(x)clusive – Let’s Rock to the CNBLUE!

CNBLUE in Singapore (x)clusive Coverage

Event dates: 100819 ~ 100821

Korean boy band CNBlue hit local shores last week and kicked start their Asian tour on Saturday. In “I’m A Loner” MV, the four members, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, Lee Jungshin and Jung Yonghwa each represented a quality – Burning, Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional respectively and indeed, their characters are as diverse as it seems.

Passionate fans are CNBLUE’s energy

On the arrival hundreds of fans waited to welcome them, showing off an above average level of popularity among Singapore – moreover, you could see older ladies in this crowd, mostly coming to see “Shinwoo”, or the character Yonghwa acted in “You’re Beautiful” earlier this year. As the boys appeared in the arrival hall, you could tell they were surprised at the amount of people and Minhyuk, full of ‘love’, waved to every fan he could see. Yonghwa commented the following day that seeing all the passion from fans the previous day were their source of energy to finish the whole Asia tour.

CNBLUE represents…

B, L, U, E – the different characters of CNBLUE. ‘Burning’ Jonghyun shows of passion like fire burning,’, ‘Lovely’ Minhyuk shows a lovely side all the time, ‘Untouchable’ Jungshin is someone who seems unapproachable on the first meeting despite looking good, and ‘Emotional’ Yonghwa isn’t depressed but tends to get emotional and serious when playing music.

CNBLUE’s western music influences

When asked about the artists they look up to, all four members chose European artists. Minhyuk has a fetish for synthesizers, wanting to play alongside bands like Maroon 5 and Linkin Park. (I personally very approve!). Jonghyun wants to play guitar like John Mayer; Yonghwa likes Jason Mraz a lot, as their music styles seem similar and he hopes to play with him one day. Surprisingly compared to the others Jungshin’s music style is more mainstream and hiphop, and he mentioned he would like to do hiphop like Jay-Z.

Keeping-in-view full concert in Singapore

They’ve always heard SIngaopre a fine city, and Yonghwa said they would love to hold a concert here, but there’s no plans now but they are working hard to give local fans a good concert in future.

Yonghwa doesn’t want to be alone

What CNBLUE song will each CNBLUE member dedicate to their first love? For Minhyuk, he would like to sing Sweet Holiday to his girlfriend, the song which he participated in writing. Love Light represents first love, thus it was Jonghyun’s choice. When it was Yonghwa’s turn to reply, he gave an embarassed laugh (Seohyun was written all over his face).

“Firstly… Every song other than ‘I’m A Loner’ is good, I don’t want to be lonely like ‘I’m A Loner’.” He got a little greedy with his song choices, “I would chose Love Revolution from Bluetory, Love Light and Sweet Holiday as written by Minhyuk… Basically any love song is good.. Just not ‘I’m A Loner’.”

For Jungshin, he would like to sing Love Revolution from Bluetory, to express feelings for his first love.

If CNBLUE gets a 5th member that is a girl, what qualities she have and how will the boys welcome her?

Because CNBLUE has 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, 1 vocal and 1 drum, It’ll be good to have someone to play the synthesizer to improve the quality of their music. They don’t know yet but it’ll be good and they’ll work hard to make good music together.

(Side note – Seohyun and CNBLUE will perform as a band at 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Festival on the 29th August! Does she know how to play the synthesizer? ^^)

One thing they love/hate about being famous?

Minhyuk: I really appreciate the attention from the fans, expecially when we’re recognised on the streets, but I don’t really think there’s anything bad at the moment.
Jonghyun: It’s good that fans know our music and songs, and it’s good to share their music, at the moment nothing bad.
Yonghwa: Me too, it’s good that people love our music. But if when we go to the restaurants to eat, they have to eat beautifully as fans are paying to attention.
Jungshin: He’s very thankful that people recognise and love their music, there’s still a lot to improve and nothing bad yet.

To look out for CNBLUE in casual in Korea, spot..

Spectacles, cap… Normal clothing, nothing special, said Minhyuk. (It’s true, the more you dress up the more obvious you get.)

Who changed the most since debut?

“Since we’re always together, we don’t really feel like anyone has changed, but in terms of looks everyone has changed – especially Jungshin, who looked manly when he just joined, but now he’s becoming a lot more pretty. Not like a girl, but just more pretty. Character-wise we’re still the same,” Yonghwa replied.

CNBLUE’s way to destress!

“When it becomes really stressful all members come together to talk about it. Listening to music is also helps, other than talking…” Indeed simple life.

What is the craziest fan encounter?

“We haven’t really had crazy fans, but ever since we started performing around the world, we met a fan in Japan who attended all our performances and gave us a present of 100 ticket studs she collected from our shows and events as a present, and we were really touched.”

“This is our first time in Singapore and our first stop for our Asia tour, so when we met the Singaporean fans yesterday at the airport and felt their warm welcome too.”

Following the end of the conference the boys posed for a photo-taking session, and when requested to pose “something Blue”, all the boys laughed and turned straight faced for a while.. other than Yonghwa whose hand naturally came up and started waving.

And after some more mini-interviews, the boys left for lunch, and was spotted at Raffles Hotel, having lunch and a small photoshoot.


100820 Autograph Session @ City Square Mall

The Autograph Session at City Square Mall attracted more than 1000 people who watched the going-on from ground level all the way to Level 4! Fans swarmed the area with fanboards, fangifts and even plans to get the best of of the situation – hugs from the boys! The moment the boys stepped onstage, the screaming was deafening and with a short introduction in English, the fansign proceeded.

It is a rare for celebrities to write a fan’s name together with autograph, especially for a big autograph session like this. However the boys did it. Fans were more than happy to go close and tell them their names while the boys listened attentively to every fan.


It was half-time when the boys took a break and came back with a mini lucky draw, to choose the colour of their bands. Category 2 ticket holders are able to get one member’s autograph only and whose autograph they could get was decided by the colour of the bands. Minhyuk went first and got green, Yonghwa very proudly shouted “BLUE!” when he revealed his band; Jonghyun smiled as he got red (burning indeed) and maknae Jungshin, knowing he was left with yellow, pouted. Apparently he does not like yellow, and was sulking for a while, looking at Jonghyun’s red band..

Following the smooth going of the last half of autograph session, it was a phototaking session with CNBLUE. Fans with a more expensive ticket or winner of 100.3’s contest had a chance to take group photos with the boys! The stage was probably too small to hold 30 fans at once; the boys were engulfed by the fans, but it proves their popularity – girls were trying to get as close to the boys as possible. It’s cute how even Yonghwa accidentally blocked Jonghyun with his “Victory” handsign.

It did get a little chaotic in the end because some fans did not manage to get their photos, but the boys made it up with extra time to wave and pose for the fans before leaving.


100821 Listen to the CNBLUE

The next day dawned with fans making their way down to NUS University Cultural Centre (UCC) early in the morning, hoping to catch wind of CNBLUE’s rehearsal; the area was packed with fans by the time the doors were to open. Fans made their last minute lightstick and merchandise purchases and orderly entered the concert hall.

The audience were teased with CNBLUE’s famous debut song “I’m A Loner”‘s minus-one track, before all lights dimmed and the showcase started with a bang. The boys, decked in their trademark white and blue outfits, started off with an impressive introduction featuring Yonghwa’s rap and rock guitar melody, knocking out the fans – “Let’s Go Crazy” came up right after and the atmosphere got crazy with screaming! Their English may not have the best pronounication but their thick strong vocals and enaging stage presence got the crowd high.

Love Revolution, Jungshin’s song choice to sing to his girlfriend, showcased his rapping skills well – indeed very mesmerising to the female fans offstage. Yonghwa even purposely went close to him with a look:

“Hello everyone, we’re CNBLUE!”

The boys gave an introduction in English, with Yonghwa starting, “Shall we introduce us- erm – shall we introduce ourselves, individual?” Their English vocabulary really surprised the fans (though grammar can be improved) and despite Yonghwa speaking the most, Minhyuk‘s English grammar seemed the best. While Jonghyun passed it off well, Jungshin looked like he was rapping as he said hi to the fans.

There was a problem with Minhyuk’s earplugs so there was a mini delay, but Jonghyun quickly covered it by singing a short and pretty sweet line of Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning – it was so good it seemed to be part of the act! Even though at the start of “I’m A Loner” was a little offbeat (most probably due to Minhyuk’s earplugs) he quickly made an extra incredible drum comeback on the second verse which earned extra screams from the fans. It was, not surprisingly, a great performance.

Love Light was next, its soothing melody got the fans swaying and clapping along. Yonghwa teased the fans on the last line when they all stopped suddenly and the fans were stilll singing along. The “last” song after that was their title track of their second album Bluelove, LOVE, which everyone sang along too.

Well definitely as a mini-concert the fans wouldn’t let the talented boys get away with just four songs! The boys came back with “I’m A Loner (Burning version)”, indeed burning up the concert hall with extra electronic notes, following by a medley of other songs from all their albums like One Time and more. It was almost amazing to listen to their performance live as audio tracks great discounted on the bass and flattens the impact of their vocals. All four of them looked like they enjoyed performing so much the audience cannot help but enjoy it with them.

Meeting the fans

Finally the instruments were set down and the boys were sitted for the fanmeeting. Host Ah Dong from Radio 100.3 started the talk well and the boys were really comfortable, replying questions in a comical fashion. When talking about if they have tried Singapore’s famous dish chilli crab, Yonghwa said, “Ah.. we have a schedule for Chilli Crab..”

The series of questions asked were from fans who posted it to the organiser’s Facebook, and innocent questions such as “What would CNBLUE be if there wasn’t CNBLUE” and “What artist in or out of Korea does CNBLUE want to collaborate with” all turned towards Yonghwa. “We Got Married!” and “So Nyuh Shi Dae!” were fans’ answers for Yonghwa! He took the chance to flash his “wedding ring” and went “no no no no” in a joking manner while laughing embarassedly. (FYI – Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun are a virtual couple on variety show “We Got Married”. Fans are teasing him because of it.)

Some lucky fans got to fulfill their wishes as they were chosen through a lucky draw to recieve CNBLUE’s autographed/personal items, hugs and even a lucky girl got a serenade by Yonghwa, “Fool” the song from Yonghwa’s drama “You’re Beautiful”.

The fanmeeting came to a close as a representative of CNBLUE SG Fanclub appeared with a cake to celebrate CNBLUE’s start of Asian Tour. The boys were surprised and happy as they cut the cake, and were also treated to a music video put together by the Fanclub with the most comical, touching and memorable moments in the past. One could tell the four boys really enjoyed the video as it brought back some of their fond memories…

The showcase ended on this touching note, followed by the music video “Fool”, a compliation of CNBLUE’s efforts and the fans’ love to them.


Blues go away…

As they left for Korea that night, the airport was yet in a frenzy as usual; the pushing and shoving was a little scary and upset of the boys but the boys gave a grateful wave in the departure hall before they left and embarked on the next part of their Asian Tour. CNBLUE, aja aja hwaiting! Thanks to Proof Label for bringing in such a wonderful music act!

(Side note: Watch out for the next incredible event brought to you by Proof Label! Click here to find out more)


CNBLUE Showcase P1 (Intro + Let’s Go Crazy)

CNBLUE Showcase P2 – CNBLUE speaks English (a lot, very cute!)

CNBLUE Showcase P3 (I’m A Loner + Love Light)

CNBLUE Showcase P4 (LOVE + One Time – Jungshin raps with charisma)

More Photos from Showcase

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Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

Listen to the CNBLUE

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  • August 30, 2010 at 3:16 AM

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pics and coverage.
    CNBLUE rocks!

  • August 30, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    I enjoyed the ‘live’ performance. It was the best i tell you. It’s like once in a life time chance to hear them perform ‘live’. Awesome ttm! I started missing them since they left! Aigoo!
    Thanks for all the wonderful CNBLUE photos! HEHE! ^^

  • August 30, 2010 at 3:48 PM

    oooh! such clear pictures and videos 😀
    minhyuk cute <3

  • August 30, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    I enjoyed the most was the fan-meet at City Square Mall. I was on my way to the mall and I saw CNBlue’s van. And I was few centimeters away from them. I was so happy & excited. After seeing the four guys, I thought they’re the best idols I’ve seen in Singapore. They’re friendly and always smiling (:

    I took some pictures of them too, but aren’t clear. Thanks to Xlish’s coverage of CNBlue & clear pictures, I’m contented already =D

  • August 30, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    Oops, I forgot to add, I would like to have a group photo of CNBlue(: If I have a chance to win this ^^

  • August 30, 2010 at 4:08 PM

    Since im not at the showcase personally, i cant say that ive enjoyed it. However i’m at City Square Mall the previous day. I have to say, the 4 guys are so friendly! they kept on waving to fans, no matter which level they are at. They are so cute too lol. I took some pictures and videos but its a failure-.-

    It is chaotic when they are suppose to leave the mall, but that’s the chance i get to see all 4 of them upclose<3 ahhhhh jungshin waved at me when i called out to him. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<333

    Thankyou for the pictures and videos! 😀

  • August 30, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    I enjoyed the performance the most, coz it’s their passion for music that drew me to them, & being able to let our hair down & enjoy ourselves with their music is truly one of the most cherishable moments! Though Blue is part of their group name, everything else about them is colourful and exciting! I’d like more pictures of burning Jonghyun!

  • August 30, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    I truly enjoyed their showcase as they really did live up to whom I expected them to be, they are genuine and sincere most importantly, to add on, knowing their songs and being able to sing with them as they put up their best performance on stage, it was really good because my friends and I we were totally immersed in that rockin’ atmosphere! I love how their showcase showed their efforts in practising, how impromptu they could get, how playful and cheesy, most importantly their effort in speaking english because they not only wanted to spread their love through music, but communication was one part that kept us fans going throughout the showcase and their music journey. I’d love to have a photograph of them all together as a group because I guess all individuals putting them together – that’s what’s truly a band called C.N.Blue 🙂

    I hope everyone who sees this – believe if you’ve been to their showcase/ press conferences/ fansigns and meets, you’d have enjoyed it as well!

  • August 30, 2010 at 6:19 PM

    i enjoyed i fan-meeting most, cause i got to go up and get all the members’ signatures and take a photograph with them :DD i was so happy during that day, Yonghwa oppa asked “how are you”, i replied “good.” i was so nervous and had no idea what else to say, i wanted to ask him about Seohyun unni and him XD
    Yonghwa, Jungshin and Jonghyun shake hands with me!! But minhyuk didn’t i also don dare ask :X -shy-
    I saw myself in the picture too :)) The 2nd photo under the autograph session @ city square mall in blue :DD
    Oh…i MISS them!!! CN to the BLUE!!!

  • August 30, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    I enjoyed the showcase the most! It’s because CNBLUE members have been very lively and friendly during the whole showcase. They even spoke english just for the sake of making us being able to understand what they are talking about. How thoughtful. (:

    Not only that, although this might be only a small showcase, I believe all the Boices were able to see the effort made by CNBLUE as they put up a superb good performance for SG BOICES! Thus I enjoyed the showcase most among the other events as it was an awesome performance by CNBLUE and also a well-planned event by the organizers.

    *I’d like an individual photo of minhyuk. (:

  • August 30, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    Hi I enjoyed the showcase the most!!! It’s my first ever concert in my entire 15 years of living and it was pure awesome!!! Hearing CNBLUE play live is totally different from watching them on the computer! I could see all their faces so clearly and this made my heart skipped a beat. Watching them live with my very own eyes made me feel like they popped out of the computer and it seemed like a dream. I love CNBLUE so much, hope when they come again i’ll be able to interact with them as I havent got the good chance to even see them upclose. CNBLUE FIGHTING! CNBLUE SARANGHAE<3

  • August 30, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    I enjoyed their performance the most!
    It’s just so awesome!! The atmosphere of the concert was so high. I enjoyed every single bit of the showcase even though it’s merely 1 and half hour. In fact, I got to purchase their ticket pretty last minute together with my friend. But I’m so glad I bought it. It’s my first time listening to showcase and I’ve given my first time to CNBLUE!! 😀

    Hope I’ll get the chance to get upclose with them and receive their autographed personally the next time they come! CNBLUE hwaiting! ^_^

    I’ll like to have a group photo of CNBLUE.
    Thank you! (:

  • August 30, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    I enjoy the showcase at UCC the most as i feel CN Blue is most natural and enjoying every moment while performing on stage. Their live performance is superb and high!
    Would prefer a group photo of Cn Blue! All of them are great and talented! :))

  • August 31, 2010 at 9:59 AM

    Of cos, I enjoyed the showcase, CNBlue was just awesome. I like the venue too, as I can see them clearly without being blocked by cameras and fanboards. I really enjoyed the whole LIVE performance especially during the encore I’m a Loner (Burning version) and One Time. Singing along with the music and watching them playing the instruments. CNBlue LIVE music makes me high … ^^

  • August 31, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    To choose between showcase and fansign, I would choose the latter. (ie. Fansign.)
    It was my closest encounter with them; able to have eye contact for that few seconds and exchange a few words.

    I was dumbstrucked when Yonghwa initiated to speak to me, ‘How are you?’ at the fansign.
    I couldn’t catch what he was saying at first as it was too noisy in the background and so I said “Sorry?” and he repeated. “How are you?”, this time louder… and I stood there for a few seconds before replying, “Er.. Erm.. I’m fine!” and he laughed! His smile is charming and his eyes electrifying! Haha.. All of them are very sincere and friendly towards their fans.

    My biggest regret was that even though I was carrying a DSLR… my pictures turned out quite bad due to many cameras and people in front blocking my view. =( It would be great and a big present for me if I could win this contest.

    I hope to have a picture of Yonghwa.

    Thanks for the updates nevertheless. ^^ =D

  • September 1, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    I enjoyed EVERYTHING about C.N Blue’s stop at Singapore during their Asian Tour, but if I had to choose just 1 part of their whole trip, it’d be the showcase at the NUS UCC!

    Their presence was overwhelming :3 The fansign gave fans a chance to see/meet them in REAL LIFE, which would definitely be unforgettable to me (& all the other fans I’m sure). They were really friendly & nice to fans! 😀 Getting the chance to be at such a close distance to them was daebak (Y). Their autographed poster was a bonus :> Waiting at City Square Mall for hours was definitely worth it!

    As for why I loved the showcase the most, it was because their live performance was simply awesome, and its so different as compared to watching them on videos! Words really can’t describe the awesome-ness of it, haha 😀 Fans get to enjoy their live performance & appreciate their music! This experience is/was the awesome-st experience that ever happened to me :3 The location for the showcase was a plus point to the showcase, perfecting the experience for me (especially since this is my 1st kpop experience :p) Getting to watch a LIVE performance of C.N Blue was like a dream come true!

    KUDOs to every single one who made this possible! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! :>

    *If I were to be given the chance, I’d like to get a group photo of C.N Blue please, thank you very much! 🙂

  • September 2, 2010 at 1:40 AM

    Meeting C.N.Blue is already a wish come true . I went to Airport , fansign and of course , the fan meeting . which one the most ? EVERY SINGLE EVENT & EVERYTHING ! Although my seat was the ‘F , CAT 3’ side . i did enjoyed myself .

    I just lovee the way they spread their LOVE LOVE LOVE and every fans will go CLAP CLAP CLAP and screaming all the way ((:
    when they step on the stage , got to see them on stage esp Yonghwa . it was really reallyy reallyy GREAT !infact AWESOME !! <3 Although its their first time here , They really did a GREAT JOB *two thumbs up* (:

    My eyes were all Concentrate when they started singing . i cant control my lips to just sing-along . Although i went there alone , when i got to see them , everything comes soo Naturally . i scream and sing-along like the other BOICES did (: See the urning background fire and sweet voice from them during the song ‘love light’ reallly great ! I dont get to be on stage upclose with them during the fansign but by reading the other comments , C.N.Blue just soo L*two thumbs up*
    Unfortunately , my wish still dont come true to meet them(esp Yonghwa)upclose but its okay . i will have my chance soon right ?:D
    Since i dont get the upclose picture of Emotional Yonghwa . since i had my own C.N.Blue photo on my wallet . i would like to get the YONGHWA solo photo then (:

    Thankyouuu soo much! (:
    C.N.Blue HWAITING !~

  • September 2, 2010 at 1:45 AM

    Meeting C.N.Blue is already a wish come true . I went to Airport , fansign and of course , the fan meeting . which one the most ? EVERY SINGLE EVENT & EVERYTHING ! Although my seat was the ‘F , CAT 3′ side . i did enjoyed myself .

    I just lovee the way they spread their LOVE LOVE LOVE and every fans will go CLAP CLAP CLAP and screaming all the way ((:
    when they step on the stage , got to see them on stage esp Yonghwa . it was really reallyy reallyy GREAT !infact AWESOME !! <3 Although its their first time here , They really did a GREAT JOB *two thumbs up* (:

    My eyes were all Concentrate when they started singing . i cant control my lips to just sing-along . Although i went there alone , when i got to see them , everything comes soo Naturally . i scream and sing-along like the other BOICES did (: See the Burning background fire and sweet voice from them during the song ‘love light’ reallly great ! I dont get to be on stage upclose with them during the fansign but by reading the other comments , C.N.Blue just soo Lovely and friendly *two thumbs up*
    Unfortunately , my wish still dont come true to meet them(esp Yonghwa)upclose but its okay . i will have my chance soon right ?:D
    They really made my 3days goo wild 😀
    Since i dont get the upclose picture of Emotional Yonghwa . since i had my own C.N.Blue photo on my wallet . i would like to get the YONGHWA solo photo then (:

    There goes C.N.Blue(those bold) 😀
    Thankyouuu soo much! (:
    C.N.Blue HWAITING !~

  • September 2, 2010 at 12:55 PM

    안뇽! ㅎㅎㅎ

    It’s been what, two weeks since they’ve had their Singapore activities. No doubt BOICEs have been missing them a lot, and their CN Blue ‘withdrawal symptoms’ must be terrible. Myself included. Hahaha.

    To be entirely honest, my most enjoyable and horrible moments of CN Blue’s Singapore activities happened during their showcase. I’ll just briefly mention the bad part: Gatecrash informed me that there was a problem with my tickets, and I was almost unable to enjoy the showcase. T.T Thankfully it sort of worked out in the end, so I’m thankful for that. Phew.

    Why the showcase/fan-meeting was the most enjoyable:
    For me, I have always wanted to experience CN Blue’s live performance, to appreciate the kind of live music that they have always wanted their fans to enjoy. This was a good chance to watch them at their best, and I’m glad that I went for this! 😀 The band had also mentioned that they felt they could express themselves better through music, so personally their performances came across as…sincere? It’s like they are sharing an important part of their lives with the fans. Coupled with their good attempts at communicating in English to BOICEs, and the fan-meeting session where they really showed an earnestness to be friendly with fans who came up to the stage, really made the entire experience fun (though sadly, it did feel a little short.. :S).

    Plus point! It wasn’t free-standing! I could thoroughly enjoy the showcase without worrying for my poor feet!

    Gosh I’ve typed too much, I’m so sorry! >.<

    Ah yes, if possible, I would like a group photo of CN Blue, because I'd prefer to see a complete group rather than just one member.

    Thanks for putting the entire article up! Must've taken you a long time to to collate everything so nicely here ^^

  • September 4, 2010 at 2:01 PM

    definitely got to be the fansign event. i was only able to get an autograph from one member(cant afford the more ex one) and i’d been praying hard i would get yonghwa. because he is my favourite member, in fact my favourite leader out of all the kpop groups i know. his character and sweet-nature is just <3

    i had this feeling leader would get the blue band, AND BOY WAS I LUCKY! i thought he would be popular as leaders are, but surprisingly minhyuk was the highlight of the day. his queue was looong! before my turn, i saw yonghwa being slightly bored cause there was no fan in front of him. so when i walked towards him, his face literally light up AND OF COURSE SO DID MINE. i did a little bow and he signed my name AND INCLUDED A HEART. THAT MADE MY DAY. (cause i found out later my other friend who got his signature didnt have a heart hahaha). When he was signing, i sneaked in a letter to him and he looked up surprised, and the he went AHHH in this cute way. and when i left he picked the letter and did this wink!

    my little heart practically exploded! he was so sincere and sweeeet about everything oh gosh! i know you said one event, but i gotta add that. after their fansign, my friends and i booked a maxicab. and we followed them. just silently beside. (you wont believe how desperate some girls are, there was a cab where these three girls practically had their heads out waving and shouting to cnblue's van. aish) we were on the lane on the other side of the boys. and yonghwa looked in to our cab and when he saw me, he smiled and started digging something out. AND VOILA HE STILL HAD MY LETTER NICELY FOLDED! he waved in and i went a bit high, and did the saranghae action with my arms lmao.
    then we got cut by some hyper despo girls again, so we stopped following the boys and headed home. BUT BEFORE WE LEFT. I SAW YONGHWA SMILE POLITELY AND THEN DREW THE CURTAINS. LOL.

    obviously i'd love to get a YONGHWA picture. one of him smiling or doing something cute cause i didnt get to loan a dslr camera for that day): I HOPE I WIN THIS! then i can gladly display the picture alongside my autographed

  • September 4, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    I’ve been to 4 showcases of 4 different artistes and i have to say, i enjoyed C.N Blue’s showcase most! Being my favorite kpop bias, C.N Blue definitely amazed me beyond my expectations!

    It’s quite difficult to choose one part of the showcase which i enjoyed most, since the whole 75 minutes is nothing less than awesome, but since i have to pick one part, i guess it would be the part where we were all asked to stand, and to to rock our to i’m a loner burning version followed by one time.

    It was the best part for me not only because we got to see that awesome piece of work played live in front of us, but also it was an extended version, something that’s not seen or head in most if not all of their aired performances. The adrenaline rush when the performance seamlessly transited to one time was epic. Hearing and seeing jungshin rap right in front of me just put the cherry on top and made it all the more sweeter. How often do you get to see magnae stiff insect rock out like that!

    After the showcase, i was already having withdrawal symptoms at around dinner time on the very same day! that’s how great they were and how much they touched and affected me. Listening to their studio version of the songs they performed on the showcase is not the same anymore. C.N Blue LIVE is not something really great, words to describe do not do justice to them. You really have to see and hear and experience them live for yourself to feel it properly.

  • September 4, 2010 at 2:42 PM

    I know that I am late but I still want to share that CNBLUE really rocked the showcase and fansign! I have been to many kpop events in Singapore and CNBLUE’s is the most memorable one! Filled with good memories and great performances I can’t help but to smile like mad to myself every time I remember those smiles and cute greetings! (:

    Their effort to give us daebak performances and fanservice even practicing hard to speak English just to be able to communicate and reach out to SG Boices really touched my heart. Previously, CNBLUE is one of kpop groups I look out for but now after seeing them live, they are one of my favs! (: (After DBSK who I’ve loved for 5years)

    I love the overall events! Everything! I love all the encounter with them but I love the showcase most! Especially the part when the boys were laughing and smiling while watching the video prepared by CNBLUESGFC! After their hard effort for us, the video may not be enough to show our appreciation but they were so touched and full of gratitude! As their fans, I feel that I have not done enough! They really make me want to work harder for them!


  • September 4, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    I really enjoyed all the CNBLUE’s SG events! But if I have to only comment only one part of it, I would say I enjoyed the showcase most!!! It’s because it was just awesomely awesome!! (:

    Although CNBLUE has only debuted for months only, their music standard is seriously very good! I enjoyed myself throughout the whole showcase mainly is because of the atmosphere and the music! The whole of UCC was filled with a lot of people and all the lighting effects were good when CNBLUE were performing. The best part was the music, CNBLUE managed to live up the atmosphere!

    They start off with their intro, which live up my/our (the boices’) mood, and all went crazy together. {At that point of time, I even had the feeling like all the Boices were like a big family supporting CNBLUE together! 😀 } Also, CNBLUE introduced themselves individually using english! Which was like WOW! Their english pronunciation was quite accurately and fluent! To add on why I enjoyed it too was also because at certain interval, CNBLUE will turn and wave towards the location where I’m at! The feeling was indescribable!!!!!! CNBLUE’s music was great and I really had the feeling like the showcase was like a big-kind of concert because of CNBLUE’s efforts shown. They really put up a very good performance!

    – If I had a chance to win this, I would like to have Minhyuk’s individual photo! 😀
    P/s: Thanks for this contest, it made everyone had a chance of winning CNBLUE’s photo and blish! (:

  • September 5, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    i am late .. but i hada friggin camp the past days and only managed to check in to your site for my regular kpop updates todaaaaay): i hope its okay.

    the best part i enjoyed would be their showcase! i had a pretty good clear view. although my bias minhyuk was behind as usual. but at least he was on an elevated platform hahahs. seeing him twirl his drumsticks and playing his forte, the drums with so much passion and happiness just makes me real happy.

    i’ve been to korea before, and tried going for one of those mcd/mnet recording just to see cnblue. but i didnt manage to get in, in the end. SO SEEING THEM PERFORM LIVE IS ACTUALLY A DREAM COME TRUE. indeed live performances upclose like that, and watchng them through my laptop screen IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE.
    &the way they tried to comunicate and interact with fans and speaking the minimal english they had, was just heart-warming. i actually met my teacher at the showcase, it was epik. she was there to accompany her friends. and i totally turned her into a trueblue BOICE after that ahahahs XD

    I’D LOVE A PICTURE OF MINHYUK PLEASE! cause he was so far back, i couldnt take nice pictures): i’d love to have a closeup smiley one of the boy! maybe from the autograph day? PLEASE PLEASE THANKYOUUUUUU! I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER HAHAHAAH!

  • September 5, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    helloooooo in LA right now hahahs. but i’ll be back in sg sooon~ so just trying this out. cause i simply love your fanaccount and all these hq photos you take. what camera do you use? WISH YOU WERE IN LA, THEN CAN STALK AND TAKE PLENTY OF SM PICTURES! ): kay need to make this short and sweet.

    i was saving up money for LA & SM. so i couldnt afford cnbluuuee): only bought the cheapest cat4 tix thanks to my sponsoring bro. because i was pretty far away, couldnt make any eyecontact with the boys. but i did enjoy the live shwcase for the obvious reason that it was LIVE! 😀 the adrenaline rush i feel, and upon hearing jonghyun’s soothing voice solely singing, i just melt. thankgod it was seating, or i’d prolly have gone jelly in the knees and drop and got stampede on haha. the encounters with them were minimal, but i enjoyed it greatly. from airport, to hogging my friend’s maxicab and hotel room just to be close to the boys. saw them a couple of times, and jonghyun smiled shyly, but didnt speak): i wanted to take a polaroid of jonghyun, but he moved too fast and i only got yonghwa hahah.

    SO IF I HAD A CHANCE, WOULD LOVE TO PLEASE GET A HQ SHOT OF JONGHYUN! it can be him alone, or him with minhyuk! or yonghwa! (no i dont have anything against jungshin, but he’s just too pretty and needs a solo of himself hahah) wishin to win this! tys!

  • April 24, 2013 at 11:19 AM

    This is my first time go to see at here and i am truly impressed
    to read everthing at one place.

  • July 31, 2013 at 5:02 AM

    I’m gone to say to my little brother, that he should also pay a visit this blog on regular basis to get updated from newest gossip.

  • August 3, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    I almost never leave comments, however after browsing a few of the comments on this page (x)clusive – Let’s Rock
    to the CNBLUE! | (x)clusive ★. I do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it only me or does it look as if like some of these comments look as if they are coming from brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are posting on other sites, I would like to keep up with you. Could you make a list of all of your shared sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?


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