(x)clusive!: Exclusive Interview with hiphop new star BLOCK B

We’re bringing a tone down from the usual serious writing style to a more personal and fun one – just for Block B, just like these boys, who do not bother about their image pretty much.

So recently we’ve been working on this interview, thus the site might have seemed to be a bit less active recently… Truthfully, this was the most troublesome interview video I’ve ever done, it being the longest video done for (x)clusive, from editing to subbing – but also the most rewarding one.

Yesterday, we heard Block B announced plans for overseas promotions, and Singapore is included, among other countries Japan, Thailand and China. What a better time to know more about them then now?

Back in July, we visited Korea and had the chance to meet with this new rookie group “Block B“. We’ve been hearing a lot of this group due to the unfair treatment Block B had been facing in terms of broadcast, and it seemed that due to this unjust, Block B‘s name was pretty much spread worldwide. They had picked up the hip-hop bad boy images for debut with Freeze! (그대로 멈춰라!) that was banned (twice!) and even produced 100 songs before debut (which I believe it’s mainly Zico’s old works). Interesting facts aside, we were really looking forward to meet these 7 different-from-usual-idol boys.

We reached Block B‘s company’s office, Brand New Stardom, just as half the group arrived – Jaehyo, Taeil, P.O and U-Kwon. The boys greeted us enthusiastically, and went on to their favourite corners of the office as we all waited for the other 3 to arrive after finishing their hair-dos.

Block B’s practice room

While the well-known “IT geek” Taeil assumed his seat in front of the computer, Jaehyo went straight to the practice room to practice singing, while U-Kwon picked up his guitar to strum some chords, and P.O went to the kitchen for some food.

The interview finally started after the remaining members arrived with much apologies – Zico, Park Kyung and B-BombPark Kyung was immediately assigned as our translator, and did a pretty good job!

To our surprise, the other boys could understand basic English too – especially Jaehyo and Zico; Zico was always the first to answer our questions, getting the meanings right immediately.

So without further ado… watch our exclusive interview with Block B below!:

Some side comments; there were parts cut out as we caught some footage that would be too bad for their image (let’s try to protect their image, still! ^^;;) and… Jaehyo tends to speak slowly, with too much elaboration… Other than that, we did not censor any words (in their raps) – which isn’t glaringly obvious.

I really have to thank all the Brand New Stardom staff for their reception, Cho PD, Block B’s managers and Block B themselves. We also attended their live performance the following week for their MTV Match Up showcase (as mentioned in the video) that we have written about over here.

Lastly, the moment you’ve been waiting for… Block B‘s autographed poster giveaway! We have 3 posters for the best BBCs (Fans of Block B) – these posters are out-of-print, plus all 7 members personally autographed on it! So how do you win it?


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1) What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말 
It can be to one member, it can be to the whole group – we suggest the whole group though!


2) BBC Fan Creation: Be as CREATIVE as possible – you can post pictures you drew of Block B, videos of you dancing or singing to Block B’s songs, write a poem, etc! The boys may see get to see it themselves!

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Contest ends on 18 September, 11:59PM Singapore time (GMT+8). That’s about 2 weeks to post us your submission – we welcome submissions from everywhere, not restricted to Singapore (but it has to be in English/Korean only). If you have any questions, do tweet us on Twitter or ask on Formspring.

We may have another surprise for you guys at the end of this contest, so stay tuned to (x)clusive! 🙂

41 thoughts on “(x)clusive!: Exclusive Interview with hiphop new star BLOCK B

  • September 3, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    “do you wanna be? hello i’m BBC!” OMG blockB,you Guys are way too awesome! you Guys are not only talented but entertaining! your video never fail to make me laugh! your song are addictive,that i set it as my everyday morning alarm! i was praying so hard for you Guys to make a stop in singapore. And it’s finally here!! i love you Guys and definitely support BLOCK B! I want to hear that the new rookie group goes to…… BLOCK B!! WISH YOU GUYS ALL THE BEST(:

  • September 3, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    okay, look block b.. basically in one word, you are… AMAZING. i love you guys and you’ve inspired and taught me so much. you guys have inspired me to learn how to rap and improve more on my dance routines. you boys have taught me to never give up especially Jaehyo. anyhow~ i can’t wait for you boys to come to Singapore! and Zico, how do you think of such wonderful songs?!?!?!?! you boys are very very talented and i’m proud to be a bbc. i love you!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  • September 3, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    Okay , let’s start with WELCOME TO SINGAPORE, BLOCK B ! seriously, been hoping to see u guys having international activities and here u came. LOL. U guys are really great, rapping, singing, composing, is like multi-talent. even though zico is one of the maknae, yet he lead Block B well since debut with his great composing skills. u guys make us laugh , cheer us up through Match Up . <3 Even though, this Hip hop path might not be easy and get recognize smoothly in Korean entertainment industry , Don't ever give up ! because, no matter what, you guys got lots of BBC from other countries ! One day Block B will make it top too ! i'll be waiting for the day, so don ever give up ! ^^ P.s Jaehyo , don feel "hurt" to be chosen to exchange ! LOL, they love you , u know that. And we, BCC love u too ! ^^ maybe is kind of fate, that you make go through so much to debut in BLOCK B, and i love that u are part of Block B ! I love u jaehyo <3


  • September 3, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    ‘Halo’ I’m a BBC since Block B debut. Block B songs are really awesome and addictive, it can make me repeat for the whole days and not getting tired of it. Somehow the songs gave me energy to continue to work harder for my studies and supporting you guys no matter what. Block B first debut at April 15 Music Bank makes me think that you guys are a cool and charismatic group because of the song ‘Freeze’. Block B comeback song ‘Tell Me’ make me surprise because of ZICO hair but the song is still awesome and still very addictive. The variety show ‘MTV’s Match Up!’ with B1A4 is so funny, while i watching it i never fail to laugh because of their action. Watching the video you have post, and the action they gave out never fail to make me laugh and smile, hearing you guys saying ‘I Love Singapore’ is so nice of it, and to my surprise Kyung have been here before. The english you guys have say is so cute! I’m so glad to heard that Block B announced plans for overseas promotions and Singapore is included in it, can’t wait for you guys to come Singapore and have your own events!


  • September 3, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    Annyeonghaesayo BLOCK B! How are you guys? I’ve been a fan you guys since you debuted. You guys a such a talented group. And its like a dream came true that all of you are visiting Singapore. I really want to meet you guys live. To be able to see you guys once would be awesome. Continue to produce wonderful song and i’ll be there supporting you. I hope you guys will stay healthy and enjoy Singapore. Block B Saranghaeyo. Block B Hwaiting(:

    • September 3, 2011 at 6:41 PM

      ouh right my facebook name Seri Ayuni. Sorry About that.

  • September 3, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    To awesome Block B: As an Singaporean BBC, this has to be my FAVOURITE video from you guys (your equally awesome MVs don’t count okay? haha). Thank you for agreeing to to this interview and telling us more about yourselves! I was elated to find out that Kyung visited Singapore before and I seriously want to tattoo Zico’s “No Garbage” comment on a t-shirt somewhere haha. Block B’s music, image (or lack of it lols) and personalities are so fresh and lovable that I can’t wait to see you guys in Singapore 🙂 BBCs here will do you proud! Block B hwaiting!

  • September 3, 2011 at 10:27 PM

    What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말

    Wassup this is a Singaporean BBC :p. Loved you guys since the start and i’ve been addicted to ‘Freeze’ the moment I heard it. I love everyone in the group. Block B is a one of a kind group and is really full of talents. All of you are special in your own way and you never fail to make me laugh :). The thing i love most about Block B is that they don’t really care about their images and be themselves infront of them camera. Its nice to see them having so much fun together! Block B is a group that’s something new and uncommon which makes them so unique!

    I love Zico’s afro when he just debuted and his Jamaican hairstyle 8D. Love the way he raps and i think he can beat Outsider LOL. Zico’s got swag 😉

    I love how awkward Jaehyo can get and how his jokes are so lame xD. it never fails to make me laugh♥ and i just love his voice so much.

    Kyung is REALLY handsome, definitely lives up to his title as the face of the group *O*.Kyung also raps really well and his rap is unique.

    B-Bomb suprised me the most, at first when they debuted i thought he was the rapper of the group, but he sings really well and he’s an awesome dancer ;D

    U-Kwon melted me with his smile :). In the interview when he played the guitar and sing, i spazzed like mad xD.

    I LOVE how cute P.O is! At first with his deep voice i could never tell that he was full of aegyo :3 i just want to pinch his cheeks even though he’s older than me! His deep voice is really charming too♥.

    TAEILLLL ~! That cutie, he’s voice is so so so so so amazing and he’s super cute(even the members agree!).

    Block B is just a group full of fun personalities and i want them to know i love them so much and they should always be this way, unique in their own way♥

    Facebook Name: NdreaIs ChanniesWife

  • September 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM

    안녕 Annyoung Block-B ! I’m a Singapore BBC , yeahh ! . Super super BBC !
    Perfect group , perfect songs , perfect looks . I love the way you guys care and love music . I love the randomness you guys have and your super-duper CUTE englishhh . I love how honest is Block B ,always saying their thru thoughts out . You make me feel happy whenever i watched all your videos . Zico’s charisma , Po’s cuteness , Tail’s beautiful voice , Kyung’s smile , Jaehyo’s jokes , B-Bomb and U-Kwon sexyy dance . The whole group amazed me with their talents and it’s really good to see the real side of everybody in the group even though i see it thru the show . It just made me love Block B even more . I don’t care if people like B1A4 more than you guys , you guys will always be the BEST to me and BBC’S .

    I can’t believe that Block B is finally coming to Singapore . . It’s like a dream come true for me <3 ! It's finally cominggg . I'm so-so-so going to see you all . ummm , that's all . I really hope to see you guys SOONN !
    Block B hwaiting ! Block B saranghae <3 ^^

    <3 4everBBC

    FB : Sharmaine Teo = http://www.facebook.com/sharmaine.teo

  • September 4, 2011 at 7:08 AM

    What I want to tell Block B <3
    Hello Block B ^^! I'm a HUGE BBC and I love the seven of you guys to bits <3 You guys are so precious, charismatic, handsome, talented, fun and filled with SWAG <3 Block B is PERFECTION <3 They are the definition of it xD I've actually been a fan before you guys debuted because I was really curious about CHO PD's new male group so I researched hehe ^^;; When Block B finally debuted, I just totally fell in love with the seven of you guys :3 "Freeze!" was such an AMAZING and addicting song and I totally went crazy for you guys ahahahahahhaha~ Zico, Taeil, Jaehyo, Kyung, B-Bomb, U-kwon and P.O are seven of the most talented, wonderful and handsome people I have ever seen xD Zico, Kyung and P.O are the most amazing rappers ever! Taeil and Jaehyo are the best vocalists ever! B-Bomb and U-Kwon are the best dancers ever! I hope I can meet Block B one day so I can tell you all how much I admire and adore you guys ^^ I love Block B and (x)clusive xD! Woo!
    Facebook name:Christina Lieng (http://www.facebook.com/jongtina)

  • September 4, 2011 at 9:24 AM

    What I wanna tell Block B?
    I don’t know man they are just awesome and it’s not like words can describe how I feel about them. It’s been such a long time since I go crazy over some group. Derphyo, kyungcuber, swagger leader, kitty kwon, squishy *ahemwhaleahem* maknae, shark Taeil and bias list wrecker Minhyuk… U-Bomb, Zikyung, Taepyo or forever alone with Jaehyo, who can resist them?
    They’re so talented yet so humble. They work harder and harder each time even if they met a lot of difficulties ever since debut. They derp around (even during presscon) just to make people laugh. Because of Block B, it’s as if I saw the word passion coming alive. Thanks to Block B, my ears aren’t virgin anymore and I’ve met a lot of crazy BBCs. They changed my life. 🙂

    Lastly, you know you’re BBC when…

  • September 4, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    Hello Block B! “Do you wanna be? Block B”
    I just want to say how much I love you guys. No words can describe my love for you guys. I know it’s kind of cheesy and awkward but still… Yea, I love every single one of you! You guys are my endorphins! Every time I see a video of Block B, there will definitely be a smile on my face. Block B had definitely made a positive impact in my life, you people made me smile every single day. Thank you Block B. I wish Block B all the best in every single thing you do and good luck in everything! Fighting! 🙂

  • September 5, 2011 at 12:34 AM

    What I want to tell BLOCK B!
    Halo! Singaporean BBC here yea~ First of all, you guys are so awesome! (Ok so… before I continue, here’s something I must say. To be honest, I hardly pay attention to rookies, what with the flurry of new groups’ debuts. I’m not that sure what is it about you guys that attracted me to become a BBC but anyway Block B is just so perfect yet dorky LOL I don’t make much sense, do I? And it’s cool that their debut was on my birthday so yeah~ /irrelevant/) You guys certainly have lots of talent and have the potential to go up up up up up~, so don’t ever give up and keep making wonderful music ok? And Block B is seriously hilarious to watch on Match Up, no joke.. Gahh I don’t know what to say, 🙁 my brain’s a bit rusty from being sick the past few days /no relation/ Block B hwaiting! Hopefully if/when you come to Singapore, my academic results will improve and I’d be allowed to go for kpop events again! Umm and… Zico, I love you! *runs away*

    p.s. sorry this is like super lacking and I just crapped my way through. the chances of me winning seems low already considering what the others have posted T.T *flails around

    FB Name/Link: Zoe Tan / http://www.facebook.com/zoeeeetan

  • September 5, 2011 at 1:23 AM

    EMAIL: naomi91a@hotmail.com
    FB NAME: Naomi Sab

    1) What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말 
    Well where can I start? Hmm.. Hello Block B~ So even before your debut, I was already hyped up for you groups debut. Well, who wasn’t. The one thing I love the most about you’ll is how you’ll seem so honest and unafraid to show your true colours on camera. I also admire your passion for music. I love singing, dancing and rapping, and I’m a total goof ball too, so being able to see someone like you guys making it in this business, makes me want to press on and do better to succeed. It may sound cliche, but that’s how I truly feel. Zico can go from a total swag-ed out guy with all his rapping skills then go all the way to being a Jamaican beggar, now that’s style. Kyung’s attempts in trying to protect his image, but obviously failing and always how smiley and cute he is. :> Taeil’s voice, o.m.g, faint much? I love the way he puts in real emotion into songs when he sings, like he really means every single word. U-Kwon definitely has a killer smile. It literally shines. I also love it how he randomly picks up his guitar and starts strumming in a corner of his own. Minhyuk is just plain hot. Like, H.O.T. The way he moves is just, WOAH. Uh huh. Jaehyo, that man from Busan who always want to look good in front of the camera yet, turns out a total dork. 🙂 Maknae! Well, I guess everyone tel;s you this but your voice and character definitely do not match. But heck, that’s you, and it’s totally adorable :3 So yes! Block B, keep swaggin’ your way up to the top!
    Do you wanna B? BLOCK B! (:

    2) BBC Fan Creation: http://dongkeyyy.tumblr.com/post/9744859486/so-imma-try-entering-these-into-the-creative
    These were a pair of plain white shoes that I designed and drew myself from scratch. (:

  • September 5, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    Email : barbiejackyi@gmail.com
    Facebook : Jack Yi Neo / https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1442949594

    BBC Fan Creation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBt3t32t1PY [WANNA B DANCE COVER]
    : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eIIJW41nMU [TELL THEM DANCE COVER]
    I know it is not creative, but it is effort yeah? Hehe.. And it is done even before this contest XD

    I’m a little girl living in the east of Singapore. And I have to say, I got interested of this group because of PO’s similarity to TOP and Zico’s fast rap during ‘Freeze’ at Music Bank [YAY TO KBS]. However, this interest for them turns to like and then love!!! I’m proud to be a BBC seeing how talented to them as compared to other rookies. They are also different from the rest [They have their own style] which make them even more special. Even BBCs are special.. They don’t fight or criticise other fandoms or group.. In fact they even help and support other groups!! [Visiting BlockB’s facebook fanpage became my daily homework!!] PROUD TO BE A BBC!! Everytime I go to Comics Connection, I will dig for Block B’s product.. But it seems that they are not that popular then Boyfriend and B1A4… I will continue to dig till I found their Badge.. I REALLY WANT IT !!! I also bought their ALBUM !!!! [But the posters were OUT OF STOCK ! so I didn’t get the poster..] but..AWESOME !!! The photos and songs were great !! [I really love Halo, U Hoo Hoo, Is it just me?]

    What I love about:
    Zico: His talent, dorkiness, imitations and mixtapes
    Kyung: His cucumber face and dorkiness
    PO: His aegyo, and his ‘no I dunno I dunno I dunno why’ line in the song ‘It’s not over’
    U-Kwon: His the Lazy Song and voice
    B-Bomb: His smile and poppin [I love this genre of dance!]
    Taeil: His HIDDEN AEGYO
    JaeHyo: His DORKINESS <– He is the king for that

    It has been so LONG that I heard this type of songs [Hip-Hop]… But I need to confess that Block B really just pulled me into Hip-Hop.. Although I must say that I DUNNO what the lyrics meant, but it is still AWESOOME.. [I can search for the English Subs XD]

    I also must thank CHOPD AND 7ONTHEBLOCK.
    To: ChoPD
    Thanks for finding and bringing up such awesome kids, giving them a chance to showcase their talent to the whole world. Thanks for giving them chances to contribute to their album by composing, allowing them to learn and also feel proud when their album is produced. Believe me, they are going to be as popular as those senior groups soon !! You are also coming out with a new album yeah? Oh ya, you even include them in your songs !! AWESOOME PAPA !! CHOPAPA FTW !

    Thanks for subbing every single thing of Block B.. REALLY THANKS !! I believe there are not much fans from other fandoms like you all that really take their time to sub the group's video !! So really, thanks for using your precious time to help international fans like us SGBBC.. I really enjoy your subbing and your continuous support to Block B. LOVE YA !!

    Wait.. Is this a message to BlockB or a message to many? LOLS

  • September 5, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    (fb: nabilah chua)
    what i want to tell block b?
    firstly reasons why i love them. Block b is currently the only band in kpop which is a hiphop band. You guys don’t make stupid useless music which only sounds catchy. You make true music. The lyrics, the meaning behind it. Your experiences, your life, your feelings. Listening to your mixtapes proves everything. I mean, which band has a 19 year old producer? A hiphop ulzzang? Block b has it. All of you honestly deserve more love and attention in the kpop industry. How do people expect you guys to show your true skills when music stations cut half of your performance? Why is block b THE ONLY rookie which experiences this? You guys made more than 100 mixtapes before your debut. I love all of you for your honesty. Taeil, you have the most angelic voice which could bring people to tears. Minhyuk, you are a very talented dancer and by far the greatest dancer among the rookies. Jaehyo, you come in a package, great looks, great voice and your unlimited derpness. U-kwon, your smile really glows and your skills in playing musical instruments are the best. Kyung, you have the most unique face I’ve ever seen, a long face, sulken cheeks and perfect jawline, you too have an amazing talent in rapping and composing. Zico, the producer and leader of block b at the age of 19, doesn’t that proves everything? Your flawless raps, your unique way of rapping, your relatable raps and your speed in rapping, that’s what makes you the most talented rapper among the kpop groups. P.O, you are such a talented guy at such a young age. You can be so charismatic on stage, rapping and within seconds, be so cute and innocent. You’ll curse on TV, not care about your idol image, and do all those crazy stuffs other bands dare not do. Your undying love for BBCs are overflowing, your fanservice couldn’t be described in words. I hope this doesn’t turn out as a rant c: i hope block b gets the fair treatment as every band which exist out there. Me and the rest of BBCs will continue to support you guys. I can’t wait to meet you guys here in Singapore! Till then, be yourselves, cause that’s what BBCs love about you guys.
    Peace out ^,^

  • September 6, 2011 at 5:51 AM

    Email: vampireknightvampirekarin@hotmail.com
    Facebook name: Jeana Hoang (http://www.facebook.com/Jeanaduhhmonsterr)

    1) What I want to tell BLOCK B
    Block B, you guys are absolutely amazing. You guys taught me that it’s okay to be different, by trolling down that red carpet. You guys taught me to believe in your dreams, and to have fun while doing it. Not to be fake but to be me. Your music speaks to me and well all the other BBCs. You guys may be “rookies” but you guys aren’t at the same time. You guys can create inspiring music and make it up-beat and fun. You guys definitely need more respect, because you guys are truly; idols. I know all the BBCs hate when you guys get cut, but the time you guys actually show us is actually showing us that whether cut or not, you will do your best and shine on. This group has 2 main dancers, 3 rappers, 4 vocalist, but 7 gods. Some people may not understand your vision but it’s okay, because there are thousands of people that do. Please keep your bright smiles on, that’s what inspires us to get up everyday. So keep on fighting Block B, as your BBCs will appreciate what ever you guys do. And I hope you guys will be touring in the United States, because there are a ton of BBCs waiting. Remember one thing, you guys are not alone, there are always people to help you out. Never give up, keep expressing your individuality, and keep a positive attitude, it makes a big difference. Anyway I hope you guys have a good future, and Block B fighting!

  • September 6, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말
    i didn’t know that hip hop could be this fascinating before i know you guys,,
    i really enchanted by it,,
    and you guys really not afraid to show the real you,,it’s charming,,
    zico,,i can’t believe that you’re 2 years younger than me,,you like a rap prodigy,,i hear your mix tape and still can’t believe that you did it,,it’s awesome,,,
    u-kwon,,i really like your ‘crunchy’ voice,,and your dance,,so powerfull,,and i really in the mood to shape my body after i see your abs,,fine abs you have,,so gorgeous,,
    taeil,,your voice is really clear,,it really make me sway whenever i hear you sings,,it’s so great,,-i really hope you could join immortal song2,,i want the whole world know how good your singing skill is-
    P.O,,cutie big magnae,,you really have a good sense,,every time i see the show,,it’s really funny,,oh yeah,,that sexy dance,,do it again,,khekhe,,
    jaehyo,,my sister really like you,,,i really love the considerated heart you have for us BBC,,long live Busan man,,and please,,do more powerfull aegyo,,hehe
    B-Bomb,,i feel that we have same character,,it’s so encouraging to see your hardwork while on block B,,you are so kind,,dancing boy Minhyuk gogo,,
    Park Kyung,,your rap is so cool,,you really look great in glasses -do u know my 1st impression of you is “handsome”- keep on working hard for Block B,,
    i really hope that you guys could come visit my country,,i really really wanted to see you all,,
    last,,,good luck and i’ll be waiting for your comeback,,
    DO U WANNA BE?! BLOCK B!!! kamsahamnida~!!!
    m(_ _)m

    email: raiha_kasep@yahoo.co.id
    FB name: Intannisa Raiha-dhini http://www.facebook.com/raihakasep

  • September 7, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    Facebook name: Nicole Evelyn Quek

    Here’s my fanart of Block-B!

  • September 7, 2011 at 11:32 PM

    What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말:

    ‘Halo’ Block B! Hip hop baby~
    I saw your interview with (x)clusive, you guys are seriously hilarious. A spanner as a must-have for a trip overseas? Only a Block B member would say that. It is also pretty apparent that you guys really don’t care about your image! But of course, that’s definitely the charm of Block B. At least us fans will know that what we see is what we get! You guys really give the video-editors a tough job though… haha!

    Jokes aside, you guys are a group of artistes with amazing talent. Vocal line’s emotional singing, U-bomb’s dynamic dancing, Rapper line’s wicked rapping, U-kwon and P.O’s powerful beatboxing, composing and producing your own songs… well I guess the ability to put a smile on BBCs’ faces could be counted in as well! Is there anything that Block B cannot do?

    Every single member in Block B is so unique – put 7 of you together and you get one EXPLOSIVE group! Every single one of you are performers, which is really apparent when you’re performing on stage. The energy from your performances can even be felt through our computer screens! Us Singapore BBCs are dying to see you guys perform live!

    What you guys are doing is great – letting people get exposed to Hip Hop music through your own way. Through Block B, I’ve definitely explored many other areas of K-hiphop, and I can’t wait for more from you guys!

    Block B never fails to impress and surprise us BBCs and that’s exactly what we love about you ^_____^ Block B deserves nothing but love and support from people.

    All the best for your comeback on October, and also for future endeavours! I hope to see you soon ^____^

    BBC fan creation:

    (it’s a card, larger than A4 size!)

  • September 9, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    Facebook name : Suhaila Ahari

    What I want to tell BLOCK B:

    There are some things i want to say to TAEIL specifically..

    ”Even though i’m taller than you..
    Even though i’m older than you..
    Even though you are the weirdest one out of the members..
    Even though you are quiet most of the time..
    Even though you are awkward with U-Kwon (but i don’t believe that haha)
    Your voice is all that matters..
    I like your eyes even though you said that’s one feature that you hate..
    no wait, i LOVE that eyes! Don’t ever cover it with your shades..

    Lastly, to taeil, be confident of your looks as much as you are confident of your voice.
    Because i know everyone will grow to love you just like how i grew to love you and your voice and everything else that comes with it^^

    태일 홧팅! 사랑해~ ”

  • September 9, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    What I wanna tell Block B (:
    Ever since you guys first debuted I’ve been listening to your songs and watching your live performances.and even though sometimes you guys can’t perform the whole song on stage, I can see you all are enjoying every second of it. Every members are all talented in their own way, able to dance, rap, sing, compose, write and even producing your own songs. After watching MTV match up, I find that block b are kinda different from the rest of the kpop groups out there. They are not afraid of being themselves, like in the mud field where every member got the mud on their body and they were just playing around, and then there’s Dharma kyung HAHA. And even the red carpet incident. YEAHHHH~
    And im sure one day YOU guys will become the blockbuster of Korean music industry with your hardwork and talent ! 😀

    Email: liqi_er@hotmail.com
    Facebook Name: Jasmin booboo

  • September 9, 2011 at 6:05 PM

    Email : Imfarhanah@yahoo.com
    Facebook Name : Farhanah Horvejkul
    What i want to tell Block B : They are the most awesome Boy group in korea and i wanna ask them What will they do if they’re not a singer. Hwaiiting Block B. Imma proud BBC

  • September 10, 2011 at 12:42 AM

    Hello BLOCK B <3
    I really love You guys for just being yourselves and having such Awesome aura when you're on stage (:
    You guys really inspired me and my crew 😀

    just wanna share our love for you guys again.. hahs though you guys might have viewed this video before, we love this song and have performed it quite a few times for our competitions and performances, so it is really precious and sentimental to us 😀 Hope you guys will like it and ZICOOOO!!~ please reply!~ 😀 hahas the rest of the members have watched it before bcuz they have replied (: hehe but still love you anyway 😀

    ROCK ON ^^

  • September 13, 2011 at 2:19 AM

    What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말
    ‘Everything will be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.’
    Block B is an inspiration; they have taught me not to easily give in when trying to achieve my dreams – to not let obstacles come in the way of my dreams and me. They taught me to just stand up, dust away all the worries and continue to work hard. They are one of the most strong-willed groups that I know; they fell for seven times but rose to where they are on their eighth try – that is something I’d like to salute them for. Their determination and passion should be taken as an example. No words can actually describe my love for these seven guys; they are the highlight of the day. All in all, I’d like to say Thank You to Block B and wish them all the best in their upcoming activities – to do well and to rest well! <3 Hwaiting!

    youtube: jjongkeywonderland 🙂

  • September 14, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말
    Block B is really unlike most idol groups, for sure! Love you guys, love your songs, love your style and I admire your determination! Here’s a rap from me to you, the dudes! ;D In the name of Block B! >:D

    Yo, this is a fan rap by yours truly
    Bring down the show, we gonna be
    Holler for ’em, B-L-O-C-K B!
    Double B in da house! Eternal BBCs!

    Leader’s named Zico
    He’s bringing back the swag, yo
    Heavenly voice is Taeil
    His voice is like an angel
    B-Bomb and U-Kwon
    ‘Em sexy dancers lock and pop!
    The handsomest, Jaehyo!
    His soulful voice, scream a-yo!
    There’s Park Kyung, the best friend of
    the only and only Woo Jiho
    Cute rapper named P.O
    Deep voice that shakes the earth, hey!

    Hip hop is the name of the game that they play
    You’d be hatin? They don’t care
    We BBCs be supportin’ them from all the way here
    That’s how we rock and they don’t stop
    So just tell ’em

  • September 14, 2011 at 6:30 PM

    What I wanna say to Block B:

    Well~ Hello! I’m nor going to be like the other fans to use your song titles in my message just to make it soud smart. I just want to say what I feel in my heart. Personally, Block B is a really fun batch of people to be around with. Even if I get stuck on and island with you guys, I will never get sick of it. All of you have personality which conflict each other but then again turns out really cute to me. At first when I watched you on Match up, I judged and thought that Block B was so rough and unlikable. However, I finally found the beauty of Block B. You guys are just like how boys act when they grow up! It might be a little rebellious but it’s fun and entertaining. I hope you guys will be more popular than you already are 😀 I wish you all the best in the upcoming activities that you are going to have. Lastly, remember that when things gets though, there is always BBC here for you! 사랑해요!


  • September 14, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    Email: justinek_amanda@hotmail.com
    Facebook name: Justine Koh


    Here’s a gif I made with the things I wanted to tell each member. I used scenes from MTV Match Up because that was how I was really introduced to Block B. If you’re in the mood for a little more reading, below is the full version of my so-called letter.

    Dear Taeil,
    The first time I saw you, my first thought was, “This must be one of the rappers.” But I was so wrong. I love how contrasting your image is to your lovely angelic voice. And the first time I heard you belt it, I was completely blown away. I also think it’s adorable how shy you get sometimes and just so you know, you’ve got lovely eyes.

    Dear Jaehyo,
    I think it’s hilarious how you’re always attracted to shiny things (so you can check out your reflection) and how you can still find time to put on BB cream but not find time to shower. The funniest things come out of your mouth sometimes; I don’t know why the rest don’t find you funny. What’s not so hilarious though, is how you always seem to put yourself down in interviews. I hope it’s just an act because you’re not just the sub-vocalist and nothing else. I think you bring a lot to the team, and you have such a soulful singing voice (which you’re too modest about). You’re irreplaceable; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Dear U-Kwon,
    Excuse me, you can sing, dance and play the guitar? Where have you been all my life? I love how in interviews where there’s food involved, you’re always just quietly shoveling food into your mouth while everyone else is hamming it up for the camera. And I really, really love your distinct singing voice and your adorable affinity for cats. Please never stop smiling.

    Dear, P.O,
    I love how the peace sign is practically permanently glued to the side of your face. No one does aegyo better than the maknae! My favourite thing about you though, is how you always wear your heart on your sleeve and how completely unafraid you are about showing your emotions. You’ve really got the best heart. Your low voice is really unique too and if anyone compares you to anyone else, take it as a compliment because you are so much better than you give yourself credit for.

    Dear B-Bomb,
    You’re probably the member I know the least about, but what I do know is that you’ve got insanely sexy lips and the dance you did with U-Kwon in the Match Up showcase made my ovaries explode. I would like to request for medical compensation, thanks. I accept payment in the form of a lap dance too. … Just saying. 😉 (Hahaha I wonder why people say BBCs are such trolls/perverts?)

    Dear Kyung,
    You’re such a charmer. Your love for girls is so amusing to me too. And I will forever remember you making a big deal about ruining your idol image when messing around with mud. You don’t have to care so much about your image. The girls all love you, anyway.

    Dear Zico,
    First of all, happy birthday. I think you’re one of the most talented people I’ve never met. Who else is capable of coming up with a rap in ten minutes about the brain, for god’s sake! And to be able to boast that you’ve co-written and co-produced an entire album – For any K-pop group (much less a rookie one), that’s beyond impressive. Besides that raw talent (not to mention that swag – you girls know what I’m talking about), I love that you’re able to be both downright hilarious and serious when you need to be. I think the boys are truly lucky to have you as a leader.

    Dear Block B,
    Don’t ever change.
    I love you boys.

    (And I love you Cho PD for putting these wonderful, talented boys together like this so we’re all able to enjoy and appreciate the amazing “hep hap” group that is Block B. Thank you so much.)

  • September 15, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    1.) What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말 :
    Truthfully, it took me a bit to get into Block B. With so many new rookie groups coming out, it took a push to make myself look at them directly. Only around the time when the “Halo” teaser and “Tell Them” MV was released, I finally opened up my senses. Their style and music that I had initially disregarded became quite refreshing and addicting. When our mind is focused on something else, we fail to realize something amazing even when it is right in front of faces and such details go easily unnoticed. I truly regret that I had done so before. Block B then appeared on a show called “Match Up” and every episode made me fall in love with each and every member (as well as the fandom). For their unique personalities, for their backgrounds, for what they were born to do, and for their contributions as a member of Block B, that each member deserved to be a part of the group. It gave me reason. U-kwon’s quote “Maintaining our image? We have none” and the fact that they’d rather be called artists/musicians instead of idols describes the situation perfectly and yet means so much. How can you not admire a group who builds their way from the ground up, making the core of their group’s perspective and concept by starting out with the creation process? Also, their music has quickly consumed me and basically corrupted my life. I listen to them everyday, craving for more, and wondering if I’d ever see them perform live in the future. Their music and compositions definitely deserve so much more recognition, especially the songs that never became title tracks. One day, I came to this sort of need and understanding that if something bad happened to the group, I would become emotional and do all that I could to help them, and if something good happened to them, I would feel so proud, laugh and smile along, and support them. It was then I suddenly realized how much Block B meant to me now in comparison to just a few months ago.

    I became a BBC.

    Block B has a lot of talent, potential, and determination, especially as a rookie group starting out. I truly love them, I believe in them, and I hope they will continue doing what they love to do as well as continue doing their best because I definitely will be here to support them. I am thankful to Block B for allowing me to open my eyes to new things and I honestly cannot wait for their comeback~

    Facebook Name: Angela Rose Victorio

  • September 17, 2011 at 2:39 PM

    Oppas, remember to be safe, healthy and happy okay? SG BBCs are waiting for you! Come here quickly! Needless to say, I LOVE BLOCK B a million! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  • September 18, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    Email: danny_siying@hotmail.com
    Facebook account name: Siying LoveKpop

    What I want to tell to Block B:
    ~To the whole group:
    You guys rocks man! At first I do not really notice Block B until recently when I see interview with Block B. U guys are interesting and funny. I Hope that I am able to see u guys in person in Singapore^^ I really hope that you will break the past ways of promotion in overseas. Maybe u guys can be special and go to schools in Singapore. I am sure the students will be crazy over your charming and funny personalities.
    U guys are very truthful to the audience and not afraid of being yourself. I <3 this character. Your music are different from the rest and I can feel what you want to tell to the audience. I may be a new BBC so I don't really know all of your songs but thank you for the wonderful songs u guys create for us. I can feel passion over your works and Block B taught me not to give up when facing obstacles. You should work harder and harder to be sucessful.

  • September 18, 2011 at 8:40 PM

    What I want to tell BlockB :
    Whassup, who’s in da block? Block B~
    Hey, Block B hip hop group is cool~ Hip hop group who can sing love song is cool too~ Keep on producing nice & song which have content~^U^ ♥ all you all~
    Last..Raise your hands if you all love BBC!! gonna be Block-er~ (means listen/doing stuff relate to Block B~;D )

  • September 18, 2011 at 9:42 PM

    Facebook Name: Melissa Soh
    Email: melissa_soh1996@yahoo.com.sg

    What I want to tell BLOCK B / 블락비에게 하고싶은 말

    안녕하세요. 나는 싱가포르 BBC입니다.
    Wassup block b! I hope that made sense, I just started learning Korean and I can’t say much stuff.:p I’m so happy you guys are going to come to Singapore, you’ll have so many fans here and in other countries! I remember when the news of block b debuting was released I was pretty excited because I like hip hop but I’ve never really listened to Korean hip hop and I’ve been checking out other Korean hip hop artistes because of you guys! I’m really proud to say I’ve been a BBC since day one.:D
    You guys are seriously funny and watching your shows make me laugh so hard. I remember my favourite episode from Match Up was when you guys went to the mud flat and got all dirty but it seemed so fun. Dharma kyung was the best! Kyung, don’t worry about your image, BBCs still love you when you look like that! And Yukwon crawling around with the sausage after that was pretty epic.XD
    I really want to go for Block B’s showcase and I can’t wait for you guys to come to Singapore! I listen to Block B’s songs when I study because I’ll be allowed to go for your showcase if I do well. You guys are many BBCs’ motivation and inspiration.:3
    Zico, you were the first one I knew about since I listened to your mix tapes before Block B debuted. I loved the way your words flowed so smoothly and the fact that you can write a rap about the homunculus in 10 minutes proves you’re a genius. And I hope you get more confident to speak English. Though you look like a rebel when you rap and your swag is overwhelming, your aegyo is irresistable. And I’m sorry to hear you broke up with kitty. HAHAHA.
    U-kwon, I love your smile so much so please do keep smiling for all the BBCs because seeing you smile makes us smile too! Your dancing is really powerful and I think it’s charming how you always play the guitar and sing. U-no Mars!
    B-bomb, you’re always so mysterious-terious and I think it’s creepy how you chop things in the middle of the night but your dimple smile is the best! You’re really cool and your dancing is super slick and sharp.
    Kyung, it is an undeniable fact that you resemble a cucumber so do try to improve your relationship with it.(; Keep wearing glasses! They look totally cute on you.
    Taeil, I may not know much about you but I think you’re a really adorable shark when you smile. And your voice is so powerful and emotional too! But I was just wondering, why do you need to bring a spanner on holiday? /raised eyebrows
    P.O, you’re the hyper maknae with cute antics and aegyo which make BBCs laugh. Your voice is really different from your image but I like how deep it is.
    Jaehyo, I used to think you were just a pretty boy with clips in your hair all the time but somehow you’ve really grown on me and your face is always so deep and hilarious it makes me laugh. Your voice is really soothing and it’s amusing how you repeat after Zico to try and speak English.(:
    All in all, Block B is the best with your skills, badass cool charms on stage and funny personalities off stage. I think what makes BBCs love Block B so much is your passion for performing and how you guys aren’t afraid to be yourselves in front of your fans. Cho PD is awesome for making this group! I believe in you guys and I know Block B will keep coming back with better tracks to prove that you have what it takes to survive in this industry and become the best. Even though it must have been hard for you guys to debut, I hope you’ll know there are many BBCs who will support you until the end! <3

    BBC Fan Creation

    I haven't had time to draw the other members yet so here's Minhyuk's. It's not a very good drawing.:p

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