Possible JYP Concert-cum-Audition in Singapore in September?!

What say you to see Kpop icons Wonder Girls, hottest boy group 2PM, up-and-coming Miss A, together with dancing king JYP and other JYPE family members on the same stage in Singapore? Sounds great?

Alpha Entertainment just released that they are in the preliminary stage of negotiating to have a JYPE Concert in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur at the end of September. No promises, but it also depends if there is good response, they say.

Along with the concert, there maybe yet another round of auditions. This time round though, if it happens, a cap of 3000 will be set for both audition locations. However it also depends on time and resource constraints.

If you want JYPE Concert and Audition to happen in Singapore (and Malaysia) this September, head to Alpha Entertainment’s Facebook page to show your support!

Edit: A side note, Alpha Entertainment will still be holding their members-only audition coming December, so if this doesn’t happen, there’s still this audition to fall back to for you star-wannabes!

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