FT Island’s Concert Will Not Happen This Time

Faith & D Entertainment just posted an official announcement via Facebook regarding the FT Island concert. Sad to know but FNC has currently rejected the concert offer, but we do hope FT Island will get to hold their solo concert here in Singapore in near future.

Here’s the announcement from Faith & D Entertainment:

Dear Primadonnas

Today is a very sad day for all of us in the office.

FNC has come back to us in regards to their decision. We regret to inform you that FT Island will not hold their concert in Singapore at this period.  We seek your understanding that we have tried our best to secure the concert for you but the final decision still lies in FNC.

We love FT Island and it is our wish to hold their concert in Singapore.  We will continue to liaise with FNC and hopefully FT Island can make it here for a full concert in the near future.


Faith & D Team

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