2011 Girls’ Generation Concert Tour Seoul Report + Singapore Concert Date!?

Yesterday on the 24th of July, the 2011 GIRL’S GENERATION TOUR Concert in Seoul was completed after three hours worth of SNSD songs, cheers and pink lights.

The girls performed 32 songs in total, from their first Japanese album and Korean releases, and notably they also did Mr Taxi and Let It Rain in Korean, originally in Japanese.

There were also special remixes for their hit songs like Into The World, Run Devil Run and more, and for their solo special stages, the girls performed songs like Madonna’s 4 Minutes, Rihanna’s Don’t Stop The Music, Pussycat Dolls’ version of Sway; Jessica took the stage with her piano playing for Tamia’s Almost and Taeyeon and Tiffany delivered a duet for Moulin Rouge’s soundtrack, Lady Marmalade.

The concert planning was quite similar to their previous Japan Concert arrangements, from the outfits to the performance selections and the stage layout.

As artists of such popularity, there sure were a lot of Korean artists who also attended the concert. A Pink attended the concert on the first day, while Mr Lee Sooman, the brains behind SM, and Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Donghae also showed their support by watching the show from the seating sections.

The concert ended off with a touching rendition of “Forever“, and with shouts for Encore the girls took the stage with Into The New World, Himnae! and Fantastic. The girls specially mentioned that they knew a lot of foreign fans were around, and even gave shoutouts in English, Japanese and Chinese! From China, Taiwan, USA, Thailand – even Singapore was mentioned by Tiffany!

Was it an indication to a possible concert in Singapore?

Earlier today, Soy, founder of SNSD’s biggest International forum Soshified, mentioned that “Singaporeans can finally see Girls’ Generation in their country before 2011 is over!”

Staff from event company Running Into The Sun, the same company who brought in Super Show 3 earlier this year and organising the SHINee World concert this September, attended yesterday’s concert too, and mentioned they have the girls’ concert in the plannings, details to be announced later on.

So Singapore, are you ready to receive SNSD?!

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