[update] SG wants SMTown concert!

SM Entertainment (SME) is one of the biggest Korean Entertainment companies which houses popular acts like DBSK, BOA, Kangta, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, TRAX and F(x). From BOA’s Hurricane Venus to SHINee’s Lucifer, SME’s artists never fail to spawn number 1 tracks time and again.

The popularity of SME’s artists is noticeable with the sold out SM Town concerts. Just recently, the SM Town concert tickets in Paris were sold out in just 15 minutes. With European fans hungry for more tickets, they came up with a plan to stage a “flash mob” to demand an extra concert date and this caught the attention of SME where another concert date was added to the SMTown Paris concert.

Now all SMTown fans out there in Singapore, here’s your chance to let SME hear you! A recently set up group “SMTown SG” has plans to try and capture SME’s and concert organizer’s attention and to bring the SM Town Concert to Singapore.

SMTown SG hopes to achieve 7000 likes on their Facebook page by early June. The committee also hopes to do a video compilation of fans doing dance/song covers which will be sent to SME directly. So for all of you who have any videos covers of any SM artists, please do send them to SMTown SG for the video compilation.

So if you are hoping to see something like this happen in Singapore…

What are you waiting for? Here’s your little chance to be a part of something to try and get SME’s and event organizers here in Singapore attention to bring in the concert here to our little sunny island. You never know with everyone’s commitment, effort and togetherness, we might be able to have a SMTown Singapore concert sometime in the future.

SM Town in Singapore: Join in the cause

Facebook: SMTown Singapore

Twitter: @SMTown_SG

Email: smtownsg@gmail.com


The organizers of SMTown Singapore are planning to organize a flash mob event to attract the attention of SME. So for all you SMTown fans in Singapore who are free on the following dates, please do come down and join in the fun!


Date: 18 June, this Saturday
Time:  2.30pm to 4pm
Venue: Linkway space between citylink to Esplanade. Take the escalator down from the Adidas Citylink store and take the escalator towards Esplanade. Just look out for the sign “SMTown Singapore” at that space.

Please click here to read more on the flash mob details.

The flash mob dance will be based on this video.

Actual Session

Date: 25 June, Saturday
Time:  3pm
Venue: TBC after practice session

One thought on “[update] SG wants SMTown concert!

  • June 3, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    I wonder when DBSK will come to perform a ver big concert again like before with millions of countless fans???I hope they come to Singapore.


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