style, just like the Block B we know.

bbfanmeet6 bbfanmeet7 bbfanmeet8 bbfanmeet9


Welcome (back) to the Block

Block B will be returning to the Korean music scene with a new album entitled “Welcome To The Block” on February 2nd, featuring title track 난리나 (Go Crazy). With the members’ participation in the music composition and production, there is much to look forward to. Watch out for it BBCs!

If you haven’t caught the teaser, watch it:

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