(x)clusive – All Day with ZE:A!

Do you all know these guys already? No? Okay, well then here’s an introduction to a recently established Korean pop band, ZE:A aka Children of Empire! Formed just this year under Star Empire Entertainment (and releasing their first single Nativity, followed by Leap for Detonation and later Level Up), this nine-man band has already garnered the attention of the media. They even won the GomTV Rookie of the Month in February!

Btw, they wished all our Malay friends out there a Selamat Hari Raya; sweet aren’t they?

So, let us all scream and welcome these nine gorgeous guys who came to Singapore…:

Jun Young, 21 years old: The leader of the group, it has become a general consensus among the members that he’s the “father” of the group. Well, he did try to show us his (hilarious and epic fail) “fierce father look” which turned out to look like a forced smile with angry eyes. Unfortunately, he is also the hardest to wake in the morning. Oh dear, what kind of example are you setting for the kids, Dad?

Si Wan, 21 years old: Well, it seems he’s more interested in the shopping part of Singapore. Don’t worry, we’re proud to tell you that even though Singapore’s small, you can still shop till you drop, Si Wan!

Kevin, 22 years old: Having studied in America, Kevin’s almost flawless (not to mention slightly accented) English completely blew us all away! He’s also the “mother” of the group, preparing and cooking meals, especially dinners! *Please cook for us too!*

Kwang Hee, 22 years old: The bright, energetic spark of the group! You can’t miss him and his cute & funny antics! I mean, just watch the video to see him demonstrate how women of different ages in the entertainment industry drink water! His charisma and undeniably adorable smiles made the media laugh and swoon.

Tae Hun, 21 years old: Well, he’s a quiet one. But hey, quiet men have their great points too.

Hee Chul, 20 years old: Shy boy. *Read on to find out why~!*

Min Woo, 20 years old: Hmm, he’s also one of the quieter ones in the group but he did tell us that even though there are nine people in the band, they isn’t really any internal competition. Everyone is unique, some may be better in dancing and some in singing. Nevertheless, even though they’re different, they make up for the shortcomings of others. His mannerisms and words only suggest a greater maturity than his young age states, totally a winner with girls!

Hyung Sik, 19 years old: Munch, munch, he eats the most! He gets hungry almost immediately after eating because he tends to forget he’s already eaten. Can you please tell us how you keep in shape?

Dong Joon, 18 years old: “I’m DJ,” was what Dong Joon said. Well, his initials are most definitely one befitting for a musician.

*Ages listed here are according to the age they should be this year. And btw, I know the photographs look a little misleading but don’t rely on the names shown in the photographs because we were taking them at an angle. Simply put, not all the names in the pictures don’t correspond to the face.*

They had been to Taiwan for their promotions as well and were brought around the city by Taiwanese pop group Fahrenheit. “Ah!” shouted Gwang Hee, totally energetic (and of course, funny) when he realized what the media was talking about. They’re apparently close enough to be ‘brothers’ now. When asked to compare if ZE:A was better looking than them, Gwang Hee motions his fingers to show the size of an inch. “Just a little,” he laughs. “They’re a little bit better looking than us.”

What would you ask a K-pop group of nine guys? Well here it is: If you could choose to be any one of the SNSD girls, who would you be?


Cr: woorisica

It seems like Yoona and Jessica were popular choices among them and…

Hee Chul’s big secret that is now (unfortunately for him and his female fans) no longer a secret: He likes Jessica from SNSD! Aww… he tried to hide it with a “No comment” but the rest of the group had shouted “Jessica!” He’s too shy to admit it~! Haha, he was so embarrassed after that. His type of women is one with feline grace and he associates Jessica with that. Oooo… sexy.

Dong Joon aspires to be like Hyo Yeon who is apparently, the best dancer. Finally, the last member Tae Hun answers, and it is none other than Seo Hyun. To which Kwang Hee burst out laughing saying: “He’s talking about his ideal type!” LOL. And his answer for choosing her is because she has a pure, innocent look. So fans and to-be fans, you know what I mean eh?

At the end of the press conference, they even gave the media handshakes! How sweet, to have your hand shaken by these awesome guys, idols, musicians, talents and more that I can’t seem to name right now!

Their album will be coming out from between October to November once they finish compiling their songs. Girls and guys alike, there’s no need to hesitate; get your ZE:A songs into your iPods asap! (Which is exactly what I’m going to do.)

P.S.: The group was really excited to go shopping at Orchard so some of you might have seen them (if they did go in the end, that is).

And we’ll see these 9 charismatic boys in October again! ;D

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  • September 19, 2010 at 2:27 AM

    Actually, Kevin grew up in Australia. That explains his slightly Aussie accent when he speaks in English. Hehe this is the millionth time Heechul ever confessed about his liking towards Jessica!! Omygosh he’s such a fanboy.

    They did went to Orchard but not for shopping, they only ate there. My friend went to stalk them but I didn’t. Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing the experience. I had such a great time going to their showcase. They’re so loveable~ 🙂


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