(x)clusive!: In TOUCH with our funny bone!

The first thing most people say when they hear “TOUCH” is… “iTouch?” Upon knowing it’s a Korean boy group, they go, “Who are they? I’ve never heard of them.” Well it’s no wonder since there has been so many new Kpop groups these few years, but I’ll tell you what you’re missing if you haven’t been “TOUCHed”.

TOUCH debuted last October on 21st with title track “난 (I)” written by Brave Brothers, and followed up with “Killin’ Me“, both from their debut album “TOUCH”. I still remember my first impression of the group then, pretty strong live vocals, and surprisingly there’s this guy who wears spectacles for preformances, aka youngest Dabin. Of course, as many of us know just a while back Dabin left the group and Minsuk had to halt his activities due to health issues. In any case, when I watched them onstage two nights ago, the 5-membered TOUCH did not feel lacking at all.

I met the boys in a Marina Bay Sands Hotel suite (man the view’s so pretty!) and boy were they cheerful as they greeted in English “Hello! Hi!!” We prepared a small gift for the boys, a mini portrait of them, and the moment they saw it they were really hyper! It was a series of “Is this me?” “Me?” “So cute!” Sunwoong was complaining, “Why I have big head?!” and to that Junyong laughed at him “You big head! Big head, small body!” Sunwoong teased him back “Ugly! You ugly.” It was so funny watching them bicker like a couple!

And after the commotion, we finally settled down for the official interview.

Interview with TOUCH

The most fashionable, the one who loves to shop

The members couldn’t decide who was the most fashionable, some pointed to Hanjun, some pointed to Younghun. Hanjun said Junyong buys a lot of shoes all the time, and Junyong piped up, “Yes I love shoes! My hobby is shopping!” To that Sunwoong commented “But that doesn’t mean he is fashionable!”

TOUCH’s daily Fashion styles

The boys seem pretty usual with their fashion styles, wearing casual wear like t-shirts and jeans. Junyong piped up, “I like to wear white t-shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.” But his favourite colour isn’t white! “No I like Black!! But… I don’t know! Ah…”

Show us the special talents!

The first pinpointed by all the members was leader Hanjun. He can move his ear, but only shyly demostrated it as demanded by the members. The members also said Sunwoong‘s adam’s apple “can move up and down up and down”, and talkative Junyong can draw, copying from a picture (the members were teasing his prononucation, “What?! Drink?!”)

Impersonations are a hit with many idol groups, and Junyong even showed us his version of 2NE1’s Park Bom’s singing Can’t Nobody, with the same expression, it sounded so alike! (We didn’t have any recording so sorry about that! Something like this!)

What to look forward to in TOUCH’s 2nd album “Rockin The Club”

TOUCH took about 3 months to prepare this album, and it’s going to be totally different from their debut album. Hanjun said, “We’re going to be more mature in music and style, more fashionable, showing our masculine side. We’ve worked very hard in this album, and I even composed a song in it.” Junyong cut in, “He’s very good!”

TOUCHed by Singapore and fans?

Hanjun: “It’s our first time in Singapore, but I came to Singapore before when I was very young..” The boys were a chrous of “Singapore is very good!” And even Sunwoong went “I love Singapore!” But ironcally he was wearing a ‘New York New York‘ shirt at that moment so he immediately tried to cover it.

Hanjun continued, “We were very surprised when we knew we were coming to Singapore, and actually we had really high expectations because everyone around us were saying how great Singapore is!”

“And when we arrived at the airport, there were many fans who were waiting for us, so we were very happy and excited.”

Junyong added, “Fans… Passion!” It sounded like “Fashion” so we were pretty confused but he went “PASSION! Ah… My English no good!”

And if given the chance all the members would definitely want to come back to Singapore for promotions.

TOUCH’s Inspiration… is Gandhi?!

Hanjun: “As a group, we really look up to G.O.D.”

Junyong: Usher and Stevie Wonder (It’s no wonder as he is the lead vocal of the group). At this moment Sunwoong cut in, “And GANDHI!” (A commotion started because of Gandhi) Junyong explained, “You know Gandhi? Very good! I read his book everyday! High school read Gandhi book, very funny, very good!”

Sungyong: (He hasn’t spoken much since the start of the interview, but on his turn it seemed like he felt more comfortable telling Hanjun to translate to me.) Surprisingly he looks up to famous Japanese artiste Kimura Takuya! “Kimura Takuya is one of Japan’s top artistes in Japan and he has a lot of talents.”

Hanjun: John Mayer. He has been his inspiration since he took up guitar back when he was 14 or 15 years old.

Younghun: American rapper Pitbull for his rapping, since Younghun himself is the lead rapper of TOUCH.

Sunwoong: “You know Bi?” For a moment I was thinking of rain… Yes of course, Korean pop icon Rain. “Bi can sing, dance, act, has many talents so I really want to learn to be like him.”

TOUCH leaves a message for fans

Hanjun took the honours and spoke in good English:

“Please stay tuned to our second album because it’ll be great. We have all worked very hard in terms of our individual talents and as a group, and will do our best on things that will please our fans. With our second album we will be on more variety shows and have more time for the fans to watch us. We sincerely ask everyone to have a lot of interest in us and have time to watch them.”

Ending the interview with the boys, we had them leave a gift for (x)clusive’s readers – autographs from the boys! It was great fun all over as they went “Very good sign!!” at each other’s signatures.

Meanwhile Junyong told me, “You watch Megamind? Sunwoong is Megamind. Big head small body!”

Hmm.. they actually look a bit similar..


I just have to say, I’m always happy to meet rookie groups as they are very humble and easy-going. TOUCH is one group I’ll be anticipating to grow and fly high for time to come, especially with funny members like Junyong and Sunwoong. Keep in TOUCH with these boys and watch on!

TOUCH’s Performance at Men’s Fashion Week 2011 Party

TOUCH performed 3 tracks, namely ‘Killin’ Me‘, ‘Today‘ and debut track ‘I‘. The song ‘Today’ is from their unreleased second album, and TOUCH performed it for the first time in public! The videos are still uploading so check back at our Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/sgXCLUSIVE) or our Twitter page soon!

Photos from the performance

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