(x)clusive!: My Boy, Kim Hyung Jun!

With the release of his first mini solo album ‘My Girl’ earlier this year, SS501’s Maknae Kim Hyung Jun’s back in town last Friday, 17th June 2011, for his 2nd solo showcase cum fan-meeting in Singapore at Suntec’s Rock Auditorium.

Triple S Thailand
Triple S Indonesia

His popularity is evident from the number of overseas fans he had attracted from Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Shanghai, Malaysia and even Russia!

The showcase kicked start with Kim Hyung Jun gracing the stage with ‘Angel’ and his solo debut track ‘oH! aH!’. With slick dance movements, he undoubtedly earned screams and cheers from the crowd. What amazed me the most had to be the fanchants shouted by his fans as it honestly added depth to the whole performance.

After his first performance, DJ Ken taught Hyung Jun some simple Singlish – LA, SIA and MEH. This short segment seriously brought endless laughter to the crowd as Hyung Jun masters the basics of Singlish.


A lucky Thai fan manages to get her portrait drawn by Hyung Jun during the game session. He seems to like his new nickname given to him by DJ Ken – 画家Jun (Hua Jia Jun/ Artist Jun) and kept repeating it throughout the drawing session.

After which, 5 lucky fans were chosen to take a polaroid with Hyung Jun. What’s special was the fact that specific ‘body parts’ had to be utilized. The polaroids may be peculiar, but I guess the memory of taking with Kim Hyung Jun will never be forgotten. The ever-so-sweet Hyung Jun even requested to re-take the polaroids after seeing how ‘weird’ the first batch of photographs turned out. Ain’t he a sweetie?

Another touching moment during the showcase was when Hyung Jun randomly made a request to take a photo with the few young kids sitting at the first row. When asked with regards to how many kids he would like to have in the future, he mentioned that would like to have ten kids, so that he can form a soccer, basketball and swimming team, earning another round of laughter from the crowd.


Hyung Jun’s fanservice did not end just like that. The highlight had to be when he handpicked a Russian fan and serenaded her to ‘I Am’.


A special surprise was prepared by SGTripleS and the video edited was undoubtedly meaningful as it shows Hyung Jun preparing for his first solo album, his performances on music shows and his late night schedules as a radio DJ. A customized trophy was also presented to him, as though recognizing the efforts he has placed in his first solo album.

And the winner is... Kim Hyung Jun!

That night Hyung Jun also performed Girl, 다른여자 말고 너 (No Other Woman But You) and Heaven.

Hyung Jun concluded his showcase with a solo version of SS501 sub-unit’s hit song, U R Man, which was deemed as a really pleasant surprise to all the TripleS present that night.

The showcase ended on a high note with an encore of oH! aH! and Girl, which marked the start of the fansign and hi-5 session.

Leading solo for SS501's U R Man

Many thanks to Creators’ Production and Bling Entertainment for this opportunity to cover Kim Hyung Jun’s fan meeting in Singapore.


Random tidbits from the Showcase:

– “He’s not sexy. He’s not handsome. He’s not cute. He’s Jung Min. Horse!

“You! SHUT UP!” (to Ah Ken when he tried to interrupt him.)


(x)clusive had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with Kim Hyung Jun during his short stay here in our sunny island! In a day’s time we’ll release our video interview with Hyung Jun – you can expect what the man has to say with regards to working with top music producers in South Korea for his first solo album ‘My Girl’, the meaning behind ‘My Girl’, his future plans and his wish to debut officially in Singapore, his views on the sudden influx of rookie bands and one thing fans do not know about him.

Watch out for it!

Many thanks to Creators’ Production for making this interview possible. Watch out for their next event.. Beast’s Singapore Fanmeeting on 2nd July! For more details, go here.

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