(x)clusive!: Girls’ Generation made Singapore feel the heat!

It was a night to remember as thousands of fans were treated to a 3 hour show of spectacular lighting-cum-stage setup, extravagant costumes, honed singing and dance moves and the cute fanservice from Korea’s number one girl group, Girls’ Generation.

Consisting of Yoona, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Seohyun and Sunny, the 9 girls performed to a full-house stadium for consecutively two days – showing their widespread popularity in Singapore. It took about 4 hours for the first night’s tickets to sell out (a bit longer than Super Junior‘s Super Show 3 that took one and a half hours) but the demand for the concert was so huge, the public requested for a second night, which was also sold out! Fans from all over the world flew in to catch the concert, and none was left disappointed.

Performing a total of 33 songs with a duration of about 3 hours, the crowd cheered along their hit songs like “Gee”, “Oh” and “The Boys”, and was also wowed by the girls’ solo stages displaying a variety of skills – tap dancing, ballroom dancing, etc. What was also interesting were the speed changing of clothes as the girls hid behind a descended black curtain and morphed into a different outfit in minutes.

This is Girls’ Generation‘s third time in Singapore, but the girls had not the chance to experience the local food and culture due to their packed schedules. At the press conference before the Day 2 Concert, the girls mentioned that they didn’t get to try the famous chilli crab yet (we heard they tried it after the concert), but they had Ice Kachang. Yuri said, “It’s similar to Pat Bing Soo back in Korea, and it has a unique taste – very suitable for summer.”

Another question posed was, “How do the girls destress, since they have such packed schedules?” Sooyoung replied that, just being onstage, they feel good and by performing and interacting with the fans, they are able to destress that way. It was no surprise that the girls love their fans so much – during the concert, Sooyoung even proclaimed “You guys are the best fans in the world!”

The concert started off with a bang as a white cloth revealed a silver box in the centerstage, which opened to reveal 9 beautiful girls in white suits as the concert remix for “Genie” was played. If it wasn’t enough, the stage was fed with sparkling fireworks, bubbles, and there was even dry ice smoke that covered the whole stage, as if it was on a cloud. At the song “I’m in Love with the HERO”, some of the members were also lifted into the air – it was a great sight.

The setlist and outfits of the night were pretty similar to their Seoul and Japan concerts earlier in the year; out of the 33 songs, 6 songs were from their first Japanese Album. Of course it was the first time “The Boys” was incorporated into the Concert, and the fans were sure delighted – the whole stadium was fanchanting, “Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat!”

As much as Girls’ Generation brought the ‘heat’ to the audience, the audience brought tears to the girls’ eyes. Don’t get me wrong – the fans were all so passionate, boys and girls alike, waving and screaming through the whole 3 hours! Their dedicated International fansite, Soshified, prepared a fan event – to raise paper signs that said “소녀시대 (SNSD) makes our lives complete” at the end of their song Complete.

Not to forget, the girls, having so much experience promoting overseas, took the chance to communicate with Singaporean fans in English and Chinese. Other than English-speakers Jessica and Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun also shone in the language. Watch the video below to hear a snippet of their chat!

The concert came to an end with one of the longest encore stages for Korean concerts – three songs in a row, starting with their debut song Into The New World, Himnae! (Way To Go) and Fantastic. The girls could not bear to leave the stage however, making a trip around all corners of the stadium to greet the fans before they left. Tiffany said, “We love you more than chilli crab!” and they left with a request – to invite them back to Singapore again. It’s your call, Sones!

Much kudos to FLY Entertainment, Running Into The Sun & SM Entertainment & all staff for this great concert!

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  • February 5, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    Please ask them to come back to Singapore this year. Or maybe meet them in person so SONES can chat with them. But must limit the fans to 100 ppl.

    Thank you.

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