[KPOP] LeeU’s Message to Fans, and about leaving F.CUZ

It’s indeed a misfortune after another – from F.Cuz’s youngest Yejun having shingles, to Kan‘s serious car accident, and now this – Lee U will be leaving the group officially. What harder times can it get for Asian Model group F.Cuz?

Just yesterday it was announced that lead singer LeeU, will be leaving F.Cuz. This news shocked both fans of F.Cuz and general Kpoppers alike; many were discussing could it be a second JYJ incident…?

However from articles we were told that LeeU was, surprisingly not the same company as the other 3 members. Making this hard decision, LeeU finally addressed it as a long message from his own Twitter just now:

The brief translation of his message (please credit back to (x)clusive – translations are not exact):

Hi everyone I’m LeeU. It’s late, but not too late to say what I hope to say. As you’ve read from articles, the members and I belong to different companies but we promoted as one group, F.Cuz. However there have been disagreements between the two companies in terms of music, that led to the splitting situation.

I had a hard time to make this decision. No matter I’m awake or asleep, everyday as I watched the videos of our activities tears were in my eyes. It wasn’t an easy decision for both companies. All these time spent, 2 years of practice and 1 year of promotional activities with the members who were like family to me, there’s nothing greater than that, the promise we made to cry and encourage one another together during hard times, from the start until this day, I’m really sorry to all my members and it hurts my heart that I cannot keep this promise anymore.

Although the situation is like this, I’ll keep the promise for us to meet at the summit. Even though we’re not in the same group anymore, my heart is still F.Cuz’s atmosphere maker, the second hyung, F.Cuz’s main vocal LeeU, and all these happy memories will remain in my heart forever. And me and all the members will be smiling until the day we meet at the summit, the day F.Cuz releases the album with four people again, until then, please give us lots of attention and warm anticipation, please give us a lot of support and encouragement. Thank you.

Like Lee U said, let’s show our support for his solo activities and F.Cuz until the day they return together again as four.. F.CUZ! We Singapore are still waiting for you guys, for your undone fanmeeting scheduled back in January earlier this year.., so come back soon!

F.Cuz, as it'll always be.

4 thoughts on “[KPOP] LeeU’s Message to Fans, and about leaving F.CUZ

  • June 8, 2011 at 10:05 AM

    LeeU im you biggest fan i swear i listen to all of your songs in f.cuz mostly jiggy! 😛 i dont want you to leave f.cuz i swear i was crying alot when i got to know this even though i dont understand Chinese i still listen and try to learn your dance moves and i was shocked by the accident that happened with kan! i love all of you please dont leave! 🙁

    • August 1, 2012 at 2:42 AM

      umm… they sing in Korean cuz their Korean Singers….

  • June 8, 2011 at 10:07 AM

    please do reply! 🙁


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