[K-NEWS] Wonder Girls as Honorary Ambassador – Promoting their favourite food!

Aside from the exciting news updates happening recently in Singapore, we bring our focus to Korea – the coming year-end months mark the comeback of various influential Korean girl groups, namely Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and Wonder Girls

After a long hiatus from the Korean music scene to focus on their promotions in America, Wonder Girls is said to possibly have their comeback in November. They just wrapped up their movie shooting recently, and will be preparing for their comeback. The girls returned to take up their ambassorial duties, to represent Korea with a positive image.

Internationally famous girl group Wonder Girls was appointed as Honorary Ambassador for the 2011 Korean Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries to introduce and promote the outstanding quality and taste of Korean food abroad.

On September 6, the appointment ceremony was held in the council chamer at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries located in Gwacheon by Minister Seo Gyuyong, and released the promotion slogan for overseas promotion and annual active planning.

The promotion slogan [Smart Choice! Global K-food!] stands for the promotion of the fresh and healthy Korean food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and to influence the world and to have a wise choice.

Wonder Girls will produce a promotion campaign song with the subject of [Smart Choice! Global K-food!] to deliver to the number of fans in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other South-East Asian countries and will perform the promotion interview and sample tasting with local reporters.

Also, individual members of Wonder Girls have actively participated in promoting their favorite agricultural foods, Ye-eun (Paprika), Sohee (Strawberry), Sunye (Apple), Yubin (Rose) and Hyerim (Citron).

Mr Seo Gyuyong, the Minister of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, pointed out that Wonder Girls is eligible as the Honorary Ambassador as they are the symbol of Korean girl groups, having wide amount of fans through Asia, Europe and America, complete with healthy, beauty with various talents.

During the interview, Wonder Girls said, “It is an honor to be appointed as the Ambassador of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and we will try the best to introduce and promote the outstanding quality and taste of Korean foods, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.”

Furthermore, after the appointment ceremony, the girls also said, “It is always the Korean agricultural foods that keep us healthy. Hongsam, kimchi and etc that our parents send us during our overseas activities, and as the period of time we spend overseas is getting longer, it is obvious to feel the importance of Korean food.” They are determined to try their best to promote Korean food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries to the world as an Honorary Ambassador with their special affection for Korean food.

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