(x)clusive!: A whiff of summer at Ferragamo with Park Shinhye

Yesterday a summer breeze blew through fashion street Orchard Road’s Paragon, as a fashion show took place at its atrium. The show showcased Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring / Summer 2011 Collection and indeed, the array of outfits seemed to bring spring/summer into town!

Ms Park herself was donned in one of the dresses of the same Collection, a great looking ambassador of the brand. Which K-Drama addict can forget her boyish role in the drama “You’re Beautiful”? One would half expect her to turn up with a cap and shirt instead, but of course she gave everyone a surprise. Seeing her dressed up, she gave a flair of classy and chicness that just fits in Ferragamo’s brand image.

Mysterious yet beautiful..

Her popularity among youths helped the choice of her being the representative of the brand – Ferragamo hopes to reach out to youths with their interest for Shin Hye, and she definitely did not disappoint. She wasn’t only pretty outside, but pretty at heart. She couldn’t stop smiling and saying hi to the fans that she passed. She even stopped to autograph for some lucky fans!

Thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo for the invite and we hope to see Shin Hye back, be it on TV or in person for future activities. For more information on Ferragamo, do visit their site.

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